Monday, March 31, 2008

Weblink Wednesday Fans! Guess what?!

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SoCalVal has a new website! Its called Weblink Education Over 400 homeschooling families have contributed favorite web links to weblink Wed, and they have been placed on this new site for easy access. Stop by SoCalVals website and learn more about this new site and the contest for a $25.00 gift card!

Guest Contributor at HOTM!

Over at HOTM Jeanie Fulbright is a guest contributor! You can read her article called "Training the Heart" here. I hope you can take a moment to read it and leave a comment for her! What an encouragement!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Oh what Joy! What rapture! Its spring break! *Ü* I shouldn’t be taking one, but I have too. I will go nuts if I don’t. I have so much going on right now, I need to catch up in many areas.

Friday, we got about 4/5 inches of snow :( garage sale cancelled. Also, we read the news paper and they said April 19th , not March 29th. So I guess it was a good thing. Maybe this Saturday.

I completed my project for Sunday school. It went well. I don’t lead next week, but will be in the class with the other teachers to facilitate or help in anyway I can. When I am all done creating what I’m making I will show you all!

I also just finished (Its Sunday) my flyer for the used curriculum sale I organize here in our county. Yeah.... still lots to do though!

For this week...

Bible study/Devotions

My new memory verse for myself this week...

Acts 4:12

12"And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved."

I will have daily bible reading time in the morning, and study with RyLee.

My must do list
Make new project for Sunday school. Continue pricing stuff from the attic. Organize my books to sell at the used sale. I didn’t get to the train trip stuff, so I need to organize that better. Begin mailing out used sale flyers, contact churches and advertise for the sale. Continue in a few call backs and emails to follow up on...

Windows and the window tracks. They are getting yucky from the wet, cold weather. All the windows and sliding doors. Have kids clean base boards this week.


To get exercising more than just a day or 2 a week. I want it more regular. I need to train my brain to fit it in, along with daily walks with the girls. Continue in character training for Ry and have both girls on the treadmill too this week. I want that to become a habit for them to exercise.

RyLee has a sewing class twice this week. She is going with a friend to Joann’s fabric and make a tote bag. It should be fun! I also need to finish planning Christians 16th birthday party. I wanted to host for her a murder mystery dinner, but she thought is was lame. :( So we shall see what we come up with. April is such a busy month for us. We have 8 birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate!

Hope you all have a great week!!

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Menu Plan Monday

Last week we did pretty good sticking to our menu. Although we had sweet potato French fries more than once! *Ü* they are so good!

To make sweet potato French fries just heat your oven to 400 degrees. Peel then Slice 2 large sized sweet potatoes Julianne style. In a bowl toss them with 2 table spoons olive oil and then place on a cookie sheet. Salt and pepper to your liking and bake for 30 minutes. Flip them around after the first 15 minutes.

Now for this weeks menu!

Grilled Turkey burgers ( George Forman grill) sweet potato fries and mixed vegetables.

Kids come home from camp! Im hoping to take them out to eat and get the download of their time away! If not... grilled cheese and soup.

This is a good day for some one to cook for me. So I will not plan anything. *Ü*

Grilled BBQ chicken, salad and rice

Salmon, rice and mixed veggies.

Turkey dogs with salad and chips.

Honestly, I’m not sure yet.

To get more menu ideas visit Here
Have a great week!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Its Home Education Week!

I can barley remember that first year we began. I know I was nervous, but that’s about it. I wasn’t nervous to home school, but nervous if I didn’t do a good job, my husband would stand firm on his conditional 1 year trial. *Ü*

Neither one of us had a clue what home schooling was, and he has never been much into researching or needing to make curricula decisions. He has always left that up to me... although I always talk about what we do, and he is very supportive of everything I do/did. He has always been a helper to me, just like I am with him.

RyLee, my youngest and I have been cleaning out our attics. Yes, attics. *Ü* We have 2. We found old videos from Shawn’s first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th... birthdays, Christian’s birth. (No I did not let anyone film during the actual birth) and her birthdays, along with other vhs tapes (LOL VHS, remember those?) tapes of family moments. It brought tears of joy watching these precious memories. They were all so small, so dependant.

