Friday, February 8, 2008

Koinonia Academy Weekly Report

Here at our casa we have been busy schooling, writing, cooking, crafting, working outside the home and trying not to freeze! We have been getting a lot of snow in the last few weeks, and I feel the need for a good thaw! I’m only going to highlight some of the more interesting aspects of our schooling. Its just to much to go over sice we have missed reporting so much!

So let me begin......

Tapestry of Grace: We have learned about William Careys life and other Christian missions to India. We revisited India, Hinduism and Buddhism. Reviewed British involvement in India before 1800's. They worked on student activity pages, maps and a timeline of William Careys life. Rylee made some lap book folds for Carey and India.

We also have been learning about President Adams, the creation of the Erie and began studying about the life of Charles Finney. We have done a lot of reading, but have student activity pages to cover and map work along with timelines. RyLee has been working on her president cards and lap book folds too. The cards are turning out great!

Spanish is moving slow but they are enjoying it. RyLee just loves her Spanish and both girls make a game out of learning it. They are practicing phrases and vocabulary regularly. RyLee is probably better at speaking Spanish out of us 3. *Ü* She stumps us all the time! We play "what am I saying" *Ü*

Science is moving slow too, but getting it done. We finally finished the moon and moved into Mars the rusty planet! We began, but will not finish Space Rocks till next week! Woohoo!

Christian is beginning to feel more comfortable in her science. She really doesn’t like it, in fact comments a lot that she doesn’t see the point to biology and why "she" has to learn it... hmmm good question... So the last few weeks this has been a point of discussion. The best part about this though is on the way home from work one evening (she cam with me and helped) I was sharing with her how I read an article online that scientists believe those who have blue eyes are mutants. Oh! How I wish I could play back how she shared and with confidence how she could see how that might be possible! She even backed up her thoughts. I let her speak, I asked a few more questions and when she was done explaining her knowledge.... hahaha... I asked her where she learned that?? *Ü* Can you see where this went? *Ü* yes... connection made... she may not grow up to be a scientist, nurse what have you.... but she was able to participate in a conversation confidently and hold a discussion. Oh I loved it! She also realized her flawed way of looking at it. I know I hate the because you have to lecture... its your job.... this discussion was a wonderful example of how it can at least be beneficial, even when she wasn’t understanding the whys..... she got it...

I love those types of moments don’t you?

RyLee has been cooking and crafting up a storm. In the last few weeks she has been playing with sculpy clay. She made flowers and a pineapple crown.
she made a no sew blanket..... made a pot roast stew with my mom and learned how to make doughnuts!
She has made pizza all by herself, seriously no help at all and made the best crust! Even better than I can make it! Go figure! Even melted some candy to make these Valentine candy suckers.

Bible study has been good too. The first subject of the day is not a regular one. I set the timer for them and they go where they want to pray and read their bible. 30 minutes. Then we have our regular bible study. This has been the biggest change, but it’s a habit I want them to develop. Not just "study" but to read and have a prayer life. This was our first week with the quiet time and it went wonderful.

Grammar is review, math is moving along and daily, writing has been an issue as I have not had time to invest in our CW studies. They have been using WA and student activity pages for the most part, keeping it simple for them and me. I have been busy outside the home and had affected my 1 on 1 time and prep time. I only have so much time and energy.

Work is another area that has been an issue, having to work. I’m not on a schedule, I work when a job is open. This has thrown a wrench in my plans twice so far in the last 3 weeks. I’m in the process of finding balance in it all. It can be done. I’m just re learning to be flexible and in another way. Re prioritizing when I work and when I don’t. I’m finding a new schedule for when I do need to work and our regular one for when I don’t. Its the going back and forth that’s been tiring.

I took RyLee to work one of the 4 days last week (not this last the other last week *Ü*) Look what she got to do for a bit....

I always joke when I enter a book store that I hear angels singing....can you hear it… listen… When RyLee saw the size of that TV.... guess what she said? *Ü* sigh... silly kid....

