Friday, May 20, 2011

Whats your style?

This cracked me up! I do not consider myself an unschooler at all! I do agree w/ unit studies/Christian perspective and even a little classical/CM but not unschooling! lol I am eclectic... that's for sure.

Fun quiz... silly.. as if it really can "tell". Still fun to see.

Whats your homeschool style?

What's Your Homeschool Style
Your Result: Unschool

You believe learning comes naturally and that you're learning 24/7. Many people who don't homeschool don't understand unschooling, but that doesnt mean it's bad. You have little tolerence for curriculums.

Unit Studies
School at home
What's Your Homeschool Style
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sr. Prom

Im sayin it again! I cant believe we are here! School is almost over for this year. Not only that but homeschooling my Christian is almost over too! She graduates next month! I cant wait for that! Cap and gown... home school diploma... Sr. Photos.. Its been a busy couple months preparing and winding down the year!

She was asked by a few friends from church to attend Sr. Prom. They all went and had their hair done, nails done... gathered to drees at one friends house... had parents gushing all over them and taking so many pictures they thought the paparazzi was stalking them... had a limo to dinner and to and from prom... it was a memorable night for them all.

I will also say..... I did not cry one time in front of any of them. I held out till the limo pulled away!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May! Say it aint so!

Honestly I cant believe we are here in May already! Where did the school year go? Seriously!? It went by way to fast for me... and in the beginning I thought it would never end! So much to do!

Like in many years, we weeded out what wasn't important and did what was. *Ü* I felt bad about it and now I don't! lol It works out!

Favorite class this year? World View Class using Understanding the Times! It has proven to be be a great study for both girls, although Christian "got" more out of it than Ry did.

Christian especially has enjoyed it! She walked into this year not wanting to do the class, only to find that by far it was her best class ever! It really opened her eyes to the "world views" and a Christian world view. The child cant go to a movie, watch a commercial or hear a politician speak w/o realizing "where" they are coming from. By "where" I mean their world view.

She has also come to realize she has a lot more to learn. For me, this is the point. We never stop learning. Its constant, no matter the age.

I love homeschooling... I love my kids... I love my husband... non has been easy or smooth but it all has been worth it. God absolutely can do anything!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I love Seattle

I love visiting Seattle! In years past during school months my girls and I would try to get over there at least once or twice a month. The last 2 years however we might have made it over a half dozen times. Where is the joy in that?

My youngest loves to watch a tv show called New Day NW. Its a late morning local tv talk show. She does not watch daily but she does watch it enough that she decided she wanted to be part of the studio audience. I never would have initiated this at all. Not because its bad or anything, its just something I would not have done or put thought into.

My girl corresponded with the producer lady who sets up the audience, reserved us tickets and looked up the Seattle Ferry schedule. *Ü* What a fun day!!

We woke up at O stupid early to catch a 7 something boat. I live a good 30/40 minutes from the ferry, so we were up EXTRA early!

Once on the Seattle side we walked ok hiked up to the Seattle Space Needle across the street was the King 5 studio. We went through security and waited in a large upstairs lobby. Then at about 10:00ish we were ushered into the studio.


After everyone was situated and seated they had to teach us how to applaud! Not kidding.

We were also taught how to look and not look into the camera. How to view and look at the host and how to avoid looking at the monitors. Again, NOT kidding *Ü* I personally think I needed a longer session for instructions. We sat in the front row and every time the camera guy came by I got embarrassed and couldn't remember my instructions so I never looked at him or the camera! lol OR when the camera was on me, I would look up at the monitor! The thing they said not to do.

They begin the show 30 minutes before its actual air time. They began taping at 10:30 but the show doesn't "actually" air till 11. This is just in case they experience technical difficulties. *Ü*

The show has 6 segments per show. They break down and set up the stage for each one. The day we went they had a Seattle based clothing store and fashion show. We all received a $20.00 gift card for that store. Bonus! PCC grocery ( Natural food store )was there cooking.... some musicians I had never heard of and I cant remember the others.

Margaret is the host and is on the far right. She was a tiny thing.

Like I said PCC cooked up some good eats so after the show we were all starving and drooling a little. We decided to take a detour to Fremont where we said high to the troll under the Fremont bridge. It might be hard to see but under his left hand is an actual VW bug. *Ü*

Then we went to PCC Natural Market for lunch! YUM! Wish we had that here where we live!

