Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amtrak Field Trip

Thursday was an exciting day! It was our day to go on our annual train trip to Portland Oregon on Amtrak! I booked this trip back in February! So we have been awaiting this day for just a little bit....I booked it through The Schools on Trains program that Amtrak offers for school field trips.What a blessing they allow homeschoolers in on this wonderful treat!

Normally a round trip ticket for 1 adult is $43.00 and a child is around $24.00. With the school to rails program round trip tickets are a flat $10.00 fee per person in grades K- adult.

Koinonia Academy had 67 people along with them on this field trip! It was a 3 hour train ride from Tacoma Washington to Portland Oregon, on a normal day... but when we arrived at the train station our train was delayed 45 minutes. So we arrived around 12:00 or just after. The ride down was nice. You can choose to watch a movie or not, they have a snack car and or you can bring your own food and entertainment. Some kids bring checkers, or cards. RyLee...brought sorry! The entire thing! lol

Once in Oregon everyone went in their own direction. It was already getting warm! The sun was out, clear sky's... it was a beautiful (hot) day! We went to the Portland Zoo with Tina in WA family. Then got lost with them ( or made them get lost) on the way back! lol We were all so hot and hungry... we kept going in the wrong direction... but made it back to the train in time. Good thing, because I'm the only one with the ticket! *Ü*

The trip is always a lot of fun, and we plan on it next year as well. Its nice to get away from the phone, tv, school and well... just all the stuff that we "have" to do and go have fun for a day with the fam.

Later this week I will post a few pictures and share a little more on our adventure in Oregon.


Mama Peep said...

I am so jealous! You two had fun without me! WAH!!!! over...I can't wait to see your pictures with your NEW camera!


LisaWA said...

Im still learning... but I did get some good ones...

You have to come next year...K? Tammy and her family came.... They said they had a great time too. It was a nice day... little hot for the kids and all the walking.. but I felt pretty good... well, I didn’t feel good about being a bad navaguesser...but I wasn’t as bad as my husband! lol

SKELLER said...

Oooh, Fun! We did an Amtrak "field trip" last year, too. Down to San Diego (just about an hour on the train). 'Twas a nice day, and the best part??? It was free Ben & Jerry's ice cream day :-) woohoo!!!!

Happy Monday to you all...

LisaWA said...

Great minds think a like! We had Ben and Jerrys too! It wasnt free lucky ducks!


Happy Monday to you too! The sun is out here and I have a blue sky... its a good Monday~

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

We are going to Portland, OR next month on a little trip. I can hardly is a nine hour trip for us though. :)

I would love to take the train...hmmmm.

Great entry,

Brittney said...

What fun!!!!!! And such a big group!

We took the train from Tacoma to Portland a couple of times as well. We rented a van once and toured all of the amazing water falls around Multnomha Falls. It was beautiful!

We are planning a trip once we move to CA to head up your way on the train!

Anonymous said...

Now, that sounds like fun! I didn't know that Amtrak had those programs. Cool! Other than a trip to Huckleberry Railroad, I've never been on a train, believe it or not. Maybe I will brave the adventure one day.

Tina said...

GREAT pictures, Lisa. :)

We had a blast on our this FT. Thanks so much for heading it up.

Sometime soon I will get around to posting about our fun day with you guys! I am glad it worked out we got to spend the day with you too. That was an extra bonus. :)

Blessings my friend!


PS: I see you chaged your blog up a bit. I am going to have to take a peek around here and see what else is new. :) TTFN my friend!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

This sounds like such a cool opportunity. I'd love to take my boys on something like this.

Did someone say Ben & Jerry's ice cream? *rumble rumble* ;)


Kat said...

How fun! I need to see if they have those kinds of deals here on the other side of the world. I had actually looked to see how much it was to go from Atlanta to New York on was more than the plane ticket...I have no idea as to what is even on a route...but it'll be fun to check it out.

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

ps - it looks great around here by the way! You've been organizing and spring cleaning. Tres impressed!

*applause* And a DQ Blizzard for all your hard work!

*Ü* Lisawa said...

Woohoo! I'll have the Reese's Blizzard please!

Kat said...

Well...there is no "field trip" options out here. I guess because none of the "destinations" are close. Oh, well.

*Ü* Lisawa said...

Well that stinks... but hey.. you have a community pool and we dont! *Ü* That’s something! Right?

Anonymous said...

HI Lisa,

Thanks once again for organizing such a wonderful day on the train. My kids and husband are still talking about our fun day in Portland and all the learning we did at OMSI.

Looking forward to next year!


*Ü* Lisawa said...

Hi Donna! It was a good day wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to next year too! This was the perfect time of year. *Ü*

We found out the Portland zoo honors the woodland park zoo pass so we spent most of our time their.

I’m so glad you and your family could come... and that you all had such a great time!