Home schooling at Koinonia Academy has not always been a smooth ride, but looking back I would not change it for the world. Life happens, seasons come and go, but we were always a family and doing things together. I cherish every memory…yes, even the hard ones. They have made us into the people we are, and the people we are becoming.

My Shawn is now 18 and graduating in a few months. He is 6’2, skinny, He is analytical and still wants to be a State trooper. He has since he was in 5th grade. He loves Jesus. He stumbles, and is experiencing growing pains, but who didn’t at 18.

What makes me somewhat sane is that he realizes and expresses he “Knows” he still has a lot of maturing and learning to do, and it’s the kind that you can’t get from books. I love this boy!!

My Christian will be16 in 9more wake ups. She is a delight and has such a sweet spirit. She is funny and loves to joke, but is also very tenderhearted. She is also very talented and artistic.

RyLee Kay is 11 and will be 12 in August. RyLee has a lot of initiative, is outgoing. She loves to try new things. Loves to cook and bake, and is crafty. She can figure just about anything out on her own and since she was 2 has always said “ I can do it!” She is independent and spunky and well, bossy. We are working on it.

My husband gave us one year, but in my heart I have always been in it for the long haul. Home schooling for us is a life style. It’s our life. Home schooling has not just been about education. It was at first, but a few years after we began... that left my mind and my heart. Home schooling is about growing my family, learning, and experiencing life! I mentioned once before, I want to raise my children for Heaven, not Harvard. Although Harvard would be pretty cool... Heaven will be better.

Today is the beginning of home education week! You can read more about it over at Danas blog Principled Discovery

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekly Report before Spring Break!

This week has been a huge blur! Not sure if it is because we have been spring cleaning our 2 attics and getting ready for a yard sale, the kids pending Spring camp they leave for at 5 today and not return till Tuesday evening, or just the busyness of Dr. appointments and life! Its just been a slamin week!

School went well. We got a lot done, and finished some things up so we can enjoy spring break next week. Did I mention Spring break next week? *Ü* Kids going to camp?? *Ü*

Honestly though, they know I am joking... I have never ever been one of those moms who waited for the big yellow bus to come get them or couldn’t wait to get rid of them.......The kids think this one is the best camp the youth group has, and they do a camp in each season. They will be missed...

On to the school work....

Science Happened once this week. :( Sad but true.... I figured we can handle Astronomy next week, even though its break... or if not... we will finish after... this sets us back further, but honestly... I’m not worried and don’t really care! lol We are so close... its all good. When we are done, I thought I would take it to Kinko’s and have it made into a book! That will be fun for RyLee to see all her hard work in a book.

Christian took this week off from science, so we don’t break the module up over spring break. *Ü* Could you here her cheering Monday? *Ü*

Math The girls did really well this week. Christian even did an extra lesson w/o my asking... go team! RyLee... I don’t think she is being challenged. She has not missed anything on her math for a few weeks now... not sure what to do about that?? Do I have her do more lessons each day? 2 instead of 1? Suggestions??

Bible study: Both girls are still covering Explorers bible study. They also have 30 minutes each morning reading their bible alone and have quiet time. RyLee was excited because she has finished her bible I had her read for quiet time. Its the picture bible. She loved it. After break, she will read her regular NIV bible for her quiet time and work through the bible best she can. I think I have forgotten to mention this in our last few posts...

Tapestry of Grace Monday we covered what was left from last week. Charles Finney, Martin Van Buren, and Daniel Webster. Just couldn’t fit it in last Friday.

I just realized I never changed our books over to our new week here on the blog... oops...*Ü* Its been a busy week.... We are now learning about Australia.. studding its History and geography through the 19th century. We took it light…… Again because of break... Christian read from Bob Jones p420-426 and 478-479 on Australia. Ry read from Streams of civilization pgs 211-214. They both wrote a narration of what was read. Other than this, that was it...

