Friday, August 31, 2007

Dr. Raymond Moore

I was reading My copy of The Old Schoolhouse summer edition last night and on
page 16 has a little tribute to Raymond Moore. He passed away on July
13th. He was 91 years old.

Raymond and Dorthy Moores book the successful home school family hand
book changed my perspective towards home education about 10 years ago. It changed my perspective...because I really didn't have one.. other than just "do" school at home. I had already been homeschooling for 3 years at this point in my life and was about to give up...... My husband and I went away for the weekend.... a drive to the Oregon Coast... and as we were driving I happened to turn the radio to Focus on the family.... and guess who was on? Dr. Raymond Moore....

As soon as I got home I checked his book out form the library....It changed my outlook and perspective of what education was and what it looked like... and it didn't just come from books and sitting and reading all day..... The 3 rs for the Moores were study, work and service. Each week these 3 things needed to be worked on and cultivated in our children.... It was truly a life style....

I followed "the Moore formula" for a few years and it is what began my
journey with unit studies. *Ü* and my relaxing on myself if everything didn't get done.... when I originally planned to get it done. It allowed me freedom to explore my options and what best fit us as a family.... It began my development of why we do what we do now.... I do not follow on way of education.... except my way....and what works I didn't agree with everything he taught.... I did it my way... *Ü* yes.. I sang that last line. *Ü*

Here is a link to the formula in a nut shell:

The books that I read and re read the most were the one already mentioned and
Better late than early.

I don't necessarily "follow" the formula.... but I do expect study,
work and service from my kids.... daily for the first 2.

Ahhh... the Home school community lost another wonderful man, but he
did leave a wonderful legacy.... his writing and care for the
education of our kids...I felt a little sad when I read he had passed away..... just wondered if anyone else knew. He was a wonderful advocate for us homeschoolers here in Washington State.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do Not Grow Weary Gal 6: 7-10

Do Not Grow Weary

Terri Miller

Galatians 6:7-10 says, "Do not be deceived,God is not mocked; for whatever
a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the
flesh reap corruption,but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap
everlasting life.And let us not grow weary while doing good,for in due
season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."(NKJV)

In a span of 10 minutes any given morning,I may be working on an algebraic
equation, explaining just why you have to invert those pesky fractions when
dividing,illustrating the life cycle of a frog and reviewing that'f'makes
the /f/ sound.Usually this is all in the middle of paying bills,balancing
a checkbook,refereeing squabbles,scrubbing the kitchen floor,and the
seemingly endless ring of the telephone.It's no wonder that at the end of
any given day,a look into my brain might reveal a substance more akin to
chocolate pudding than the gray matter,which formally resided there.

It's at the end of these days,when my brain is mush,that I sometimes will
question our decision to homeschool.Who in their right mind would trade a
profitable career for diapers and phonics cards? Who would really want the
kind of job that the requirements of which the term multi-tasking doesn't
even begin to cover?Who would want to be stuck with their children 24 hours
a day,seven days a week?Who really wants to be in charge of their
children's education?

I do.

I really do,but I need to confess that on those days when my brain has
turned to mush and my body is weary, I can become shortsighted of my
Heavenly vision,and glance toward the ways of the world. The 'world' will
counsel me that I deserve my own time, and that I need to see that my needs
are always met.The 'world' will counsel me that my children don't really
need me for insight or instruction, but that my paycheck would be very
important to my family.These thoughts can be enticing.

Thankfully,the Lord always brings me to His Word.Galatians 6:7-10 says,
"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows,that he
will also reap.For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap
corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap
everlasting life.And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due
season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."(NKJV)

During these times of pinching pennies,molding minds and building character
I need to keep my focus.I realize that learning to read and write and do
arithmetic is important.Keeping a home that is clean and orderly is
important.However,those things pale to the importance of training my
children in the ways of the Lord. Raising children with a Heavenly focus is
'doing good'.I must never forget that nor grow weary to that call.

Prayer:"Father,help us not to grow weary and lose heart. Be our strength.
Renew our minds.Refresh our bodies.Return to us Your vision and focus for
Your calling on our lives."