After that we went back into downtown Seattle and hit Urban Outfitters to shop a bit. Its a fun store and I love the clearance rack! That's how we roll.

The last stop of the day? Pike Place Market. Bought fresh mini donuts before hitting the ferry. We ate a healthy lunch so that should cancel out the fried doughnuts right? *Ü* It was a long good/fun day! *Ü* We love day trips to Seattle.

If you live in WA check out the show. Link is below.

The link to New Day is here: New Day North West

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The girls went to class today and I got to stay home! YES! This is one of those times I appreciate my teen driver!

Then again there is a down side of them being gone. I run out of things to do and people to talk to.

I decided to play with my camera and used Lil man and Gidget as my modles. *Ü*

LiL Man
AKA Nothin but trouble!


AKA Mary Poppins of dogs!

Still trying to figure it all out~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Canon Reble XTI RIP

A few years back I was able to buy a camera I had wanted for ever and a day. Ok maybe not that long. But It was something I really wanted and wanted it for a long time! *Ü* It was the Canon Rebel. I loved my camera! Yes, loved.

So did my daughter! She stole it every chance she could! It turned into a steady hobby for her and I. Although this hobby turned into much more than that for her. She has been asked to take countless Sr. photos for friends, prom and even a wedding over the last few years. She really does have a knack for photography. Its the artistic gene she inherited from her Pa not Ma.

Sadly, this daughter... I will only name initials... CHRISTIAN left my camera bag on the floor and opened! Might not be a problem in your casa, but here in our casa, casa of pets its a big NO NO! LIL Man ( our male cat ) decided that the bag belonged to him along with all its contents. My camera, extra lens, extra battery, charger... you name it he marked it! Yes, he MARKED it!! Everything was a loss, even the camera bag.

Not sure exactly when he claimed it all, but one night I was sitting on the couch and I heard this constant clicking coming for one side of the room. I got up to investigate and lo and behold, it was my precious camera! The shutter was going nuts! It was actually off, but ehhum... the markings shorted it out and caused it to go haywire even in off mode. :( Big sad face inserted here.

NOW insert big smiley face here!! *Ü*

It has been almost 2 years since the death if my XTI. I now have a new baby!! YES!! The Canon 7D!

Holy Canoly this is an awesome camera! So much so, I am still figuring it all out! Ive had it for over a week now and still don't fully comprehend its greatness!! All I know is I love this camera!!

Canon Rebel you ask? What Rebel?

PS. LIL Man is not allowed near this camera, ever!! Ok, Maybe... but only to take his mug shot!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Great Backyard Bird Count

I remember doing this with Shawn and Christian when they were little. We had a huge bird poster taped to our sliding back door and they would sit, watch and tally what they saw. It doesn't take a lot of effort and its fun.

The link in the title will take you right to the site. This link will take you to an explanation of the GBBC. What is the GBBC? another great and free resource is a site called All About Birds. Has information overload on all things birds!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Multnomah Bible College or Bust 2011

Last week we all received some awesome news about our oldest! He was accepted into Multnomah University ! Woot! He was accepted into a bachelor degree program.

He has been interning at out church for the last 2 ears and taking a few classes here and there at our local CC. He new he was wanting to go into ministry, but not sure what he was doing. He has an awesome support system of men at our church. They have been instrumental in leading him into this direction. Not necessarily bible college, but just the direction he is in. I am so grateful and so excited for him!

I am one proud mom!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mmmmm Menu Monday!

Monday night dinner will be a light chicken potpie. The chicken is in the slow cooker as I type! Who wouldn't love comfort food with all this grey weather we are having? I will provide Dave's bread with a little butter on the side and that's it!

Tuesday is Tuesday night at the Tureks. RyLee is cooking dinner tonight. As I type this, she has decided on spaghetti and meat balls with garlic bread but she has not chosen a recipe yet!! lol Its all up to her.

Wednesdays I work 3-7 so I will not be home for dinner. My husband normally orders pizza or something fun for himself and the girls. Sorry nothing exciting here. Me, I will be taking my chicken salad w/ veggies no dressing to work. *Ü* I cant eat anything I'm making right now for the fam. Sad day hu?