Literature: Christian is STILL on Emma.... she is so bored, but I refuse to let her stop. She is plugging away. She has next week to finish or else! Not sure what the for else is yet!lol I did let her watch the Masterpiece theater episode of Emma. I Tvod it.... it was pretty good...

yes I know it ruined the story for her, but I was trying to encourage her... she still has to finish. *Ü*

When we start up again after break we begin Les Miserables!! I can’t wait! We will cover this book in depth over the next 5 weeks. RyLee is supposed to read a Christmas Carol, but she did that at Christmas time, so I will have to pick something else....

We had fun with vocabulary this week. But honestly that’s as far as we got folks.

Sketch Tuesday was fun! Dan, RyLee and myself had something to show this week! Christian was not feeling well, so we let her slide. *Ü*

Nature study:

This can be seen over at Sticks and Stones, our 2nd blog. It sadly needed the update!! We sort of did challenge 5... and have not begun 6 yet. I know challenge 6 will be great! We just need to "do" it. Especially since 7 is coming up!

Art study

Yup! This is a new one! One I have wanted to add for a few weeks now! Almost 3 weeks ago, I bought an art study from Amanda at Hearts and trees.

We began the study with a painting from Van Gough. It was called Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies. I liked it! I never really liked Van Gogh’s work... like I "knew" his work, lol... but the paintings I have seen before, they never really appealed to me. I enjoyed this one, and a few other we observed in the books we have. They are Great Themes in Art by John Walford and The story of painting by Sister Wendy.

The other paintings I enjoyed were " The artists bedroom", "Farmhouse in Province" and " The Night Cafe at Arles"

The girls and I both decided we don’t care much for most of his work, but we did appreciate his passion for painting, and I think we all agreed that anyone who would continue in a passion and have so much disappointment... must be worthy of some admiration. He was a strange, sad man, disappointments through most of his life...mental illness... sad life really... and he only sold 1 painting while he was alive.

The only fact that I knew before we began this study was that he cut off his ear ( the lobe part)and gave it to the woman he loved, but was betrothed to some one gross is that?

We completed the notebook page that Amanda created and then did a project she suggested at the end. I have my own notebook and made my own picture along with the girls. I am not the creative sort, so I just tried to copy... Here are our drawings though.

The idea behind this was to create our own cloud picture.... and we were to try and "do it" Van Gough style.... First is RyLees, then Christians and mine...

We all enjoyed this. I thought they might not like it, but it went great. Looking at the pictures in the books I had, then reading what the books had to say, made filling out the notebook pages more enjoyable for the girls, myself included... we knew more about Vincent and his style... a little more about him personally too.

I also used some other questions found at Looking at art and asking questions. This was linked on Amanda’s site. This added a lot to what we were doing, not only that, but it just got the girls looking at other artists and comparing the paintings and what they liked and did not like and why.

It really was a good time. it might have taken us an hour, maybe a little longer... but that’s it... We will use 1 painting and artist a week. Next time we will cover Monet. 2 paintings actually. This has been a gentle way to introduce us to studying artists and I think after this one, we can handle going on our own... maybe. *Ü*

RyLee also baked this week. She has not done that for a while. She made scones! They were so good! They didn’t last long. Her brother has been home during the day, due to spring break. *Ü*

That’s our week, it was long and its not even over yet! I still have to prepare our craft/project for Sunday School, finish pricing stuff for the sale on Saturday, organize my paper work and payments people are sending in for a field trip on an Amtrak train I organized for May, Make a flyer for the used curriculum sale I host each year with my family and friends help.... ( I need the flyer done by Sunday)finish school today and get the kids off to camp...

Is it Monday yet?? *Ü*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday! *Ü*

Gidget is so spoiled!

Weblink Wednesday

Over at Hearts and Trees Amanda is offering pre orders for Spring kits.

They are for art and nature study.... click the link to get a good look at the kit, and get a better idea of what they are. Can’t wait for ours to come! Just 2 more wake ups and she starts mailing them out!

She also has a few art studies to share! a week or so ago I purchased her Cloud art study and its wonderful!

We will share about our adventures this week (Friday)and how we are coming along. These do not replace our regular studies, but is making for a nice added change... also adding in art appreciation in an easy way. You will find it gentle and engaging! I promise!

She also offers 2 other art studys. They are Oceans art study

and Winter.

