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Wordless Wednesday Lewis and Clark

Fort Clatsop Oregon. Canoe Landing:

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What type of home schooler are you?

This was fun! Goofy, but fun!

What Type of Homeschooler Are You?

Abraham Lincoln You have a Bible and a library card what more could you possibly need? You prefer the Charlotte Mason Method of reading living books for everything: historical fiction, biographies, real histories, nature guides, etc. No soon-to-be-outdated textbooks for you.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My sticker family

I visited My5 wolf cubs blog yesterday. Seems Pheasant Ridge Academy has started a stick family craze! lol If you click on the links on the blog names, you can visit their stick family images. Here is ours! I couldn't find a head for the dad with glasses, mustache and go T.... so this head will have to do! *Ü*

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Wordless Wednesday Don’t call me seamstress

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 9 Weekly Report! Sorta? *Ü*

Ok weekly reporter friends! This will be a light report! I have been in and out all week, and we have been planning that trip to Oregon for our Lewis and Clark rabbit trail! The girls and I leave today! No guys this trip! *Ü*

I have a lot more news than I do work to post, so I will start with that. Are you ready!? I dropped our online co-op for now. :( yes, I did. It was a very hard decision, but one that had to be made. It wasn't made lightly either. My outside schedule and Christian needing more time on reading Rhetoric level reading assignments... I just don't see how she can keep up and feel she is doing a good job. I'm just not sure with my schedule being mixed up right now (new business) and helping her through Rhetoric level material would be the best for "her" right now. We started her out in Dialect material in the first unit and I was slowly easing her in ( history wise) to Rhetoric. This is so I didn't just thrust her into that level. Unit 2 is her time to jump head first in R level work, and with me going in and out.... I just need to make sure we go at her speed, not a groups speed.

Sorry that was long...

So, in TOG this week! We went back to week 7 on Tuesday. We began moving on in TOG, but since we are going to Oregon.... I wanted to review and revisit Lewis and Clark. *Ü* I am very excited for this trip! I am bringing the traveling trunk I rented from the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Traveling trunks for $35.00 per trunk to rent and that includes shipping! I will post pictures of it all after our trip. I know I said I would before.... but I was sidetracked then too! *Ü* We will sahre all about our trip when we get back!

No timeline, no map work. No other objectives. *Ü*

Science, RyLee moved on in her science, and made it half way through the lesson before we were side tracked! Same with Christian. Next week back on track.

Math, happened daily. That's just to easy not to do!

JAG and AG, we did 2 assignments this week. Still a favorite!

United Streaming, didn't use this this week. We kept getting Lewis and Clark dvds and Thomas Jefferson DVDs from Block Bluster! A few we watched were The Corps of Discovery, another on the life of Thomas Jefferson ( I cant remember the name off the top of my head.) and we received but didn't watch vol 1 to a series on the journey of Lewis and Clark. I think my girls are going to be sick of these people! lol... not really. Its still holding interest....

Writing, They did very little this week. No true objective. They only wrote in their notebooks or lap book folds ( for RyLee).

Bible Study, Christian and I completed Romans 3 this week. RyLee and I finished her week in Luke. I just cant remember where we stopped in Luke, but the week is done! I am so grateful for this time I have with each child in the morning. RyLee listens in to Christian and my study, and Christian has an ear towards us ( RyLees time) as well. Keeping us all talking and sharing. This is the best part of my day!

Spanish, we continued trying to speak our 2 weeks worth of vocabulary. Basic sentences. We even went to Azteca this week and tried our best to use what we knew. I'm thinking that wasn't much since we were laughed at(with) A LOT! *Ü* But hey, it made for a good time and they were impressed we tried! No written work, just trying to cement what we know and use it! RyLee was included with this. We actually keep our Spanish/English dictionary with us ( Christian does) so we can look something up if we need to. Its almost game like. Fun!

Latin, well, Latin didn't happen for me this week. Although I looked at it twice! That doesn't count does it? :( ahhh... Lee my friend... I will be right on it next week! Hold me to it!!!

I mentioned last week that Christian was going to be baptised. I posted a few pictures below this post. It was such a great day! It really was. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be with my children and watch them grow. sigh.... I love it.

Again... I always feel like I'm missing something.... I hate that feeling. I have no pictures this week. Just words. *Ü* Cant wait to see others weeks! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Christians Baptism! Sunday 10-14-2007

Since I mentioned about Christians pending baptism last Friday, I thought I would share a bit of a follow up! She and 21 other people were baptised at a local park on Sunday. It was awesome!! Not only that... but what a witness to those at the park! lol Who were these people actually getting into this lake! it was awesome!?