Thursday night Cheeseburger Quesadillas! We will add drained black beans, avocado and anything else that sounds good. Along with this sweat potato french fries! Slice, sprinkle with sea salt and bake in a 350 degree over for 20 minutes. Roll them over sprinkle with more salt if you like and cook an another 10 minutes or so. Again Im not eating this. :(

Friday night is youth group night and a light one. So this week for ease will be grilled ham and cheese and some fruit. Dave's bread is the best!! Wish I could have some! :/

Saturday night Grilled Salmon with a little lemon and pepper. I will make red jacket garlic mashed potatoes and  serve peas as another side. The red jacket mashed potatoes I use 2- 3 pounds of little red potatoes. 3 or 4 cloves of minced garlic, sour cream a little cream cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Ya, I am not eating this one either :/

Sunday night we will eat early. Grilled Flank steak ( I can have that! ) Broccoli and wild rice. I will marinate it in a bag using olive oil, salt and pepper, onion and a scoop of minced garlic. I will let it sit over night until we use it Sunday afternoon.

I will link this to MPM as soon as I can. Happy planning!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bakers fun!

I love hanging out with my kids!

My Ry has always loved to bake! She loves to make cupcakes and cakes or anything relating to baking. Did I mention she loves to bake?

Recently we found a gem of a book called "Whimsical bake house" fun to make cakes that taste as good as they look by Kaye Hansen and Liv Hansen. Its so fun! Below are 2 pictures of finished candies Ry made from an idea in this book. She made them from those round wafers you buy at craft stores.

Too Cute!!

With Valentines day approaching this can be an easy activity with your children. The end result will taste good too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The week ahead! Week 19 and 3 *Ü*

This week will be a busy week, but a good one. I ran over whats ahead with the girls and we worked out this weeks schedule. I now have it all typed up and ready for binders.

I bounce between the Dialect and Rhetoric level threads each week. Its not so much what we use to learn but what we learn. I don't have a lot of the R level History books nor finances to get them so we are using what we have, the Internet and netflix!

The threads we are focusing on this week will consist of  reviewing Egyptian religious beliefs and compare to Christian beliefs. Egyptian works to Christs Grace. How God humbled the pride of the  Egyptians Gods and freed His people and how He proved His own ascendancy to the Egyptian worshipers. Re familiarizing ourselves with bible stories of related and the exodus. Reading about Jewish Holidays specifically the Passover.

RyLees literature this week is the first "part" of Tales of Ancient Egypt. Geography is catching up on last 2 weeks of work. We need to make sure its done and caught up. other LA: we will be writing about what we are learning, following lessons for grammar and vocabulary.

Math daily lesson. TT

World View Both girls will follow the syllabus from their class.

Total health we are in week 2 because we didn't schedule it last week due to time.

PE will be Wii active and the treadmill.

RyLee also has 4H assignments. Mostly learning all she can from Rabbits 101

This Friday we will not only discuss this weeks History, but also cover literature, bible, world view and geography. I'm not sure how we will cram that all in because I work mornings and sis works afternoons/eve Fridays. I might do history and bible together and the rest separate.

One last thing! We will be watching Moses and the Ten commandments at some point before the week is completely over. We enjoyed Joseph and Pyramid a few weeks ago.

We have and always do have a full schedule, not just with school. It is so much easier if I am purposeful and intentional every morning to spend quiet time alone and with the girls to read talk and share. Sometimes we all get so caught up in what we are doing we forget about being. Being is more important to me right now. Remembering who is in perfect control and relying on His strength and grace. When I do that the day and week always goes smoother.

Here is to a wonderful Monday and rest of the week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ever have one of "those" moments?

LOL I'm still cracking up!

Today, after work I went to get my eyes checked. Its been such  a long time! So I get called back by the Dr. almost right away. I sit down and he then gave me a pirate patch on a stick to cover my eye and look at the letters on the wall. You know what I mean right?

LOL I'm telling ya, I'm still laughing... He asked me to please read the smallest letters on the wall. *Ü* I did! The last line! I got every single one of them! LOL He was shaking his head with a perplexed look on his face and said, "what!? Are you sure your reading the last line?" I said, "yes!" and repeated the line. It then dawned on me! I read it right to left not left to right!

Oh my goodness... I giggled  on and off through the entire appointment on that one. He did too. My blond roots were showing today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Active 2 for Wii

OH My Goodness!! I just finished my first work out using Active 2 for wii. I think I'm dying! lol I used the easiest settings for cardio too. Just goes to show how out of shape I am.

