Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Friendly neighbors..........

We have lived in our current home for almost 2 years.
For 2 years we have we have gotten to know a few neighbors, but we have not gotten "to know" our neighbors.

Recently we had a huge garage sale and lucky for us we were able to get to re visit with some neighbors who live a few properties down. Not only are they friendly and nice....
They have a daughter RyLees age......
And bring us these!!!!

They were so darn pretty! I didn’t want to eat them! Fresh eggs! Twice now we have been blessed with these little nummies! It also made me want chickens!!
Call me crazy... but now I want them! *Ü*

Funny: We now know why Eagles have been hanging around lately..... They like chickens....they visit these wonderful folks property daily.... hoping to catch a tasty chicken for themselves.... RyLee sees them every time she goes to play.....

Oh... and just in case you were wondering if I got to have my own chickens.... nope... the principle said no way...no how... to messy...... *Ü*



Tina said...

Darn! No chickens...

When we get property, I want to get chickens. I LOVE the thought of fresh eggs!

I am so happy Ms. Ry has found a friend close by. :o)


Anonymous said...

We have always been about to move (since we started homeschooling...) - we are only supposed to be in OKC for a few months for DH to finish some training between moving from Florida to Japan. However, a few months has turned into 6 with no end in sight...

I'm jealous of your eggs! There is a family at our church who is always giving away fresh eggs and I am trying to figure out how to get on their list :)

Amy :)

Mama Peep said...

How funny! Since moving here I want chickens too!!!! Never in my whole life would I ever have guessed that I would want chickens. NEVER EVER!!!! But I do! Something about chickens in this state, huh!

Patricia in WA

BTW, Papa Peep says no too! :-(

Anonymous said...

Oh, how neat! I love fresh eyes from a farm. Tell that principal how much money he would be saving. Maybe, that'll help. Ha!

Mandy said...

Maybe you could tell your hubby it's a school project. :)

We just got baby chicks and the kids (and I) are loving them. They are a little messy, but it's a good lesson with the kids - take the good with the bad.

I came over from Smooth Stones. I am really enjoying your blog. We have homeschooled 4 years now and are loving it.


LisaWA said...

The funny thing ladies... he is thinking he wants milking goats... ok goats!? lol Is that funny or what?

Mandy and Kysha …… I tried the school project idea way to many times for him to go for it much! lol After 13 years... hes on to us! *Ü* And saving $$... his angle is cost of a sturdy coup, feed and time invested in cleaning and up keep….

I hate it when he makes good points! Lol

Im going to wait a bit and ask again.... They do require a lot of work... but I figure the manure could be compost and eggs for eating... They are a multi purpose animal! *Ü*

lori said...

Hey I want CHICKENS too....I want FRESH EGGS!!! how cool would that be!!!!

yep, the superintendent here vetoed it too!

the poop, the mess, the fact that noone feeds the FROG we own....He is just so darn good at making those points!!
He'd get along famously with the principal!

cluck...you could try the CHICKEN DANCE....maybe change his mind!!

my5wolfcubs said...

When we first moved to AZ we bought a house where we could have animals -- we had Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and chickens. It was wonderful to have fresh milk & eggs, a lot of work but wonderful...and the kids and I did it all, because my dh is allergic to all things furred & feathered, not to mention dust & hay! :)

Michele said...

Wow, the eggs are pretty! Do you notice a difference in baking when you use them?