Friday, February 29, 2008

Green Hour Challenge #2 my friends!

We met up with another family for a great trail adventure. We went to Clear Creek Trail This is the very area I grew up in.

On this outing, we began our journey at marker 4(see map)near the water front. This brought back wonderful memories for me from when I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade. My school was about 4 blocks up from the waterfront and we were able to take beach walks a lot back then! It was such a small town, and small school.... I have fond memories of fact... I couldnt stop talking baout it! *Ü*

The kids had a ball! From climbing up on drift wood, to lifting rocks and combing the beach for any goodie we could find. Here are some pictures we took. I tired to use different ones form Tinas, so it would be new for ya!

The 2 things the kids focused on happened to be what I made a big deal out of. Oops*Ü* I couldn’t help it....I love Limpets and Pussy Willows. Remember I couldn’t be quiet about those childhood memories?? *Ü*

RyLee chose not to draw in her journal this time, although she did draw, just not for her journal. Christian and I did.

Christian and RyLee are using Sketch books for their first journal. I am using an actual journal I bought at the beginning of the year, when I intended to begin our nature study. (blushing)

We have decided to keep our journals a lot like Lewis and Clark did. *Ü* Keeping samples, drawings and journaling inside. We will probably throw a few pictures in now and again. We will keep our assignments in them as we accomplish them, or dont. *Ü* What sparked the idea was a journal entry from a 14 year old boy in the HNS (page 14) then after discussing it, my husband mentioned Lewis and Clark and the traveling trunk we used for our study then. Most men had journals... especially Lewis and Clark. They have, I think some of the most famous Nature Journals ever! *Ü*

What I would like to see us add to our journals for each entry would be a lot like Lewis and Clarks journals and the page I linked above. Some of it would be what number outing it was, the date and who we went with. I would like it if we could write a sentence or 2 or 3 about the outing. I really want to try and keep it simple although I want a lot! Our notebooks are our notebooks and we will draw and write as we please. I will try not to interfere. *Ü* I really want to encourage ownership. Christian really liked my notebook so I hope it can secretly encourage her to do the same. *Ü* we shall see.

As far as the assignment goes, we were instructed to use words to describe.... So this is what we have to share. *Ü*

One word to describe something she heard: Swishing
Two words for something she saw: small waves
Three words for something she felt: Soothing, gentle wind

One word to describe something she heard: woosh
Two words for something she saw: Big tree
Three words for something she felt: Little white flowers

One word to describe something I heard:Lapping
Two words for something I saw:hiding limpets
Three words for something I felt:Tiny, fuzzy Pussy Willow (Im saying Pussy Willow is one word *Ü*)

I chose not to read over the assignment before we went for our journey. It worked out fine. *Ü* My hope was to not make the trip like school, but just for the joy of it with friends. I can see that reading the assignment before and or waiting till after can work, but knowing a little before hand what I should have encourage would have been helpful. Luckily Tina knew. *Ü* although I still didn’t really instruct my made for good conversation later. *Ü*

Here is a great link with a simple information about the American Pussy Willow

I enjoyed reading this little bit of information. I was surprised to learn that Willows contain salicin. What is that you ask? Well, salicin is closly related to asprin... and you will find it in all Willow barks... Salicin is used by Native Americans as a pain killer.... who knew?

Here is one for limpets

Well this was our journey... and we are sticking to it! See you next week!

PS. Here is where I found the traveling trunk.


Tina said...

Very, VERY cool my friend!

I can't wait to share with the kids what you all discovered about the neat "yellow stuff" and your photos. You got some wonderful pictures.

And way neat idea on cutting the pussy willow in half.

You all did a wonderful job on your journals. I like your Lewis and Clark idea of note booking. :o)

Jennefer said...

Gotta start Green Hour, gotta start Green Hour, gotta start Green Hour!

You think if I keep saying this over and over it will magically happen?! Lol!

Hopefully this next week we can start and catch up to the rest of you now that everyone is on the road to health (sort of).

Angela said...

This looks like you had a blast! I am going to create "white hour"- ideas to use in 10 feet of snow! I can't wait until we see a little green!

Audrey said...

Sounds like you had fun! I like looking at pictures too, thanks :)

That's a great idea about the journals. I was wondering how I was going to do that.

Brittney said...

Hey you nature nut!

I loved reading about your explorations. I found the pussy willow intriguing too.

However, your photobucket wasn't working for me. :0( I was hoping to see the picture you took for me. I'll have to try again.

Hope you have a great week coming up!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I am so proud of all your efforts! I really enjoyed reading your entry and the photos really were so much fun to view.

Keep up the good work...just keep it simple and fun and you will look forward to each Green Hour.

Your own journal, how great is that going to be? It looks like you got a good start. Challenge 3 has a nature journal entry so you are ahead of the game. :)

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I so much enjoyed your slideshow!
It looks like a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

I love pussy willows too! I love your journals and the pictures all look great :)
I can hardly wait to see some green around here. We're in the dirty snow/mud season presently. I am ready for spring.