Monday, February 11, 2008

Sketch Tuesday

Well, we did it. Our first Sketch Tuesday ever! I’m not sure if Dan and I will be a part of every weekly sketch, but RyLee and Christian are going to be encouraged to participate more. We had so much fun sitting around the table deciding what to do, talking and getting tips from Dan aka dad. He is the artist in the family.... seriously...

Dan’s picture of a wind whistle (show off! I mean creative one*Ü*)

My picture of a Longaberger basket

Christians picture of our dining room chair

RyLees picture of our hutch near the table (my longaberger sits on top *Ü*)

The chair:

The hutch and Longaberger basket:


Mama Peep said...

ACK! You can delete my other comment. My daughter signed into her google mail and I did not notice.

You have a talented family. I love the sketches.

I am stick figure challenged. I might have time to get my kids to participate in this for tomorrow. I completely forgot b/c I have had a pretty sick child to deal with. Things are looking up and I look forward to meeting up on Friday.


Jimmie said...

We do Sketch Tues. occasionally. It's such a great experience for me and my daughter to draw alongside each other. :-) What better way to model?

NCLighthousekeeper said...

Excellent sketches! Your girls have an artistic gift.


Jackie in AR said...

Wow! Lots of artistic talent in your family. :-)

I've been thinking about Harmony Fine Arts for us.

my5wolfcubs said...

I love that even Dad participated!! Everyone's picture turned out great! I especially liked the shading on the hutch. Hey, is that Polish Pottery on the hutch?! Mine still contains the "Excavate a Roman Sundial" project. :) Must finish that...