Our getting up on time has been going well. I am still at 6:00 but I’m working on it. *Ü* RyLee is getting better too. My quiet time before others are up set my day off right. Dan gets up at 6:00/6:10 and I would like to use that time to be on the treadmill. I just want to get to a point where I can get up, have my quiet time and walk/run on the treadmill before Dan leaves for work at 7:15 or so. We must keep going in this direction. To much good has come from it. The days we don’t get up early feel almost wasted....when we are all up early the day runs better… its just how its been working out..

One last thing before I go. The girls are going to go and get manicures and pedicures today. Both girls have a date with dad to the yearly father daughter dance this weekend. They have never gone before, this is the first. We either heard about it to late and tickets sell fast or Dan was working. We heard about it in plenty of time and Dan made sure not to let work interfere. They will meet up with other dads and daughters from church to have dinner at a local restaurant and then go to the dance together. I will post about that night, or maybe I will have Dan post about it??? Hmm… I bet he will… we shall see. Either way, we will share the special night with ya!

I hope you made it.... it wasnt a short post was it? *Ü* Im glad to back posting again though. I love seeing what we have been doing. It helps keep me going. Im just sorry I have not taken the time to do it. Its better I tell ya... just better when I do it.

Till next time.... this is Koinonia Academy... *Ü*


Tina said...

Wonderful weekly report my dear friend. I was neat taking a peek into the happenings of Koinoni Academy!

And the Rylee girl... Boy she can cook! YUMMY!

Glad Christian made a connection to Biology. I love those types of moments too.


Daisy said...

Wonderful week in review. I really need to start implementing consistenly Bible time in the morning. I've slacked off and boy does it show. I wonder how I could work this with my 6yo? Any ideas??

susie said...

I'm so glad to see you back. I know that I owe you an email and I just can't seem to get that done. LOL

Do you use the TOG lapbooks? We are doing our first, and it's the TOG one. I like it ok, but my 12 yo thinks it's too babyish. Probably is.

I'd love to hear more about your children's daily quiet time. I have another friend that does that for her girls. My oldest reads the OT every day, and usually works on Hebrew, but I'd like to have both her and my 9 yo work on some other directed bible study. We're not using the bible portion of TOG.

Lori Carr said...

mmmm, donuts! My favorite! Sounds like you all had a great week.

Robin said...

Great Post, Lisa

Looks like a busy week. I know how you feel regarding getting up earlier. Some days seem like they are already over, it we miss our quiet time. We were off this week so nothing to report. Just a bunch of meanderings about life.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Tonia said...

Looks like it was a busy week! I love the valentine's candy? How did you make that - is it colored chocolate? My mom used to make stuff like that all the time. I should really try that with my dd. I think she'd love it.

LisaWA said...

Tina… thanks!

Daisy... I emailed you....

susie! good to hear from you... and no worry on the email... ha! I will be the last say anything about that! *Ü* as for the lap books... we are using the ones for TOG, but the ones I have are from Knowledge Box. I don’t know if TOG changed anything or not... I do enjoy them... although I have been finding mistakes along the way... we just roll with it. We are also making president cards.... I'll show an update on those next week.
I will post this weekend on the girls quiet time... its been so good for them this week....

Robin... I hear ya... that’s why its such a focus right now... I hate it when my day feels wasted.... we all do better getting up...

tonia... we bought a few molds from Joanne’s and the melts are some type of candy....its all in the same section... I think we will post about that too. RyLee has a lot of fun with it.You can find many different molds at craft stores to choose from....

But Ry used a small paint brush to fill in the love and small dots in the mold and then just filled the rest.... you chill them for just a little bit and they pop right out.

We bought cute little bags to put them in too. She has so much fun with stuff like that...

Thanks for reading about our "weeks" *Ü* in review... we have been gone to long...

Love, Lisa

Rhonda@LivingWaterAcademy said...

Wow, that was a wonderful, busy week. That RyLee is one creative, busy girl, that's so great! I hope your girls have a great time at the dance, that sounds like lots of fun. I'm glad you're back to Weekly Reporting. ;)
(Oh, yeah, the movie you referenced on WTM was Field of Dreams, right?) :)
~Have a blessed day.

mom24 said...