Copyright,2004.The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Used with permission.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 2 day 1 cancelled for RyLee

My poor RyLee Kay. :( Yesterday was a bit traumatic for my baby. ( Who happens to be 11 today)

She was at a friends house yesterday playing. While they were playing she was running in and out of the house and while doing that she accidentally slammed her finger in the door. From what my husband told me ,it was a solid core fire door. Its a heavy door and shuts fast!

Her little friend called us and said; "Its an emergency!" "RyLee hurt her finger in the door and the nail popped out!" Bless her little heart.... We dropped everything and drove to get her......

Making a long story short, she lost her nail. The entire thing and the skin that goes over the nail (normally the part of the nail that's under the skin... is the skin she lost)She now has a fake nail with 2 stitches in it. Its holding the nail in place so the skin wont close down and not allow a new nail to grow.

What broke my heart was watching RyLee panic when they were numbing her finger. I have never seen RyLee panic before.... but she had a full blown panic attack while the were numbing her hand to clean it. The crying the babbling... and then she made her self sick.... literally.Its so hard to see your kids in pain and sacred and you cant comfort them while in that state.... My heart was just breaking inside for her....

Now... it was bad enough feeling this way... and all you want to do is comfort this child......and then your husband and other daughter are turning white, getting hot, feeling sick and putting their heads between their legs! I didn't know who to tend too! I felt like Florance Nightingale going back and forth from patient to patient! Putting cold towls on the back of necks.... rubbing was really sad....

7 hours later we made it home (12:30 this morning). Its now 9:02 am and Ry is still sleeping. She was such a little trouper....

I was going to surprise her and let her have a half day of school today... Its her birthday.... but now... she gets the entire day off!

If you will, after reading this... will you pray for Miss RyLee? Thanks so much!

Till next time....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lifehouse 'Everything' - Skit

This was an amazing skit! It moved me to tears at the end!!!

Jesus reigns!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

1 Week down! 35 more to go! *Ü*

Well here we are.... our first week done and gone! It feels good... but not as it should... I had to work at 11:00 am - 8:00 pm 3 days this week... I normally work at 2:00 so it really through me off beginning on Tuesday! Next week will be better... I don't work!

Monday was great... crazy busy, but good... we didn't get all of school done.... science was pushed aside for both girls due to a mess up at the running start office for my son, and a spur of the moment job interview at Applebees. He got all of his classes that he wanted and the job! So it was a good day! We left at 3:00 and didn't get home till 8:00... but it was good...

All week did not go as planned, but we rolled with it. It wasn't as I had hopped, or what I had envisioned "in my mind", but we accomplished a lot.

Bible study first thing is a plus. It just sets us all up and in a good mood.... funny how Gods word and prayer does that! *Ü* Math being second on the to do list is also a good fit.... but after that we just went nuts... Christian would whatever, Rylee would want to read her literature book (this was scheduled for evenings) Rylee and I would get to her science and Christian would get her geography and history done... Its not a big deal.. but here i went and put everything in a time frame and it just went out the window....

What did help was I wrote out the order of what we were to do on the white board. So when It came to do some things together... we were all ready and on the same page.

RyLee and Christian are using Explorers bible study this year, again. RyLee Luke & Acts and Christian is beginning Words of Wisdom: Job, Psalms, & Proverbs.

What also has been a huge plus for me, is my husband and I have been reading a proverbs together before he walks out the door and we pray for each others day. We have been married 15 years and we have never done this together. We have independently.... but not together.... its been good too. We needed to connect this way. Lives are busy enough... this makes us stop for just a moment and reflect.

Math... well I don't know what to say... Christian is using Teaching Textbooks again this year, it fits her perfect and RyLee is still in Saxon.

Science has been off to a great start. RyLee has completed her first week and lesson in Astronomy. Along with live and learns press file and folds! This has been a hit! We planned on using Knowledge Box Centrals lap book, but seeing them both and liking both... Live and learns was more age appropriate for a 6th grader.

Christian began Exploring Creation with Biology also using live and learns folds She really enjoyed using them. I don't have pictures for her science book ( inside it anyway) because each module will take her 2 weeks. Next weeks post will give you a better idea of what she did.