I cant tell you how much of a blessing it was to listen to these teens profess their love for Jesus, share their decision to follow Him. They gave brief testimonies about what Jesus has done in their life and why they are being baptised.... it was awesome! Did I mention blessing and awesome yet?

Another blessing for Christian.... her dear friend Elise... who is more like a sister to her and vice versa..... was also able to be a part of Christians baptism, and Christian in hers. Elise especially. Elsie and her brother became very close with our family over a year ago while her mother was dying of cancer. It was a bitter sweet day for both girls and was a special moment they were both able to share. They now share the same baptism day *Ü* we were calling it a rebirth day. *Ü* because it is and was a day to be celebrated!

Here are a few photos that I took. I show them with permission. *Ü* Elise is standing next to Christian ( left) Elise (right) and Pastor Brent is below.

When Christian came out of the water, I made a huge poster board sign that quoted :

3 John 1:4

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.

We all signed it and had the sign hidden along with 14 white roses waiting for her as she came up out of the water! When she began to come out of the water onto the beach I held the sign and her dad presented the white roses to her.... Not a dry eye in the park I tell ya! Elsie was next and also... bitter sweet and precious! I love these girls!

Here is a group photo! I was blessed to be a witness and I think if I hear of baptisms in the church like this, and I dont know the person.... I will go anyway! Is thisnot what the body should do? Its a privilage I think.... an honor.... a joy!

Ok, enough gushing.... I will have my weekly report up tomorrow morning! Hope you enjoyed the moment here!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday then Thursday Now

I had to post recent pictures as a follow up to the Wordless Wednesday photo from 11 years ago! Here they are!

My Shawn now 18

My Christian now 15

My RyLee Kay now 11 *Ü*

Wordless Wednesday "My Heart" 1996

Shawn big Brother just turned 7 a few days before

Christian big sister just turned 4 a few months before

RyLee K 10 hours old

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Menu Plan Monday

This is my first ever post for menu Monday! Here goes!

Breakfast varies:

French toast (already made and frozen in freezer)
Cereal glass of juice
yogurt/ fruit
Berry smoothies with plain non fat yogurt and fresh fruit.
Eggs/breakfast burrito

Lunch: peanut butter and banana sandwich's and milk
Dinner: Homemade sloppy joes on whole wheat hot dog buns with salad.

Lunch: tortilla with chicken and cheese ( black bean and corn salsa) and sliced apples
Dinner: BBQ Chicken pizza with salad

Lunch: Chicken soup
Dinner: out to dinner with family

Lunch: Tuna fish sandwich on half a bagel fresh fruit
Dinner: Left over sloppy Joes and salad

Lunch: Grilled cheese and sliced apples
Dinner: Will be out again. Not normal, but this is not a normal week!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 8 Weekly Report

Week 8 down! 28 more to go! Can you believe it? I love seeing the weeks tick down like that!

This week was in all honestly, one of my harder weeks. Although we got a lot done, outside home school life pressures were rearing their ugly head..... so I felt pulled in different directions all week. Finding it hard to focus. So with saying that... here is my week in review.

Tapestry of Grace. Week 8: James Madison’s Presidency and the War of 1812. Christian read a book called the great little Madison. She also read a Cornerstones of Freedom book called the war of 1812 and for literature she is reading The Bounty Mutiny by William Bligh.

RyLee has also read the war of 1812. She did not read books on Madison and Dolly Madison, but has read online about them. Learning and refining some research skills.She is still reading Savage Sam,( she isn't liking it :( ) and watched a few videos with her sister on united Streaming. They were.... America Under James Madison: 1809-1816: The War of 1812 and The Star Spangled Banner.

We still have co-op today for literature and History discussions. We have map work from last week today too. Timeline information will be added also.

People we focused on this week. James Madison, Dolly Madison and Francis Scott Key.

Christian is still working on her display for early 1800s fashion. Here are a few photos she has done so far.

Christian has been working on a graphic organizer this week to write a few paragraphs about fashion. We decided not to make a display.... we never keep them long term, so we will just place it in her notebook next week when its all finished. Keeping all of her hard work in one spot! *Ü*

Spanish: We made some changes this week. RyLee is not doing the Easy Spanish. Christian is, and we finally moved to week 2! RyLee is doing a few workbooks I bought at our favorite Teacher supply/curriculum store in Silverdale called The Learning Tree.. We also pulled out La Clase Divertida (The Fun Class!) Level 1 Kit with DVD. So Spanish this week has gone fine! RyLee is more relaxed and we are including her in memory work only. Trying to speak simple sentences and phrases we are learning.


