Monday, March 31, 2008

Weblink Wednesday Fans! Guess what?!

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SoCalVal has a new website! Its called Weblink Education Over 400 homeschooling families have contributed favorite web links to weblink Wed, and they have been placed on this new site for easy access. Stop by SoCalVals website and learn more about this new site and the contest for a $25.00 gift card!


lori said...

went over...thanks for that!!!
just really stopped to say HOLA...and went away with a GEM!!!

you are GOOD!!!:)
Did you clear the SNOW up????


LisaWA said...

LOL... no.. the rain cleared it up for us. Today we were hailed on during our nature walk, then down pour of rain again... strange, strange weather we are having.

So good to hear from you my dear! I love it when you stop by!