I cant tell you how happy I am for this child.... the one who always struggles academically.... she reads and listens to the mp3 version of the book and has been doing it all on her own. I review with her at the end of the day and we are studying her vocabulary together. I am also reading ahead of her.... trying to stay ahead! lol

Tapestry of grace went well this week on our own. We began week 1 of year 3. When we got to Friday, I had a minor panic.... I had read along with my girls and read my teachers notes, but still felt inadequate to teach! I made it through, but I'm glad to be moving on to week 2 and a better flow of events. Going back over year 1 and 2 was a bit much and I didn't even get to finish.... I ran out of time.... I was pretty hard on myself after words.... but this week is a new week! Movin on! Keep truckin and all that stuff. *Ü*

In TOG this week
we covered History, literature, geography and people.

I have a collage of pictures form what we did this week.... first day of school pictures, girls doing work and or activities. The only thing you wont see is RyLees planets. They are painted and ready for assembly... Her dad took off today to surf and he will help her put it together when he gets home. *Ü*

It was a light week, busy as ever... mostly because of my job starting at 11:00 not 2:00. Next week wont be a problem, because I'm off all week!!! School will then begging for him and I wont have to worry about work till 2:00.

I will post our tweaked ( time and layout)schedule soon...

Hope you enjoy the pictures.... I enjoyed taking them. ( Pictures have now been updated with solar system complete! *Ü*)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wild Cats in the House! Woooh!

Girls are so funny... My RyLee Kay is turning 11 at the end of this month. I asked her when she wanted to have a party with a few friends and she mentioned the 17th of August. I asked her "why that date?", her reply, " High School Musical 2 will be on tv that night!" (insert gasp and scream here) *Ü*

I think it has been years since I planned one of my girls birthday parties.... no matter how big or small. They do all the decorating, games, organizing.... its just fun to watch and wonder what these 2 will be like in 10 years! Oh, I love them.....

RyLee and her peeps *Ü* (blond with white shirt and jean shorts)

The girls began to show up around 5:00ish, and they began the party almost immediately! lol My husband was manning the grill and we all had dinner, per RyLees request. ( In our house, the birthday person gets to choose the dinner) we had hamburgers, salad, potato salad, chips and soda.

We recorded "The Big Movie" at 5:00 and then they watched it around 8:30 or so. Having tvo or what ever its called now is so cool! They fast forwarded right through all the commercials and were done in time to watch Hanna Montana and The Suit Life of Zack and Cody!! It was an all night-er fer sure.....

The next morning everyone seemed to have survived the sugar rush and junk food fest!( and no one threw up! LOL and PTL!)*Ü*

We woke early....made breakfast..... cleaned up and headed to the Tacoma mall!

Why would I do that you ask? Because Miss RyLees gift was a party at Build a Bear Workshop So all 6 girls were able to make something and bring it home..... Everyone got a gift!

Unfortunately I forgot my darn camera! Walked right out the door with out it! We were 1/2 way to Tacoma before I remembered! :(I wish I would have remembered. They had such a good time....)

It was a great Birthday for miss RyLee Kay..... and she still hasn't turned 11 yet! *Ü*

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What kind of ice cream are you? *Ü*

I know... this is silly... but I saw this just a minute ago on someone elses blog and I had to try it.... This happens to be my second favorite ice cream.... candy cane being my favorite. *Ü*

You Are A Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Girl

Creative. Expressive. Unique.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Psalm 23

This was to cute not to pass along.... I saw it on the WTM board today....

Monday, August 13, 2007

He is finally home!

Here he is! My boy! He has finally arrived home from his mission trip. They arrived back on Saturday, at 10:35 pm ( arrived at the airport). It was so good to hear his voice and see him!Big hugs from mom!!!

To my delight, he had a great time, and wants to go back. This was so good to hear because he was nervous about going. Sierra Leon Africa is not known for peace and harmony amongst the people.