We have finally finished lesson 4 in RyLees Astronomy! Yeah Ry!

Writing and grammar are moving along great! JAG and Analytical grammar are my best finds this year still! Writing this week is using WA. RyLee is constructing a paragraph on James and Dolly Madison (one each) and Christian is writing about early 1800 fashion.... a work in progress as we didn't stat till Wednesday.

Math: RyLee moved into Saxon 65. She only does even numbers in the book. If she misses more than 3 she does the odd after we correct it. This has never happened yet. Not even with 54... Christian is still plugging away with TT. Still my favorite math program! No matter what folks say! It works great! It fits her much better than Saxon.

Moms Latin in the Christian Trivium has been slow this week. I am making my way through lesson 3 (Chapter 3) like i said... life has been happening and I just have not had a lot of quality time in my study... but did manage 2 hours this week! Woohoo!

We went walking this week.... walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes on non outside walking days. Made cookies and friendship bread this week... (Saturday) *Ü*. RyLee has continued making pot holders and both girls have been scrap booking pictures of the Jonas brothers (my eyes are rolling in my head)They are gaga for the Jonas Brothers... homeschooled Christian boys who have promise rings. (This is what my 15 year old says) They are pretty big on the Disney Channel and commercial jingles... ever herd the baby bottle pop commercial jingle? Its a baby bottle that is like a ring pop..... sigh... again rolling my eyes. Im rolling them in love though. *Ü*

Big news for this week! Christian is being baptised this Sunday! We had a parent/child meeting at church Sunday (last week)and Christian had a meeting with our associate pastor yesterday at 3:00. We are very happy folks!

3 John 1:4:

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.

This is us this week... This is Koinonia Academy.... week 8, weekly report!

PS. I will post a few more pictures today.... after we school *Ü*


I forgot to add bible study in again! Christian and I completed Romans 2 this week. RyLee completed Luke chapter 2.

The picture slide below is of Rylee and her science activity and a few extras!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesdays in "other" words

This week's quote is:

"We are not built for the mountains and the dawns and aesthetic affinities, those are for moments of inspiration, that is all. We are built for the valley, for the ordinary stuff we are in, and that is where we have to prove our mettle."~ Oswald Chamber~

Ugh... we are built for the valley hu? prove our mettle (vigor and strength of spirit or temperament ) This is a test, it is only a test..... *Ü*

Honestly though.... I do try to think of life situations this way.... it is a is only a test.... some days I pass with flying colors....*Ü* yeah me! Other days...... not so much. OOOOO, I need to work on that........

I have not always approached life this way...... I used to be a bit more negative and beat myself up every time I messed up..... but I realized many, many years ago..... I still learn..... I need to learn.... Just like I did when I was in school! only different.... this is life lesson number.......

When I became a Christina 15 years ago.... I was a pretty messed up young lady..... I wont go into details... but I was bitter, angry and didn't trust anyone.... I could say I was justified to think so too..... but as I grew.... in my faith.... I realized.... I had so much to learn.... embarrassingly to me... it was my thought process and behavior. Things I should have learned while growing up! uh ya....

It was embarrassing sometimes.... I "failed" tests a lot.... I felt like I would be better off living under a rock! As I grew though, I began to understand what it meant to put off the old self... and put on the new..... I was made new.... but it took time for my mind and my heart to be made new. I had many things to learn.... life lessons.... love lessons.... trust lessons.... obedience doesn't/didn't happen overnight folks!

Now that I am a little older.... and I hope a little wiser.... *Ü* I would hope that my tests would become less and less frequent( those valleys maybe?).... but ya know what? They don't. They still come daily. Could be life lesson number bazillion and 3 with one of my kids.... could be how I respond to my husband... could be how I respond to the new clerk who is slower than molasses when I am in a hurry....or how I respond to that teenager that just cut me off!!! *Ü* KWIM?

These daily tests shape... and prove who I am. Shapes my character.... my temperament. I cant say I always welcome them..... but then again... I do. I can choose to learn form them... or wilt.... I can grow.... or die.... I can make a choice.... I can decide to think and believe I am loved and fearfully and wonderfully made.... or choose not to. I can choose to see a person for who they are in Christ..... or not.... I can choose to think the worst or the best of a person..... Do I try to be a good willed person? Do I think the worst of people and circumstances? Do I try to see the test in it? I believe we can learn from everything to anything.... that comes our way if we want to. If we want to.