I am turning 40 in a few months and I am bound and determined to loose 40 pounds by then. I refuse to start my 40s out of shape! I don't need to be a super model. I just want to be at a healthy weight and not die doing a basic work out! KWIM?

If I were to reflect back to when I gained weight its when I had my youngest of 3. I was 120 pounds 14 years ago. Today not so much! I came to the ugly conclusion yesterday that I do not consume food for nutrition but everything else. I use food to comfort,for joy, to relieve boredom. I even stress graze!! Oh! Whats stress grazing you ask? Its when I'm having one of those days and every time I walk by the fridge or pantry I snack on something. If my kids are snacking on something I take a little. That's snack grazing. Its not large amounts at a time but it adds up! Combine that with no exercise and I have a problem. *Ü*

Now I'm trying my darnedest to do something about it! I just began a diet program this week with my nature path and now adding in exercise I might make my goal. I wont be 120 pounds when I'm done, but I will be at a healthy weight for my age.

Here is to changing physically and mentally! *Ü* I'm not even sure what is harder the mental or physical? The mental has been brutal!

Here's to change and all for the good.

PS: I got this Active 2 for Wii on sale and I must admit it was an expensive purchase, but so much cheaper than a gym membership. I am using it in my home. I dont have to go anywhere and the kids can do it too. Maybe not little ones, but your tweens and teens can. I think it was a good investment.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday at the Tureks

In the fall of 2008 my son moved out and into a little house on church property. He took on a youth internship with our church learning more about leading worship and youth. Now, he didn't move far away. In fact hes only 25 minutes away and we see him every Wed, Fri,, and Sunday. *Ü* But as his parents we wanted to spend more time with him, not just at Youth group twice a week for little bit and Sundays at church.

So we told him he needed to come home once a week for dinner and visit.He liked that idea. It was good to catch up and just be. Then not to long after we began this weekly ritual he brought with him a friend. Then sometimes more friends. Then an event happened with our daughter and 3 of her friends that shook us all. A bad roll over car accident that each one of those 4 girls walked away from. It was frightening to say the least. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions!

This accident was on a Saturday. That next Tuesday when our son was coming home for dinner we invited the 3 girls and their families, along with our youth pastor and another friend and her son. This was held on Tuesday March 9th 2009. This night is now and forever more Tuesday at the Tureks.

Each week ( not the 2nd Tuesday of the month due to 4H )on Tuesday we have a meal, play a game or watch a movie. The youth sit and do homework while waiting for dinner, then we fellowship, eat and do what ever.

This last summer it turned out we had many a BBQ and some of the youth home from college would bless us and come too. I love Tuesdays at my house! By far the best night of the week.

Here in Washington its rainy and chilly right now. So I am using my crock pot weekly. Here is one to try!! Its a keeper!

Here is a link so I can give credit to the folks who created it! Beef Stew

Servings: 6 Servings (I double it, but only use 3 pounds beef)


2 lbs beef stew meat, cut into 1 inch pieces
1/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 bay leaf
3 potatoes, diced
1 stalk celery, sliced
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 1/2 cups beef broth ( I use better than bouillon from Costco)
1 garlic clove
1 teaspoon paprika
2 onions, chopped
1/2 - full bag baby carrots (put in 1/2 way though cook time)


1 Place meat in crock pot. I brown the meat first.
2 Mix flour, salt, pepper and pour over meat
3 Stir to coat meat with flour.
4 Add remaining ingredients and stir to mix well.
5 Cover and cook on low for 10-12 hours or high for 4-6 hours.
6 Stir stew before serving

Bon Appetite!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Week 1

Well this was our first week in full swing of school, well since break. We started our year 1 TOG journey on Monday. This is Christians second tour, Rys 2nd kinda. *Ü* She did more History pockets that helped her follow TOG her first time through and used galloping the globe.

This week and next we are skipping the literature assignments. The Subjects we stuck to is History and in depth, bible/Church History, geography and vocabulary. The year 1 yahoo group had a file someone made to print out some vocabulary for all 36weeks. So I printed it out and put that in with the girls SA pages and maps. There notebooks have weekly tabs for weeks 1-36 and I placed folders with pockets for subjects not related for TOG like math, health and writing not related to TOG. Also in each week is a daily schedule.

