Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Menu helps for busy moms

Even though we tend to be home a lot home schooling and taking care of our own, I find it hard sometimes to find time to prepare and make healthy meals for my family. We have good weeks and not so good week. For me,I need a plan and if I don’t have one, we tend to eat things that are not so healthy.

I worte more about this over at Heart of the Matter. Please visit the link to see what else I had to share. *Ü*


my5wolfcubs said...

I have cooked a never-before-made meal every single night for 2 weeks straight! This is definitely a first time even in almost 15 years of being a homemaker. I had two 7 day menus w/ grocery lists from Family Circle and it has been great. Not sure what we are going to eat next week though...off to check your advice! :)

LisaWA said...

Good for you Lee! That’s fantastic! Grocery list too hu? As my daughter would say " That’s Amazing"!

The hardest part for me is finding things everyone will like, I’m talking about the oldest in the family. If you know who I mean *Ü*

I'll Google family circle and menus and see what I come up with.

Its good to hear from ya doll!