The trip was hard and exhausting for them all. Sleep they got little of, rain was in abundance. That was hard. Travel was always long. 200 miles took them 19 hours by bus. Their travels and journey took them to villages and towns assisting in schools, painting and playing with the children.... showing the Jesus film and holding VBS. The kids and adults had an amazing trip and I cant wait to hear from the rest of the group.

Now the trip originally was from the 22nd through the 6th.... but they had a HUGE miss hap with scheduling and they were routed to Tourqy UK. This was a treat! They were able to sleep in homes eat warm meals and tour the country side some. They were able to go and see Stone Henge as one of the stops. How cool is that?! Funny thing.... the freeway is Right behind it! Shawn said here you were looking at these massive rocks and the beauty of the country side and you turn and you see cars driving by... and across the freeway... sheep farms.... wasn't really what he expected... *Ü* but it was good.

Rylee missed her big brother so much! She made Paula Deans brownie Pizza for him as a welcome home treat... but the sad thing is.... when we walked out the door to go to the airport.... my Mary Poppins dog.... Gidget... remember her?? well... she ate it!

My husband came home from an errand and freaked..... called us on the road and told us the bad news.... RyLee was crushed and cried.... :(

Her dad... the hero in the story, ran down to the little store close to our house, bought another brownie mix and re made Rylees surprise for her brother.

All was well in the Turek household.... well... all except Gidget who spent the night outside in the kennel. She has been demoted as the dog who is practically perfect in every way.... Mary Poppins of dogs no more....

Monday, August 6, 2007

Daily schedule for Ry and Chris detailed(a little more)

I had a wonderful weekend! I was so ahead of myself all week accomplishing things to do... even with work this week, I had all of Saturday to pour over books and resources.... what a fun day!

Below you already see a basic "time line" schedule. I wanted to share a little bit more behind the method of my madness and getting up so early.

So with that... here are "some" of my resources for Tapestry of Grace unit 1 for Rylee. Some of these are also for Christian.

Here are some History, History in depth and literature for RyLee. Many are missing because is taking its time sending me my goods! *Ü*

Here are our map resources for the year. I forgot to put our DK atlas out.

on Monday morning, we begin our day with routine. It has always helped my kids to know what to expect. After breakfast and bible lesson complete, we will gather around the table I we will discuss objectives for the week. Kids have planners that work is transferred into. We talk about the big picture for our week of Tapestry of grace. The rest is pretty self explanatory.... do the next thing.

Once that is done (schedule already thrown off) we begin the day.*Ü*

My son who is a Sr. this year, does his own work and has his own schedule. His dad and I help him plan, but this is done of Sunday as far as schedules.... ( college, work... if he gets a new job etc) and then he fits his "home" school in his schedule. The boy really doesn't need me much.

The girls on the other hand stay on the same schedule, because my 15 year old still needs me so much. I am waiting for the day things kick in for her. Maybe this year?? She has always struggled academically. She is bright, funny and smart, but retention and out put is still difficult. The more we do together, the better she retains. We all have hi hopes for Christian this year. Keeping her focused on school and not so much of the social butterfly syndrome! She is an A+ student when it comes to that! *Ü* She is a girl, and loves to talk, talk, talk. She is also a day dreamer.

We will follow the schedule below in another post best we can for Monday, and go a bit longer if need be. Its Monday..... why not? WE always take breaks, even if they are not in the schedule because we can. It could be just to talk, listen to something on cd or what ever.... take a walk.... clear our brains, get a snack.....

I will be tough on our schedule Wednesdays and Thursdays. I work long hours those days and we have to be focused. Fridays are easy days because we have co-op (online) and every other week will meet up with a family who is also working through TOG year 3 for our group projects and share in unit celebrations together.

Explorers bible study Rylee and I do this together. Shawn and Christian do their own. We talk about it on Fridays though.

Math:The next lesson. I explain any new concepts, go over the old and they do the work.

