Friday, May 20, 2011

Whats your style?

This cracked me up! I do not consider myself an unschooler at all! I do agree w/ unit studies/Christian perspective and even a little classical/CM but not unschooling! lol I am eclectic... that's for sure.

Fun quiz... silly.. as if it really can "tell". Still fun to see.

Whats your homeschool style?

What's Your Homeschool Style
Your Result: Unschool

You believe learning comes naturally and that you're learning 24/7. Many people who don't homeschool don't understand unschooling, but that doesnt mean it's bad. You have little tolerence for curriculums.

Unit Studies
School at home
What's Your Homeschool Style
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sr. Prom

Im sayin it again! I cant believe we are here! School is almost over for this year. Not only that but homeschooling my Christian is almost over too! She graduates next month! I cant wait for that! Cap and gown... home school diploma... Sr. Photos.. Its been a busy couple months preparing and winding down the year!

She was asked by a few friends from church to attend Sr. Prom. They all went and had their hair done, nails done... gathered to drees at one friends house... had parents gushing all over them and taking so many pictures they thought the paparazzi was stalking them... had a limo to dinner and to and from prom... it was a memorable night for them all.

I will also say..... I did not cry one time in front of any of them. I held out till the limo pulled away!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May! Say it aint so!

Honestly I cant believe we are here in May already! Where did the school year go? Seriously!? It went by way to fast for me... and in the beginning I thought it would never end! So much to do!

Like in many years, we weeded out what wasn't important and did what was. *Ü* I felt bad about it and now I don't! lol It works out!

Favorite class this year? World View Class using Understanding the Times! It has proven to be be a great study for both girls, although Christian "got" more out of it than Ry did.

Christian especially has enjoyed it! She walked into this year not wanting to do the class, only to find that by far it was her best class ever! It really opened her eyes to the "world views" and a Christian world view. The child cant go to a movie, watch a commercial or hear a politician speak w/o realizing "where" they are coming from. By "where" I mean their world view.

She has also come to realize she has a lot more to learn. For me, this is the point. We never stop learning. Its constant, no matter the age.

I love homeschooling... I love my kids... I love my husband... non has been easy or smooth but it all has been worth it. God absolutely can do anything!