Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, I have been a menu plan drop out lately! Its time I get back on the horse.... My goals for this week are healthy eating, lots of water and continue exercise!

Today we are going for a nature walk in town today (yup, a nature walk in town! I love where we live!) and when we come home the plan is to finish up school and make a few meals for this week. I intended to do this yesterday, but we had a potluck/talent show at church and got home way to late.

So here I go…

Monday meals:

Breakfast is to hard for us to pin down. The kids are old enough that they can make thier own breakfast so all week it could be...

oatmeal, eggs, chicken sausage, breakfast burritos, yougurt, fruit and cheese.

Monday lunch and dinner

Tuna melts on 12 grain bread. Opened faced with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese slice…. Fruit on the side.

BBQ chicken, asparagus and little red potatoes

Tuesday lunch and dinner

Avacado supreme sandwich... yummm

Grilled Salmon, wild rice, mixed grilled vegies.

Wednesday lunch and dinner

Tomatoe soup and 1/2 grilled cheese for me whole for girls.

Thursday lunch and dinner ( Lost is on!!!! )

(This is a recipe from Tami at Ambleside Classical)

Wild and brown rice salad
mac and cheese for ry! *Ü*

Homemade fish tacos, mango salsa and peas on the side.

Friday lunch and dinner

Left overs......

To visit other participants, please visit Im an organizing junkie for more meal plans and recipes!

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Tina said...

I love your cooking plans. Someday (don't I always say this), I am going to get this done too. :o)