Tapestry of Grace: History; I read aloud first from the Hakim Book. Then they read independently. We have the student activity pages out and or notes are to be taken while I'm reading. I read out loud for about 45 minutes, to an hour. The rest of the time is for them. Collectively we have from 8:00-10:00 for history and geography. The first week we review vocabulary for geography. If they decide on the salt dough map or make a cookie dough map we will do it as an evening project. Its better than watching TV! *Ü* We will cover fine arts, but on Thursday and Fridays. I also read aloud world view reads for the week over a 2 day period. Depends on how much needs to be read! Normally Mondays. I also have my kids do searches for the people section in TOG. They need to cover a few people a day. This also depends on how many peeps they need to look up over the week. A brief description of who "they" are is added to the note book. RyLee will also be having a State study on Fridays and making State cards for her note book. Im sure I will be tweeking the schedule a lot the first few weeks.

Language arts. The girls are using JAG and AG this year and will be done first. We will then move into writing. RyLee will continue CW this year and so will Christian. Im not sure if 1 hour is enough time for them. This is time consuming. We will adjust as we go along. My son will be using write at home for the first unit.

Spanish. I cant wait! We have already begun watching videos ( standard deviant) and listening to cds that teach us colors, basic greetings etc. We will use the Easy Spanish schedule for the independent learner.
Its a very workable schedule.
Listen to audio
Listen to vocabulary audio
read cultural notes
Vocabulary read and memorize
Activity sheets to complete assignments
practice phonograms

Write vocabulary in vocab section

CM activity

W, TH, F
Practice scripture verses

write in journal

Science for RyLee will be on Tuesday-Friday. I have decided we will read together instead of independently, unless she does fine on her own, but for now we will read together. Lesson 1 first half and begin Live and learn folds for her note book. Tuesday will be the same. Friday we will watch videos, read a living book on the subject at hand and finish any live and learn folds and add them to her note book. She also has Astronomy and Proverbs from Happy scribe to use. She will begin writing practice with Astronomy and then when all of that is complete, proverbs. She will do 1 page a day to help with writing practice. I decided to begin on Tuesday so we can add in her observations/experiments. I wasn't thinking clearly when I originally planned this out. Again, we will see where the schedule takes us.

Science for Christian will be daily. We will follow Donna Youngs schedule. I bought her the mp3 audio too, so I know this will aid her tremendously as she studies. She will also be using Live and Learns foldes to add to her note book.

She also has health, but I just decided yesterday she will cover that in 10th grade instead of science. IN WA State we are only required to complete 2 sciences one being a lab. 11th grade she will do marine Biology and then Chemistry for her Sr. year.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

07/08 Schedule for Rylee and Christian

Daily schedule for RyLee:

Subject to change depending on how long each subject takes. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

Monday - Thursday

6:00 wake, breakfast morning routine

7:00 bible lesson day 1 etc. memorize scripture

7:30 Math daily lesson (saxon 65 and then 76)

8:10 TOG History/Geography 3 x ea week (fine art 2 x ea week)

9:45 Break (TOG literature daily in evening)

10:00 Language arts (Classical writing & Jr. Analytical Grammar; spelling power)

11:15 Spanish follow schedule in ¡El Español Fácil!

12:00 lunch

(1:00 maybe only Wed-Fri to be determind) Science & Happy scribe

2:00 done for the day

Friday –

6:00 wake, breakfast & morning routine

7:30 bible

8:00 math

8:30 complete Tog assignments
time line work

10:00 Science & happy scribe
Break if time

12:00 online co-op and sit in for history discussion.

We will get together twice a month with another family (on Fridays) for group projects ( Tapestry of Grace) and end of the unit celebrations in the late after noon. So Friday schedule subject to change on those days.

Daily schedule for Christian:

Monday - Thursday

6:00 wake, breakfast morning routine

7:00 bible lesson day 1 etc. Explorers bible study

7:30 Math daily lesson teaching text books

8:10 TOG History/Geography 3 x ea week (fine art 2 x ea week)

9:45 Break (TOG literature daily in evening)

10:00 Language arts (Tog writing write @ home, AG and Apples spelling)

11:15 Spanish follow schedule in ¡El Español Fácil! and extra resources

12:00 lunch

1:00 Science Biology from Apologia, lab, and live and learn press.