In her latest, Oceans, she gave a fantastic link to use along with these studys, or any art study for that matter. Its called Looking at art and asking questions.

These are great links and resources! You wont be dissapointed!

Head on over to SoCalVal's, Homeschooling With Encouragement and check out more great links. Bring a cup of coffe or tea and have fun!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sketch Tuesday

Im shocked... where did Monday go? *Ü* Its Tuesday! So you know what time that is!? Its Sketch Tuesday! This week the challenge was to sketch something blue! It will be fun to see what others did... I thought about cookie monster, blues cluses, a is what my family did.

As always! You are welcome to join the fun! No need to register. Its free!! Just costs a little time. *Ü* Next week our topic is Sketch something that is alive.

From Barbs site:You can pick anything you can think of that is alive for this project and I am sure you will all find interesting things to sketch. All ages are welcome to sketch, no need to sign up. Please send in your sketches by next Monday evening in order to be included in the slideshow on Tuesday. Please send your sketches to me in jpg or bmp format for easier loading.

Oceans Art Show at Hearts and Trees

Amanda over at Hearts and Trees has another art show for us! This one is called Oceans art show!

It is a little different than the cloud study. She does not have the notebook pages to go with this, but dont let that stop you. On her post she has a link to a site that gives excellent questions for the study!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gardening w/ your peeps & HOTM

Do you like to garden? Do you have a green thumb? Wonder what in the world am I talking about?? *Ü* Please stop by HOTM and see! Gardening with your Peeps!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Pork Roast (left over) rice and beans

Tuesday: Grilled Salmon, sweet potato fries and green salad

Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and tomato soup

Thursday: Ritz chicken, green salad, and mixed veggies

Friday: Out! Kids are off to spring camp! woohoo! oh, no I mean I will miss them very much!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Bible study/Devotions
My scripture memory is

"Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

Psalm 73:25-26

Continue study with RyLee. I have decided to begin "The daily Walk" for daily bible reading and my quiet time in the morning.

My must do list

Continue in prep for Sunday school. Follow up on emails and phone calls made last week. Post Green hour challenge 5 from last week, especially since we are on 6 this week!

Continue sorting and clearing out "stuff" we don’t use or need.

Continue with RyLee on waking up on time. Will this ever end?? *Ü* Heart attitudes in both girls. I know Christians schedule is catching up with her. I pray to help her find a balance so she is not so tired by Thursday. Bless her heart....

To vivit more Monday Meanderings please visit Tianys blog at Less of me and more of Him

Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekly Report.... 2 in a row! Woohoo! *Ü*

Greatings my weekly reporter buddies! 2 weeks in row! Can you believe it? Im so proud! hehe

This was a crazy week! Monday started off great! Wonderful in fact... everyone got up on time, cleand up on time, school went great... got it all done... then Tuesday hit! We spent the moring/afternoon in promt care with Christian. She started having back pain late Friday I guess. I was gone from early Friday till Sunday late afternoon on a womans retreat, so I had no idea she hurt all weekend... no one said anything! But she had lower back pain and shooting pain down her front leg... :( long story short, we left thinking she was going to have to have an MRI... but after our visit w/ her chiropractor later that day... she does not need one... its not 100% ruled out... but he does not think it is what the promt care Dr. thought it was...then had a ton of errands to run.

Wed and Thursday were also busy and we were not home much.... in and out all day. Shawn has had finals all week and with us still sharing a car (till the one we bought him gets fixed) I have been playing taxi cab driver! lol Oh I forgot how much I "really" dont like that.

School was done on the road a lot this week, and we still didn’t get to Spanish... only on Monday did we do a full day! Although we still have today! *Ü*

So with all of that! Here is our weekly report!

Science Surprisingly, this was done. All week. Christian does have a test later today, but she is done! She won’t have science next week, because modules take 2 weeks. Next week is our last week before spring break here...Now for Ms. RyLee she will have science next week....her last week and we will be done with Astronomy and move into Zoology 1! Yeah!! Not till after Spring break though.

Ha! Funny thing about textbooks. You can take them with you. *Ü* Even in promt care. *Ü* Christian has 1 lesson today, but its catch up from Tuesday. Her math is on the computer and that doesn’t go with us as well. No lap top. *Ü* Yet!