So, although I do not like being in a valley, I do appreciate them. I know they do not last forever, and once I am done walking through it..... I know I am stepping into a season of growth or maybe even renewal. Its like having daily, weekly or when ever AHA moments.

Be Blessed today! No matter if you are in a valley, or on a mountain top! Remember.... this life... is a test... it is only a test.... *Ü*

Monday, October 8, 2007

Journey to good health

Ok... today we did it! We went for a walk this morning after bible study! What a good walk it was too! We have a nice trail not to far from our home. It covers about 1.5 miles. Maybe 2 from my home. 4 to and fro.

We took the dogs with us... and what an adventure that was! KeyLee has not been trained at all. I had to take my gentle leader off my dog Gidget and put it on KeyLee. She was all over the place, until the gentle leader. It took about 30 minutes to get her used to it and to obey, but she did it! Gidget on the other hand, took RyLee for a walk, since I took the gentle leader off of her! lol I think we need to invest in another leader! lol

We were out for about 1 hour. 30 minutes to, 30 minutes fro. We didn't walk the entire trail, but we will. My mind was drifting to "we have not started school yet!"
The trail was beautiful! Everything is green and wet today, but it was a wonderful atmosphere. The trail is not all over and has been used a lot. I think it could be a running trail too!

My hope is for us to walk outside 3 days a week and use the treadmill twice. I want to get to a place in my health that I can run. My girls too. It will be good for us all. No one complained on our little journey. They welcomed the change. This is so good!

So here is to Jennifer at Smooth Stones Academy. I'm going to try and become a runner. My goal you ask? Weight loss and good health! My children.... better health and forming good habits about health and exercise!

Jessica at Trivium Academy’s Papa John’s Pizza

Here is that great Pizza recipe! It is very easy to make.... great for in a pinch, fast dinner that wont cost an arm and a leg! I couldn't find it on Jessica's blog.... but as soon as I do, I will fix the link. Right now the link takes you to The Well trained Kitchen blog so you can print it out if you want. Here it is though! Enjoy... it has become a favorite in my house! Below and at the bottom is a few of our favorites.

Papa John’s Pizza Sauce
1- 10 3/4 oz. tomato puree
1/4 c. water
1 tea. olive oil
1/4 tea. lemon juice
1/4 t. (each) salt, oregano
1/8 t. (or a pinch) basil, thyme, garlic powder

Bring to boil, simmer for 15-20 minutes.

While sauce is cooking preheat oven to 400° and make your dough. This recipe makes two pizzas in our home.

1 cup warm water
2 T. sugar
1 pkg. dry yeast
3 c. white flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2 T. olive oil
thyme, basil, oregano, garlic powder as you like

Mix the water, sugar and yeast together well. Add the flour, salt, olive oil and spices. Knead dough, let rise for 5-10 minutes. Separate in two, roll out with floured pin (I use a floured glass).

Sauce is done, put a good layer of sauce on, add desired toppings then 1-2 cups of shredded mozzarella or pizza blend cheese. Bake for 10-15 minutes.

Yummy! Most of the time this is better than eating from a restaurant, plus there’s so much you can do. Add onions, peppers etc. You can even make it in advance and freeze it, just bake in preheated oven 400° for 20 minutes keeping an eye on it.

Here are Koinonia Academy's favorites:

BBQ Chicken pizza, red onion caramelized, cheddar cheese and asagio cheese.
Sliced tomatoes and goat cheese, mozzarella, with Italian dressing for the sauce.
Alfredo sauce with Cheddar, mozzarella, and asagio cheese....
Chicken with avocado, sour cream... yum..aka the Californian *Ü* Just to name a few

Friday, October 5, 2007

Weekly Report week 7

First I would like to thank the Academy for such a great week... couldn't have done this with out you.... sob... wipe tear... the wtm board... w/o you, I wouldn't do this..... lol Just kidding! *Ü*

Strap your seat belt on ! This is along post! *Ü*

Its been 2 weeks and I am finally posting about school! I put a few things aside school wise, so we could focus on a specific area this week in our homeschooling and last week was more personal goals for the girls..... Actually the last 2 weeks have been like that.

Last week, week 6 of school is a bit of a blur.... although we accomplished our TOG requirements, grammar and spelling..... we did not do Science and The Easy Spanish (not much anyway) my girls still accomplished a lot! including....

Re doing their bedroom. They moved furniture, organized, and cleaned! It looks great! It took some team work too.... always good to encourage girls in this! If you know what I mean.....