2:00 Health- Total Health High School

Friday –

6:00 wake, breakfast & morning routine

7:30 bible

8:00 math

8:30 complete Tog assignments
Time line work

10:00 Science
Break if time

12:00 online co-op TOG Literature and History.

We will also utilize Unites Streaming for Spanish, history, art and anything else we can think of. This will mostly be used on Mondays and Fridays along with any free time on other days.

I also have an art pack I bought from Amy Pac (homeschool in the woods) and I am thinking we will cover that for art instead of TOG, but not sure just yet....

We also have Atelier art level 5 and we have TOG.... among other resources including united streaming. I just need to decide what to do at this point and stick with it. *Ü*

Apologia: Exploring creation with Astronomy and live and learn folders

Well, we are almost ready to begin school! August 13th is day 1 for science, math and copy/memory work and August 20th we will begin the rest. RyLees notebook is all set up and ready for her! We have happy scribe astronomy and proverbs for writing practice and some scriptures to memorize. We have our 36 week tab set in place that I bought from Tapestry of Grace.

I went back and forth as what to do about the experiments and observation kit that Creation sensation has. ( you can view it by clicking that link)well...I went ahead and bought it. If we use it, great, if we don't... we will keep it for another time. Its not like we cant use it when the mood strikes right? RyLee loves to just mess around and use her hands... so it will go to good use... regardless.

We also went ahead and purchased Live and learns new cd for Apologia! Its so awesome! ( The link will show you a sample from live and learns web site) Even Rylee is looking forward to it!

RyLee will keep both Astronomy and her Zoology 1 in the same notebook. We only have Astronomy in the notebook right now. She still needs to decorate her cover, showing both astronomy and zoology.... but here is an inside sticker page she made for Astronomy.

This is the schedule we will try our best to follow. It is a little blury...

We school 36 weeks, but I am not worried if we get away from this schedule.... Zoology has a section on insects begining in week 9, I think... and it will be fine to be later in the year and doing those lessons.

We are looking forward to school this year! I feel better prepared... even though I still have a lot of planning going on right now.... I feel better prepared, better than I have in the last 2 years.... building a home and homeschooling AND having a life outside of all of that is draining and time consuming. Its nice to be settled and begin with a set plan and goal in mind. No construction!! *Ü* Just the continued construction of our home-school and family. *Ü* no pun intended... ya... right *Ü*

Once we beging school we will have weekly updates of our weeks....

Summer is almost over.....where did it go?

Life seems like it never slows down for us....Not letley.... we are so busy! I am trying to squeeze in the last of summer break,(trying to find one!*Ü*)trying to prepare for birthdays, working 2 1/2 days a week, being a wife, mom, daughter,friend.....God only gives me 24 hours to accomplish what I need too.... and yet... if he gave more, I'm sure those hours would be full too! Ha! Isn't that how we are?? Truly it is by Gods awesome grace it all seems to get done.... and if it doesn't... it is also by His grace I have peace about it....I could not have said that 2 years ago!

This isn't a complaint, nor meant to be a whine. Just reality!This has been one of our best summers in a long time believe it or not!our family has grown closer.... we have spent such memorable times together over this past month....we have met wonderful people...... met a new friend with kids that are my kids ages!(They also had a Basque student and they home school!Bonus!)we have enjoyed playing at the beach, BBQs, pool party's, miniature golfing.... you name it... I think we did it! Its been a good, good month!

However good....

At the moment,we are awaiting the return of our son who has been gone since June 22nd. He is on a short term mission trip.... here he is...not our best picture of him... but he is smiling! *Ü*

He will not arrive home from his short term mission trip until the 11th. 5 days later than planned. :( but he will return soon enough...I miss that boy so much! We cant wait to see him! He has been in Sierra Leon Africa with Children of the Nations and 4 other students from our youth group and 3 leaders. We cant wait for his return!!!

I began work again after having a month long break! I am only working 2 hours on Tuesday, but 9 hours on Wed and Thursdays for the month of August. September 5th my hours change again, but only 2 hours on Tuesday and then 2:00 - 8:00 pm Wed and 12- 8 on Thursday. I bring work home with me so *Ü* I am only truly gone a few hours..... but still...

