Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

Do you cook with your kids? Do you bake? Is it easier to just do it yourself? Well, I used to think like that... and its what I wrote about this month over at The Heart of the Matter magazine. Its called... are you ready for this??? *Ü*

In the Kitchen *Ü*

Come on by for a visit! This months issue has a lot of great articles! You will be blessed for sure...


Anonymous said...

Great article Lisa! It was almost like a slap in the face because I'm always just trying to "hurry up and get it done". Of course I'm doing that in all facets of my homelife so now why am I suprised my boys don't want to help with laundry? When they were at the age and begging I turned them away. Sad huh? {{sigh}} There's always tomorrow. Thanks!

Kat said...

I was right there with you...I have been so clear in my own blog about how much I hate crafts (and the messes that accompany said crafts)...and I put cooking right there with it. But...I love to cook. It was my time. I didn't want to share. But...I too got over it...and love to have my kids with me in the kitchen. One of my favorite websites is Pioneer Woman Cooks - and it's great for kids because it's like a pictorial as to what and how to do it. And right now...oh wow...Apple dumplings that are quite sinful...and oh so easy to make. Go check it out, gain a few pounds, and enjoy the time with your kids (and take pictures! Because you know, everything is a blogging opportunity!).

Tina said...

That was a great post, Lisa!

Isn't it amazing the things we learn to do differently over the years. I am no way the same mommy, educator, etc that I was 13+ years ago.

Have a great weekend!