They also enjoyed making homemade pizza for lunch one day last week. It smelled so good! They also added cheese to the crust. That's why it looks so thick. I was given the recipe from a Friend... and she got it from Jessica at Trivium Academy on the general board over a year or so ago. Its a Papa Murphy crust..... very, very good and easy to make!

RyLee pulled out a kit I bought her a year or 2 ago to make pot holders. We bought it at Joann's for something fun.... but she never did anything with it. Here are 3 pot holders she made for Christmas gifts this year.

She really enjoyed herself and has been begging to go back to Joann's to get another bag of scraps to make a few more. *Ü*

The girls also made peanut butter cookies... and guess what? It only has peanut butter, egg and sugar in it. No white flour!!! How cool is that? They are wonderful! They used Adams peanut butter and they turned out great!

I made another starter bag for my friendship bread. Another?? Hmmm you must be asking.... "why another starter bag?" Let me tell you.... remember Gidget? my lovely yellow lab.... Mary Poppins of dogs at one point....she decided she like fermented milk, sugar and flour and ate it! I must say... we are all surprised she is still living... because she eats the darnedest things.... sigh.... I still love her though.

So with that... on to a new week... skipping Friday and Saturday.... we were a little consumed with our son and his staff infection...... but not any longer.....Thank you all who prayed! What a Blessing to know you were all praying for him... us!


Besides church and Dr.s visits, I made up 2 loves of Texas bread in to french toast. Its big, think egg bread and works great! I place them 2 at a time in a zip lock baggie after they cooled and place them in the freezer for easy reach. The kids pop them into the toaster and whala! Insta breakfast! Have a little fruit and milk and they are good to go! I also made 2 batches of pancakes as well. Also placing 2 in a zip lock bag and throwing them in the freezer.

It takes the place of cereal every morning..... and there is nothing wrong with that... but I really want the kids to eat a little better. Now, this is not the only thing we had all week, but it just saves time and it lasts for a coupe of weeks. We also made breakfast burritos, sausage, yogurt, yogurt smoothies just to name a few others.

Monday: we began with bible study. Explorers bible study for both girls. I love this morning time with them! Then.... I changed things up a bit! We began with our Tapestry of Grace study first thing! We had a meeting....went over what was in week 7 of their notebooks.... it included SAPs for history and literature, maps, and time line figures from Home school in the woods. I think that's all! *Ü*

First thing they wanted to do was watch a few videos on United Streaming. They were called America under Thomas Jefferson 1800-1808 it was only 15minutes but was great and Westward strategy: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark. It was 26minutes long. Both girls took notes. Christian read 2 Chapters from a Thomas Jefferson book, 3 chapters from Lewis and Clark and 4 chapters from Louisiana Purchase book. RyLee read a short biography on Thomas Jefferson and the Cornerstones of freedom book on Lewis and Clark. She completed both books!

Literature for the week... Christian is finishing her book from last week and RyLee began Savage Sam. She will complete it over 2 weeks.

They also created 5 folds from a Lewis and Clark lap book from Live and learn press. They did plenty of writing in the folds too!

We went over Week ones Easy Spanish. We should be moving on.... but RyLee is having a bit of trouble.... so Christian is continuing with the Spanish/English dictionary and making up sentences..... listening to the cd for practice and we also used United Streaming this week for a boost! my goal is not to rush.... but master.... so this worked out fine. Guilt be gone! *Ü*

We began another lesson in Jag and Analytical grammar! Can I just say.... I love how this program makes my daughter think! Things are finally clicking for her! Love it!

Spelling took all a whopping 10 minutes .... using Spelling Power.

Math is going great! They are really pretty independent in this area.... just do the next chapter. I do sit and explain things to Ry before each lesson, but she does the work and corrects it herself. Christian loves Teaching Textbooks and I don't have to do anything with that math it works out great!

is taking a back seat :( That's so bad.... and I do have guilt.... but I just don't have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want them too. Christian will review this weekend and we will begin a fresh on Monday. Same with Ry. She could have been doing it on her own.... but I like to do it with her....

Tuesday was a lot like Monday. *Ü* Although the videos watched on United Streaming were The Lewis and Clark expedition. 20 minutes and also American history:East meets West. 55 minutes We are loving United streaming. Its been wonderful resource!

History Rylee read our Discover magazine on Thomas Jefferson and began a Cornerstone of freedom book on Monticello. Christian has continued in her reading, same books, same number of chapters.

