Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekly Report.... 2 in a row! Woohoo! *Ü*

Greatings my weekly reporter buddies! 2 weeks in row! Can you believe it? Im so proud! hehe

This was a crazy week! Monday started off great! Wonderful in fact... everyone got up on time, cleand up on time, school went great... got it all done... then Tuesday hit! We spent the moring/afternoon in promt care with Christian. She started having back pain late Friday I guess. I was gone from early Friday till Sunday late afternoon on a womans retreat, so I had no idea she hurt all weekend... no one said anything! But she had lower back pain and shooting pain down her front leg... :( long story short, we left thinking she was going to have to have an MRI... but after our visit w/ her chiropractor later that day... she does not need one... its not 100% ruled out... but he does not think it is what the promt care Dr. thought it was...then had a ton of errands to run.

Wed and Thursday were also busy and we were not home much.... in and out all day. Shawn has had finals all week and with us still sharing a car (till the one we bought him gets fixed) I have been playing taxi cab driver! lol Oh I forgot how much I "really" dont like that.

School was done on the road a lot this week, and we still didn’t get to Spanish... only on Monday did we do a full day! Although we still have today! *Ü*

So with all of that! Here is our weekly report!

Science Surprisingly, this was done. All week. Christian does have a test later today, but she is done! She won’t have science next week, because modules take 2 weeks. Next week is our last week before spring break here...Now for Ms. RyLee she will have science next week....her last week and we will be done with Astronomy and move into Zoology 1! Yeah!! Not till after Spring break though.

Ha! Funny thing about textbooks. You can take them with you. *Ü* Even in promt care. *Ü* Christian has 1 lesson today, but its catch up from Tuesday. Her math is on the computer and that doesn’t go with us as well. No lap top. *Ü* Yet!

Tapestry of Grace: we watched a biography movie on Davey Crocket! We also for fun watched a few of the old Disney tv episodes... that was fun! We all read about the Seminole Indians and continued our Study on Andrew Jackson. Watched pre taped episodes from the History Channel on Arkansas and Michigan.... We did not complete our objectives this week... we still need to learn about Charles Finney, Martin Van Buren, and Daniel Webster and then cover our discussions....

Literature: Christian is finishing up Emma. She says its sooooo slow.... *Ü* She’s making it though... I gave RyLee another history book to read.... it was a narrative on Davey Crocket...

Spanish! Moving on.... nothing to see here folks...

Nature study!
No walks this week... we did however plant our starts. Bought some bulbs and making plans where to place our 4x4 garden boxes! We have 2, but Dan is going to make us 2 more. We (RyLee and myself) are reading a book called Sq foot gardening. I love it! This is a perfect fit for us right now! Our focus for the next 8 weeks (and all spring and summer) is on garden flowers and vegetables. Mostly annuals, but we will be slowly adding in perennials and trees.... My B-Day is coming up and I really want a Kumquat tree!

RyLee and I both fell in love with one when we went on our first nursery visit! Stay tuned... more to come... and I will be posting this all on our Sticks and Stones blog soon.

Sketch Tuesday: Serious mind cramp... we didn’t get this accomplished.... but hope to this week! *Ü* We love it...

So that us! I look forward to reading other folks adventures this week...


Kat said...

I grew up in Florida...and we had several kumquat trees in our yard. I remember eating the fruit right off the tree -- yum! Can you plant bulbs now? I thought you had to wait until fall. We need more blooms in our yard!

Angela said...

I want to use TOG next year, So I may have to pick your brain one day! It looks like it has been successful for you!

Tina said...

Meager? Nothing meager about your week my friend. You got a lot accomplished, despite the obstacles that came your way. You are an amazing woman/mom/wife/friend. Your week was GREAT! :o)

I can't believe Shawn is about to graduate. I just ran across some more pictures of our boys when they were younger. Oh they have grown to fast for my liking. :o)

Can't wait to see what you and Ms. Ry have done with the garden.

And we are praying for Ms. Christian too.

Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

A Kumquat tree! gracious my friend, I adore you. I couldn't identify a kumquat tree if it smacked me in the face. :)

A great week!

Brittney said...

Busy week! I hope you all got Christian's back issues figured out. That can't be any fun to deal with. I can't wait to see pictures of the plants and veggies you are going to grow!
Hope this coming week goes well for you all!