Monday, March 24, 2008

Sketch Tuesday

Im shocked... where did Monday go? *Ü* Its Tuesday! So you know what time that is!? Its Sketch Tuesday! This week the challenge was to sketch something blue! It will be fun to see what others did... I thought about cookie monster, blues cluses, a is what my family did.

As always! You are welcome to join the fun! No need to register. Its free!! Just costs a little time. *Ü* Next week our topic is Sketch something that is alive.

From Barbs site:You can pick anything you can think of that is alive for this project and I am sure you will all find interesting things to sketch. All ages are welcome to sketch, no need to sign up. Please send in your sketches by next Monday evening in order to be included in the slideshow on Tuesday. Please send your sketches to me in jpg or bmp format for easier loading.


Tina said...

AWESOME Everyone! Those look great.

The Beach: Oh I would love to go there today.

The Mug: My favorite mug *Ü*

The Kite/fishing: That is just too cool how he did it in black/gray and then did the kite blue. It looks really neat.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next week. *Ü*

Anonymous said...

Great job! It's so neat to view each child's different interpretation of "Blue".

Lori Carr said...

I love sketch Tuesdays! I love you guys pictures. We have so much fun doing our Sketch Tuesdays. The kids and Harper look forward to it each week.

Are you doing Wordless Wednesday tomorrow?? I have to see if I have any cute pics left!:)


Pam said...

I would love to join your TOG blog ring. I've tried contacting you with no success! What a great blog you have!


LisaWA said...

Hi Lori! Yup! I have my picture all picked out! Its one I took late Saturday. *Ü* Maybe even the wee hours on Sunday morning.

See you tomorrow!

Pam, Im so sorry you are having trouble getting on theblog roll. I am not the one who subscribes folks. I will look into it for you though! Hope to get you on asap!

Thanks for coming by! Lisa

mamasmurf said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and glad you liked the sketches! Yours are also great - I like the one of the mug (what is it with me and mugs? LOL).

I was lucky when I was at school in that i had several wonderful, inspiring Art teachers - they really knew how to develop my interest and talent for drawing.

My son is loving this!


CJ said...

Hi Lisa thanks for popping by. It great to see a fellow artist from Sketch Tuesday.

When we viewed the gallery this week , the one with the kite stood out to us.

First we discussed the blue kite, then the blue puddles, then how sad the man was for loosing is kite, my son said "Yes he's sad, he's feeling blue!" We realised it was another take on the word blue!

Look forward to seeing more sketches.

CJ x

~~Lee~~ said...

I just realized that on the above post I didn't comment as "my5wolfcubs" -- OOPS! Well, you know who I am...apparently I'm the only one confused.
Looking forward to next weeks sketches!