Tapestry of Grace: we watched a biography movie on Davey Crocket! We also for fun watched a few of the old Disney tv episodes... that was fun! We all read about the Seminole Indians and continued our Study on Andrew Jackson. Watched pre taped episodes from the History Channel on Arkansas and Michigan.... We did not complete our objectives this week... we still need to learn about Charles Finney, Martin Van Buren, and Daniel Webster and then cover our discussions....

Literature: Christian is finishing up Emma. She says its sooooo slow.... *Ü* She’s making it though... I gave RyLee another history book to read.... it was a narrative on Davey Crocket...

Spanish! Moving on.... nothing to see here folks...

Nature study!
No walks this week... we did however plant our starts. Bought some bulbs and making plans where to place our 4x4 garden boxes! We have 2, but Dan is going to make us 2 more. We (RyLee and myself) are reading a book called Sq foot gardening. I love it! This is a perfect fit for us right now! Our focus for the next 8 weeks (and all spring and summer) is on garden flowers and vegetables. Mostly annuals, but we will be slowly adding in perennials and trees.... My B-Day is coming up and I really want a Kumquat tree!

RyLee and I both fell in love with one when we went on our first nursery visit! Stay tuned... more to come... and I will be posting this all on our Sticks and Stones blog soon.

Sketch Tuesday: Serious mind cramp... we didn’t get this accomplished.... but hope to this week! *Ü* We love it...

So that us! I look forward to reading other folks adventures this week...

Its Friday.........

Today is good Friday.... Its a day of reflection... I have been thinking the last few days about this day. What it represents.... what it cost Jesus that day so many years ago.... and thankful that he did it for me. Its still hard to comprehend sometimes....

When Christian was little...oh she was so darn precious... when she would get hurt, we would ask her if we could kiss her owie...she would always tell us in this little cry... “No, I want my Jesus to make it better"! So we would pray with her, we would wipe away those tears and she would move along! I can still see her and hear her tiny voice...

She has always had this sweet spirit in her...She still does! *Ü* She was so little, but as little as she was...her faith was huge! It warms my heart...

About 9 years ago... bless her heart, she shared how much Jesus really loved us, to die on the cross year after year! "Why did He do that"? She asked... She shared how much she loved Him for that!

LOL Poor girl! She thought every Good Friday and every Easter, somewhere in the world Jesus actually was being beaten and dying on that cross.... year after year.... He rose on the 3rd day! Christian was about 7 years old when she shared this.....bless her heart... obviously we told her, Jesus died on the cross 1 time and rose on the 3rd day 1 time, to save those who call on Him from their sin,1 time.

Isn’t it amazing how we interpret things we hear? This is one of those things I will never forget. She never has either... and we get a good chuckle when we think about it...

But today is that day... only we reflect on what Jesus did and what it truly cost Him over 2000 years ago.... it is still amazing! It is still powerful! My heart and prayer is that we choose to reflect on we look forward to Sunday and the celebration of life and Jesus conquering death once and for all!!
Because... He has risen! He has risen indeed...

I hope you all have a Blessed easter Sunday!!!

HOTM weekly meme: I Wish I Had Known

This weeks meme is

What You Wish You Had Known Your First Year of Home schooling

Oh boy! What I wish I known my first year...The biggest thing….Don’t worry!! Enjoy the little people! Explore, create, learn.... RELAX!

*Ü* Next... I wish I would have actually researched home schooling before I started. I didn’t... didn’t think to, didn’t know much about it... I just knew I wanted my children at home.

I would have sought out woman who had been home schooling longer than I had been *Ü* to get perspective and encouragement. I blew my own trail... it wasn’t a bad thing, I learned a lot on my journey (still am) but it would have been nice to have someone to talk with.... bounce thoughts off of….