What? You don't have time to do everything? I thought I was ta only one! LOL! I am soooo with you on the morning thing. Our day is totally wrecked if we aren't all up on time and we just play catch up and I feel grumpy from starting behind. And the quiet time is soooo beneficial - God is always faithful there is we meet Him there! So glad you've had some good schooling!

LisaWA said...

Rhonda, lol.. yup... field of dreams... oh I love that movie... have not watched in years... but that phrase pops in my head now and again....

I know the girls are going to have a good time... Their dad is going to try and make it very special... he even rented a tux. He doesn’t own one.

mom24... thanks... its good to be able to share and know others can relate.... its a struggle sometimes but we persevere.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Warmly, Lisa

Lori Carr said...

My son loved the link about the turtle. He was very impressed. And we are trying to shake up our required K12 material. I just have to figure out how and where I am going to find the time. But the Shakespeare unit was way to short and so was our civil war unit. Both were only a week!:)


Anonymous said...

You had a pretty good week, I'd say. Those treats look so cute and yummy!

We have our Bible time in the mornings too. It's the first subject of the day.
Have a blessed weekend, Lisa!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Great post Lisa! I was so enjoying it...reading along...until I came to the part about the annual Daddy Daughter dance! I got homesick!!

We have alot of friends going to that again- that's why Doug's working *U* Alot of daddies taking their girls- super sweet!

Pureed pumpkin: (to answer your question on my blog)
*Clean out fresh pumpkin guts and bake the seeds *U*
*Cut the pumpkin in chunks and put them on a baking sheet and bake until they are soft and turning a nice brown around the edges.
*Let them cool and then puree them in the food processor.
*Measure out 1 cup portions into sandwhich bags and label.
*Put all the smaller bags into gallon freezer bags and freeze the whole thing.

Now you can take out a 1 cup portion whener and use in baking quick breads, muffins, and pancakes. It really doesn't taste too pumpkin-y, but makes things moist and gives you vitamins!
of course you could actully bake a pumpkin pie with it too.

Karen said...

Lisa - looks like you had a great week. My dd loves to cook also. My grand plan is to have her be so much better than I am, that she will want to cook every night. I am trying to get myself on the treadmill each day also - so far it hasn't happened, but eventually I will get there.

Thanks for sharing.

Des said...

Lisa, your post was wonderful Rylee and Christian are doing some wonderful things. Krissy and I are planning to make a no sew quilt for my mom for her birthday, thanks to your instructions. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Just dropping in to see what you've been up to. Sounds like ALOT! Rylee is so smart. I hope when Emerald gets older she'll do the cooking! hehe! I hope both girls have a wonderful time with Dad at the dance. Sounds like fun!
Check in with you later!

Anne said...

I know what you mean about getting up early to have some quiet time. My days definitely go much better when I get that done. Good for you for making it a priority and for getting on the treadmill!! I usually get on late afternoon but haven't for the last couple of weeks cuz I've been either gone or under the weather.

The father/daughter banquet sounds great. I'm sure they will have a great time bonding with daddy.

God bless!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great week! I love the valentine suckers! :)

Hope that the father/daughter dance is a great time for them! Sounds fun!

Jackie in AR said...

Wow, what a great conversation with Christian. It is so awesome when they start making their own connections isn't it? I need to practice more at guiding conversation and letting my dc (especially my 13yo boys) make more of those connections themselves. Sometimes I feel so pressured for time I just jump to the end and move on. I really need to utilize the Socratic discussion techniques more.

RyLee looks like she is going to be a great cook! And I do love that blanket she made. I think she and my 10yo dd would be great friends.

I love your idea of giving your dc 30 minutes of "alone" Bible/prayer time each morning. I may copy that. :-)

Great report, Lisa!

my5wolfcubs said...

I am not science minded, but I loved learning about genetics for eye & hair color while in biology! I made complicated tables to show all the possible outcomes for generations... And now, of two brown eyed parents: I have 3 with brown eyes, 1 with blue eyes and 1 with hazel eyes.

You do such a wonderful job writing up your weeks -- I love reading about them!