Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nature Helps

I have been spending some time today reading about Nature Study from a website called Squidoo. The section I am reading is called Nature Study- Charlotte Mason Style. I am really enjoying it and wanted to share.

Its a long post, but you will soon find nature topics like:

  1. Nature study basics
  2. Nature walks
  3. Nature study (great video)
  4. Activities for your walk (if you are not following Barbs green hour) *Ü*
  5. But I live in the city!
  6. Books on nature studys for living in cities and suburbs
  7. online field guides
  8. Online Lesson Plans and Printables
  9. Nature sketches and a lot more!

Here is another great one. Its in pdf, but its called Clare Walker Leslie's guide to sketching trees.

Poetry for Spring

Spring Nature Journal Links

Spring Folk Lore

BibLe verses for Spring

Have fun reading.... you might want a cup of tea next to you!


Brittney said...

Hey Friend!

Thanks for sharing this! I am bookmarking it and sitting down with some pop (so you call it that?) in a little bit. I am finding that I can not read enough, research enough, and enjoy being outside enough lately. This Nature study stuff is taking over! And I LOVE it! In fact, I got the coolest birdbook complete with birdsongs, 3 trail guides and new hiking boots for my b-day! Thanks for the well wishes! :0)

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!

LisaWA said...

How fun! Perfect gifts!! Dont forget to see my pictures below... I took one special for you. *Ü*


Tina said...

Wonderful links, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. :o)


tressays said...

Oh, I love the link for sketching the trees. I am going to be printing that one out. Thanks!