Other than that, I’m not sure what I would have changed. We have had good times, hard times.... bored times, not so productive times..... but that’s life.... I have enjoyed our journey... getting to know my kids, watching them grow... getting to see almost all the firsts... its been pretty amazing.... it keeps going too. We are still learning a lot, about education, ourselves, family. The dynamics have changed drastically in the last few years. This last year has brought on more reflection than any other... since Shawn graduates in a few months!.... whoohoo!

but as far as the first year... that’s about it... Oh! I would have loved to have the internet! We didn’t own a computer then.... let a lone the internet! Gasp! Isn’t that a strange thought! Just 13 years ago I didn’t have any internet access!! Gasp! No online friends! Blogs to read! Forums to browse! Oh those were dark, dark days.... lol just kidding... but seriously... we got our first computer when RyLee was around 4?? So, that would be 7 years ago? 8 years ago? Wow! Have things changed....

Ok, so that would have made my life completely different! So I would have liked to have a computer and the internet back then... that first year. *Ü* I honestly believe a lot of things would have been different....

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Great News from HOTM!!

On July 31st trough August 3rd, Heart of the Matter will host their first online Virtual Home school Conference! They will be providing attendees of this conference motivational speakers, video tutorials, free products, question and answer sessions, and a vendor hall - all ONLINE! All in the comfort of your home! How cool is that!?

Some of the amazing speakers... just to name a few...

Jennifer Steward of Steward Ship aka

Amy Pak of Home school in the woods. Author of History through the ages, and Time Travelers.

Jeannie Fulbright author of the Elementary Apologia science series!

Heather, otherwise known as Sprittibee....She is the editor of Home school Blog Awards and a contributor to Heart of the Matter Online.

Go look over at HOTM to see who and what else! *Ü*

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Bible study/Devotions
Completely Blessed by Shannon Ethridge daily and in the morning as quiet time for me. I will continue study with Rylee in Luke. I will also listen to Christian radio. I listened to Dr. David Jeremiah this weekend and forgot how much I love to listen to him.

My scripture memory is "Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:25-26 "

My must do list
Continue on our path with the new schedule. This is a must! Begin my project for Sunday school class. Follow up on important phone calls and emails.

I need to dust my room real well. Walls, baseboards, fan, furniture. I have been getting sinus headaches... also a good dusting in the living room and dining room/Kitchen.

Continue in routine and getting up early. Still a struggle for RyLee. Making sure she gets to bed on time. This is an issue, we send her to bed and she is either reading or playing game boy.... Exercise for us all... we need to do this more than once a week... not just for the kids!

To vivit more Monday Meanderings please visit Tiany over here

Left over chicken fettuccine with bread and salad

Tomato soup and grilled cheese

Grilled Chicken, red potatoes, mixed veggies

Salmon patties, mixed veggies and salad (bread too)

Grilled Turkey Burgers, sweet potato fries and salad

To get more great menu ideas... visit over at organizing junkie

Free Presidential lapbook

Over at Notebook Learning you will find a free Election Lapbook called " The Election of the President" It looks great! Printed it out myself to use with RyLee later.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hearts and Trees spring Kits...

Over at Hearts and Trees Amanda is offering pre orders for Spring kits. They are for art and nature study.... click the link to get a good look at the kit, and get a better idea of what they are. I have not used this, but it looks great!

Weekly Report?? I have no idea....

Seriously... I have no idea.... but then, we have changed to year round school so I suppose it wont matter in the long run, as long as we finish what we started right? *Ü*I recently posted about some changes to schedule here

This week started off very well. Christian has become the most motivated teenager I have ever met! She loves working 2 days a week, and she has been faithful to get up on her own (everyday this week) begin her quiet time, and accomplish math, science and either history or lit before she went to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Who is this child and what have done with my daughter? *Ü*

No, seriously, we are very proud of her... not only that.... but she has taken a big girl pill of sorts and has made some wonderful connections to priorities and how good it feels to do the things she needs to get done and then be rewarded with youth group and a paycheck! She feels things have more of a purpose than before.... and may I add... (gasp) she has even been enjoying science.... Is that awesome or what? We are proud....

RyLee... oh my RyLee Kay....did well this week, but getting up on time is an issue... hasn’t been able to earn a star for a few weeks now... Im thinking of how I can help her be motivated in this area again... she does what she needs to during the day... its that getting up part she is having a hard time with.

AS far as our academic week... we accomplished almost everything *Ü*

Science: Christian did awesome, but still has an experiment to do. RyLee didn’t do any science this week.