I'm back to my classic schedule for preparing for our study. I plan on Sundays for the upcoming weeks study. Print out what I need, review the weeks themes and get myself acquainted with what we are learning for the week. It takes a couple hours but its fun getting it all together. I also have to admit I feel less pressure to keep up. We do what we do and keep moving forward. Well so far so good!

We still stick to a basic weekly procedure. Most history assignments are done by Wed. Discussions are Thursday and when we do tackle a literature assignment it will be on Fridays. I will make sure we stay on top of our weekly history schedule and be choosy in what literature assignments I give and go at their pace. I want to enjoy this with Christian.

We went ahead and watched Joseph and Pyramids this week, just to get us in the mood and interested. We read the book Pyramid before, but I found a VHS tape a year or 2 ago at our library sale. It was... interesting.

I look forward to sharing more this year!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Already Gone

A few summers ago I was able to hear Ken Ham speak at a Home school Convention called WATCH. He was the key note speaker that year. I had never heard him speak before. He was articulate, intelligent and amusing. He was passionate about homeschooling, the Creation museum and speaking to the hearts of homeschooling parents.

A book he recently wrote was called "Already Gone" . It discusses a scientific study showing how young adults from 20-29 have stopped attending church or who have turned away from there faith completely. Even more staggering that there hearts actually turned while still in Jr High or High school.

Homeschooling our children has not resulted in trouble free seasons. Kids have questions and doubts, they make mistakes. How do we answer? Do we really listen? When they doubt what do we say? when they make mistakes do we hold it against them the rest of there life or do we exemplify grace, love and concern while disciplining? Yet are we also holding wrong actions and motives accountable? In love also mind you. Matt 18

Its a factual book, but not boring. In fact just realizing that this is an issue makes my heart hurt. I wanted to read more. Its a resource to help encourage us to hold on to our children's hearts or at least till they give them over to Jesus. *Ü*

I linked the title if the book to a page where it gives an overview of the book. So I wont re review the book any more. The "Beemer Report" that was used was scientific and dependable. Worth looking into.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Day, Same routine yet not so much!

Happy New Year! Its hard to believe 2010 is over and then not so much! It feels like it flew by! I am looking forward to the future! Pure and simple. *Ü*

Today we began our first day back at our "school" routine. I dropped one of my girls at work at 10 so the youngest and I went to Starbucks for coffee ( she had milk and water ) and treats. I even brought some school!We covered LA, our BSF studies and knitting. OK so knitting wasn't school but hey.

Once that was done we hit the book section for cake decorating! Starbucks is also inside Barnes and Noble.*Ü* Ry found 2 keepers. Plane Cake by Paris Cutler and my new favorite The whimsical bakehouse by Kaye Hansen and Liv Hansen. We are pretty excited! So much so we went to Joannes before heading home to pick up a few supplies!

We got home after 5 tonight. I made dinner, the girls took care of math and there world view assignments for the day. Its been a great day. No a fantastic day! We didn't start our Tapestry of Grace study today. That will start next week. I'm just not ready.

This New year:

The other day a dear lady I know, ok not just a lady, but Ill call her firend asked me what I will "do" this year. Not what resolution, but what can I do or learn or accomplish. She wasn't talking diets and things I will forget about in a month or 2. My response was to learn all I can about quick books. LOL Yes, you read that right. Quick Books! Not just for book keeping purposes but for my husbands new business.I need to learn to create invoices, billing, add customers and the like. My husband became a general contractor in July/August and we desire for me to get paid, not pay someone else to do that. My friend grew up with her daddy owning a construction business and has offered to help me accomplish this goal. She rocks. Not only that but is one smart cookie. She can do anything especially quick books!

The 2nd thing is something I thought about later. The 2nd thing is to continue to learn to not be so independent. No man is an Island right? Nor woman for that matter. I have a bad habit to retreat and handle things on my own and in my own way most of the time. I can do it, I can fix it, I don't need this or that in my life ect, ect. This brings me to number 3 to reach out to those around me when I need help. Its a bad habit I have to retreat! I'm a loner so to speak. Always have been. Its not that being alone is bad, but trying to handle life and struggles alone is. I have some remarkable woman in my life who not only can I share myself with but vise versa. They exemplify who I want to be in Christ. What I want to be more like when I grow up. *Ü* That includes you too mom! *Ü* I'm encouraged and excited for things to come, come what may. I am not alone.

Happy New year!!
Isaiah 43:16; 18-19

This is what the LORD says--he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters.... "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."