Friday, February 15, 2008

The Heart of the Matter Weekly Meme

The heart of the matter has Friday Memes. This week they have a question for us. Where Do You Homeschool? Please feel free to join us! This will be fun and encouraging! Visit THOTM online and add your link!

Grab a cup of coffe or tea, and step into Koinonia Academy!
Welcome to my home/school. *Ü*

For us, we have always done the majority of school at the kitchen/dining room table. We have never had a school room and after 13 years of this, I dont think I would like it. Maybe I would feel different if I had one. For now, I cant imagine it.

We have never had a large home before, although the home we are in is the biggest yet. We have a dining romm/living room/ Kitchen combo. Its a very open floor plan and I can see and be with the kids while doing laundry, dishes, cooking... what ever.... Im just a step away from them.

Below is a link to a short video of RyLee singing her spanish. *Ü* You can see from it the kitchen bar she likes to sit at and do school and then the living room behind her. Los vocales

I have turned our mud room, just off of our dining room into a bit of a school supply/book room. This is where I have the years resources, craft kits, science kits, microscope, books and many other things stored, so I dont have to go for to get something. Neither do the kids.

I have mentioned before how we store our notebooks. We have notebooks and my teachers books in baskets close by and also a bin for the girls textbooks or workbook type books. You can visit that post here A day in the life

If you would like to see where others homeschool and feel inspired! Come visit over at the Heart of the Matter today!

Where do you homeschool?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad I got to pop in to see whatcha' been doing!

Rachel said...

I always love visiting your site, although I just realized I hardly ever comment... bad blogger! Sorry :-)

You are so organized and do such a wonderful job, I just feel inspired reading your posts. And I love that big smiling picture in your profile.. whenever I see that smiling face commenting on one of my HOTM posts, I light up!

Thanks for being such a source of sunshine!

Have a great weekend!

Daisy said...

I think you and I have the same house. LOL. Life happens in the kitchen! I cannot imagine schooling in a little room of in another part of the house. Although I would LOVE to have a place to store all the STUFF. ;-)

Anonymous said...

We have an open floor plan too, so it works to homeschool in the dining room/living room/kitchen. We have lots and lots of bookshelves also. Homeschoolers can never have enough books! :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that does not have a homeschool room.

We homeschool wherever we can.


Southpaugh Homeschool - Heidi said...

Was unable to see the bottom pictures.
We have the open living room/dining room, as well - - it is nice to be able to do the housework and still be only a step or two away at any given time!! : )
Thanks for sharing!