Math: they both did great... RyLee has one more lesson for today, but Christian was done yesterday Thursday....I’m telling you... she’s a change gal... I’m hoping this isn’t short lived... I am a realist you know... *Ü* She was very tired yesterday....

History/Writing: Was fantastic... both girls wrote about Andrew Jackson. RyLee 2 paragraphs, Christian wrote 4. She also wrote about the trail of tears and Cherokee Indians.... It went well. We will finish this up next week.... we still have more... we also watched a video on Andrew Jackson. We are continuing through our Teaching Company dvd series on Early American History.

Literature: Christian took a detour and is reading Emma. We recently bought According to Jane and she just loved it! So she is on a Jane Austin kick... although I will report... sadly, she is not enjoying Emma... sniff...

Rylee finished up Cherokee Animal Tales. It was really short.... I have not decided what she will read next week...but she enjoyed this.

Spanish: didn’t happen :(

Nature Study: This has been fantastic! Barb over at The Heart of Harmony has been the best! Holding our hand and giving us bits of The Handbook of Nature Study to read each week and an activity to accomplish w/ our kids. Its called the Green Hour: NO child left inside. *Ü* I created a new blog to host our activity. Its called Sticks and Stones You can see our last 4 challenges if you like at the Sticks and Stones blog. Also, its not to late to participate. Jump on in... we are not formal...

Sketch Tuesday has been fun. I didn’t participate this week, but Dan and the girls did.

My plans for next week... the schedule we change a little... maybe not focus on blocks of time, but just completing what we need. I know the beginning of a new lesson in Science takes Christian twice as long... so we will tweak as we go... its a guideline we have to move a little....

Overall though, it was a great week... Thanks for making it this far! If you made it this far! *Ü* its good to be back...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

HOTM giveaway! 3 more days!!!

Over at The Heart of The Matter They have a giveaway going on. It has been going on for a while now.... you have 3 days left to sign up. Its easy.... just place one of the HOTM buttons on your side bar of your blog and leave a comment on the giveaway post.

Whats the reward? A new guide called A family guide to Prince Caspian by by Christin Ditchfield and published by Crossway Books.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tuesday in "other" Words

We all have days where we just cant and don’t complete all we need to accomplish....I’ve joked before I need more than a 24 hour day..... but alas... its all I have. I’m sure a very good thing....

Its good to remember we cant do it all, and we shouldn’t busy ourselves so that we forget about what is most important. I have been in that trap many a time. A human doing, not a human being.....

Recently with school, and work, and product, my home, my husband, my church..... my blog....... having to push back deadlines, or dates I wanted things accomplished.... I just wasn’t getting it all in every day... although I tried as I might..... realizing this and desiring to do a job worthy.... I had to back up and re evaluate what I was doing, when and how can I fit it all in.....

These time I have come to realize, are not bad things.... but good.... although I was struggling, these times bring me around to focus on what is important....They remind me of my limitations. When I am busy, busy every day...... it detracts from my true focus and priorities....


These are my priorities.... yet sometimes they get mixed around. *Ü* But God who is mindful.... brings me back around... and is always gentle... I may be hard on myself for a bit... but He is not... After all the things I want to accomplish is not wasting my time, I just have to be more mindful of my ability.... keep it in check.... and trust the one who is Infinite.

"We leave something incomplete everyday, whether it's an area of housework, school, work, friendship, ministry~ because we are finite."
~ from The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer~

Finite: having definite or definable limits.

This quote is is fitting for me right now... and speaks truth.... I do leave things incomplete. I am finite.... but the good news about all of this... God is not!

"Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite. "
Psalm 147:5

He knows me and you. He is mindful of our frame. I know for me, I am very strong and independent, and capable... but I am finite. When I am strong, and I am independent, sometimes I get a head of myself and my incapability’s spring up as a reminder. Its not that being strong and independent are bad attributes, but when they get in the way of my relationship with the Lord or other relationships.... I get a wake up call and I am reminded...I need to be dependant........

My heart should say.....

Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.Psalm 73:25-26 (NASB)
For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever!Romans 11:36 (NIV)

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