Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy Daughter Dance February 9, 2008

Here he is! The Dad of the hour! Looking dapper in a tux! (I had to make mention to him that I never saw him dressed up like this before....we had an outside wedding and it was very simple.... no tux..... so this was a first for him!)

and here he is being a goof...

Daddy and RyLee

Daddy and Christian

All dressed up!

They had a very good time. They didn’t get any pictures of the girls dancing with Dan. They were to busy. Christian said it was cute and yet funny watching some of the dads try to dance. her dad being one of them. *Ü* But we love him!

They went out to dinner with 6 other dads and their daughters. We all attend the same church. They went out to eat at a locally owned Italian restaurant and then headed out to the dance. It was special and they all want to do it again.

The girls received flowers and so did Dan. Making it a "real" dance experience. *Ü*


Jackie in AR said...

Oh, what a special night that must have been! They will all remember it for the rest of their lives. Very cool for your dh to do that with your dd's.

Thanks for all your prayers for my sister and her family. I've been in and out a lot during the past several days and am just now getting back to visiting others' blogs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a nice time! The girls look beeeeutiful! :-)

Our Young Folks is a great read, Lisa. I can't really give much review on it as we are not very far yet. William Shepherd has done a nice job, making it engaging, that is for sure. I would not hesitate to just GET IT, if I were you. :-)

Tina said...

Wonderful, magical night for all of them. They all look beautiful!


Daisy said...

I love it! Those special times are treasured forever.

Rhonda@LivingWaterChristianAcademy said...

Aw!They all look wonderful indeed! I am sure they had a very memorable night. I popped over here just to get the "dance update"!
~Have a blessed day.

my5wolfcubs said...

Great memories!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, they all look fantastic!

:) Kristiana

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Your daughters look gorg in their black 'n' white dresses and sooo handsome is daddy in his tux and gray cumberbun.

Sounds like they all had a great time. Love the pics!

Angela said...

This is a beautiful bunch- Thanks for posting- By the way - I love your Blog!