Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is new to me! Im pretty excited over it. Its called mathcounts. I just recently was told about this and given the site addy. It looks great, and is for kids in 6th -8th grade?? Im still figuring out the information on the site, but wanted to share my find!!!

Had I been on top of the ball yesterday, this would have been a great weblinks Wed post!!! Enjoy looking over the site!

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Tina said...

I agree! It does look really interesting. I looked at the site, but there is so much there. I can't figure out what would be for homeschooling group (or non school group).

I know I can't head anything up. The Lord knows I have enough on my plate now. :o) But I am watching the posts with anticipation of what will come with this. :o)