What do I do for work you ask? I am a respite care provider for a 13 year old Autistic boy named Sean. *Ü* He is such a wonderful child! He really fits in with my family. We love him.... he has such a precious face and smile.

I have an 11 year old autistic nephew, so autism is no stranger to us. My kids can handle him fine, although it is hard at times. I am trying to teach my kids and show them what others go through on a daily basis when an autistic child is in the home. It is 24/7 caring for such a child and 24/7 watching such a child. Parents have little to zero down time. In fact... statistics are showing that 71% of families with an autistic child are ending in divorce.... sad, but true. 1 n 160 children have some form of autism... be it aspergers or some other spectrum.....

Working with Sean has been teaching my girls what his mother and older sister must go through having a son/sibling who is autistic. Sometimes its embarrassing for my kids when in public Sean decides he is tired and lays down in the middle of the floor at Joann fabrics and we do nothing about it. I cant pick him up or make him get up. He is to string and heavy. I was their in that store for 45 minutes trying to get him up! Coaxing and talking.... or when we are out and all of a sudden he breaks out in a screaming panic and we cant communicate and find out what is going on.... or he will sob uncontrollably for 10-15 minutes and we cant find out why..... this is a day and the life of a family like Sean's family.

Helping find a cure for Autism and or helping families with autism has a huge place in my heart. These kids are lost inside them selves....I love my job... and really don't look at it as one. Its more ministry for me.... I am teaching my kids about autism and caring for people who cant care for themselves.... Teaching comapssion....

Our days are full, schedules seem tight... but its all good.... because God is good... all the time.... and all the time.... God is good.

If you would like to know more about Autism, I have a few links on the side of my blog that can help inform you. in my perspective, it is like an epidemic..... we need a cure and find the cause.....

Reflections of our summer with the Basque

We have had the best summer! I am so happy we were asked to host a Basque student this year. What a Blessing this has been to our family!

I have already posted about Imanol. He is our 16 year old Basque student that lived with us from June 29th- July 29th. He was such a joy!

He was very shy and quite at first... who wouldn't be in another country and living with people you don't know! My son Shawn was such huge part in helping Imanol relax and enjoy the family. What ever Shawn did, Imanol did too.

The first few days were spent going to many activities for the kids.... a welcome BBQ for the Basque and host family's. Orientation on a few days so the Basque could be briefed on what to expect and what was expected of them. Then finally free time.

Our first outing was spent at Westport Washington.

This picture is of Dan and Imanol looking out from a tower down on main street.

The kids had fun in the water while Dan surfed. I took pictures and waded in the water with RyLee.

When we left, I wanted to stop up at the maritime museum before we left town. They have an outside display of whale bones and other local artifacts for you to see. We were so shocked to see that they had a Basque timeline about fishing and whaling! What a trip! Who knew! Thing is... we have been here many of times.....

and here is another....

One of our favorite days/night, was the 4th of July. We wanted to go out of town to visit friends,but my husbands job wouldn't permit it at the time, so we threw together a BBQ and invited friends at the last minute! What a Blessing that all who were invited could come! Even another family who also had a Basque student!

This was Imaols first time lighting fireworks... and he decided he would just watch! *Ü* This is Mikel ( on the right)and Matthew ( left) lighting off roman candles.

WE enjoyed playing badminton (sp?) soccer and great food and fellowship! It was wonderful!

WE have made new friends during this month and connected with old ones. Did things together we have not done in a long time. It was just a great month. We miss Imanol and he now is our Basque son. We all have grown to love him and hope he returns next year.

( This is a picture of our friends the Davidsons and their Basque student)

A few days before they were to leave, they spent the day making a special "Basque" dinner for the host families and also sang and danced for us. It was also the time where they were given scrap books with photos we took and others took of the different outings and camps they went to while here. They were so blessed! Imanol loved his and wrote us a special thank you note and gave it to us at dinner.

We have been able to email and IM a bit since he has been gone. I asked him in an IM if he was glad to be home? He said "yes, and no". I asked, "why yes and why no?" His response, " I am happy to be home with family and friends, but no because I had the best month ever." *Ü*