Saturday, February 2, 2008

No Sew blanket

RyLee made herself a no sew blanket. They are fun, and simple to make. You need 1-2 yards of fleece for the top and 1-2 yards for the bottom. Any color or print you want.

Lay them both on the floor and center them best you can, and cut the edges to even them up. Take a ruler and cut the corners off. 4x4 inch square, or 5x5 it depends on what you want or how long you want the tied part to be.

With a regular ruler you will measure either 4 or 5 inches in length and 1 inch wide. Keep cutting along the blanket till it is cut along all 4 sides. The double Knott all the corners first and make your way around the blanket. Tying the corners helps if you have to pick the blanket up and you are not done yet.

Christian made a couple for her friends this last Christmas and my mom came over and made one for a family member... she used Seattle Seahawks material. *Ü* They are super easy and fun!

Here is RyLee tying her blanket. Almost finished!


Jackie in AR said...

Very cute blanket. What a great job she did.

Molly said...

Go RyLee! I made these for Christmas last year. Really fun!

Jennefer said...

I can't wait to download that unit study. We will be starting our human body until in 2 weeks. Perfect timing, huh?!

Also, my boys have some of those blankets that an aunt made for them. They *love* them. I only have 2 so I need to make one for little Beckett, too! He wants to be just like his big brothers. :)

Tell RyLee that she did a great job. Hers looks wonderful!


mom said...

Her blanket turned out great!

One of my daughters was given a tied fleece blanket that she loves and we've talked about making some of our own - you've inspired me to put that talk into action! Of course, we probably wouldn't use Seattle Seahawks fleece *wink*

Tammy ~@~

Tina said...

Wonderful job, Ms. Ry!

Anonymous said...

We bought some fleece a few weeks ago as well, but haven't gotten around to making the blanket... maybe I will make that my goal for the week...

Amy :)