Wednesday and Thursday again... like the rest of the week... math, spelling, no science.... Spanish ( just a little formally) They have been making the lap book folds all week and taking notes when watching videos. The videos were Lewis and Clark: A scientific Journey. 52 minutes. Opening of the American west. 18 minutes. Sacajawea. 18 minutes.

Today, Friday we will finish up the lap book, have history and literature discussion in co-op, do our map work and timeline today. We will also continue our study next week, even though we are moving on in History. My traveling trunk came for Lewis and Clark finally this week. So I want to go through that and have a little one on one time and go through the contents systematically. They seem to have a teachers guide to use it.... so the traveling trunk will be extra work. It has a few dvds in it as well and a cd. So we will find out more about that next week.

I forgot to mention.... Rylee has been doing her proverbs writing from Happy scribe too. She does 1 a day. Christian has been drawing random things in her journal. She is a lot like her dad.... a budding artist. I will have to show you some of his water colors sometime!

Well that's our weekly report.... hope I didn't loose ya mid stream! *Ü* I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Here are a few pictures of RyLees notebook/lap book pages. She is not done gluing, or we would have more. Also her President and Vice President cards. This is a 2 year project.... but she is making cards for each president and vice presdient. She is to memorize them... Pres and vice along with year sin office. enjoy!


Here is one of Christians drawings.... she is a bit sensative to sharing.... but she gave me the thums up on this one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I can provide

I can provide more for my children. I can....
I can comfort them,
disciple them,
play with them,
and I can help set them on a future path.

I know what their influences are,
I know where they are,
I know what they are thinking,
I know what they are feeling,
I know when they need a break,
I know when they need a push,
I know when they need to cry,
I know when they need to laugh,
I know when they need to run,
I know when they need to be still,
I know them and they know me.

I can show them the awesomeness of God, His love, His Sacrifice.
I am there when they succeed,
I am there when they fail.
I am right there with them.

I only have limited time to witness to them,
To be an example to them,
to try to show them the world through beautiful eyes.

Once they are grown,
I can only pray that all I have done will make a difference.
There’s enough time for them to experience the world. I have a limited time to be their “Mommy”.

Author unknown

Tag You're It!

I've been tagged--and now,if you're reading this, you get to do it, too--you're tagged. Post it on your blog!

Two names you go by:
1. Chuck
2. Lease

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Levis
2. Towel on my head *Ü*

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. Spend non school time w/ children
2. Read

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. a clean house
2. a bazillion dollars! *Ü*

Two favorite pets you have had/have:
1. Gidget yellow lab
2. Snickers aka Snicker doodle my cat (was my sons *Ü*)

Two things you ate(or drank) today:
1. Coffee
2. French toast

Two people you last talked to:
1. Tina
2. Christian

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. homeschooling
2. go for a walk with girls (outside!!)

Two longest car rides:
1. from Washington State to Southern Maryland
2. Washington State to Orange County California

Two favorite holidays:
1. Christmas
2. 4th of July

Two favorite beverages:
1. Water
2. coffee

Wordless Wednesday Pound World UK~ Dollar Store USA

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lewis and Clark Lap Book TOG year 3

We are enjoying our second day of week 7 year 3 Tapestry of grace This week we are covering The Jefferson Presidency and Lewis and Clark.

This summer I bought Lewis and Clark lap book cd from Live and Learn Press . I knew we would be covering this in TOG year 3 and I wanted to place a huge emphasis on this particular study....

My main reason was part of the Lewis and Clark journey is close to us.... Oregon is right next door.... and I wanted to take a long weekend to travel their and have a fun hands on field trip!

We have used Unite Streaming twice already this week. (its only Tuesday!)Yesterday we watched America under Thomas Jefferson 1800-1808. It was only 15minutes but was great!

Westward strategy: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark. It was 26
minutes long.


The Lewis and Clark expedition. 20 minutes and also American history:
East meets West. 55 minutes. The age recommendation or grade level recommendation was 6-8th grade.

Both girls also practiced and brushed up on note taking skills during the videos. Then they moved on to their reading for the day. They both did a great job too because they were able to answer the questions for the first 5 folds in the lap book with out help from mom! How cool is that? We completed (they) the first 5 books yesterday and today they will make the next 5.

I was surprised at how well this lapbook flowed with TOG... but I guess its not about TOG so much as it is just learning about the Journey and the people. It is proving itself as a great reosurce for this week. To bad it wont last longer! Pictures will be posted when we put up or weekly report at the end of the week. *Ü* Along with week 6! oooops....