Saturday, September 1, 2007

Week 2 summary... sort a *Ü*

Well we ended week 2 yesterday, Friday the 31st. *Ü* It was a good week overall.... We did not complete what I wanted or originally intended... but RyLee happened on Sunday, and it changed the first few days of our week... poor kid..

Because of Miss RyLees finger nail extraction incident.... I allowed her to take it easy this week... Monday and Tuesday especially...

Monday was her 11th birthday! I planned on a half day for her... but in light of you know what...she had the entire day off.... Tuesday too....

Monday evening we had some family over for dinner and cake..... I made Paula Deens fried chicken... RyLees request with mash taders and peas. *Ü* although its Paula Deens recipe. RyLee calls it grampas recipe because he makes it so good..... I don't do to bad myself.... but, grampa always gets the credit....

Tuesday and the rest of the week was still pretty easy... I decided we would just cover History, Literature, bible and math this week.... No science, no projects, crafts or timelines either...

What we did cover was Robert Fulton the inventor, President Adams and his presidency, Baroque Music, and the French Revolution...... along with a compare and contrast to the American/French Revolution ( I learned this week that the American Revolution was really more a Reformation... as it truly was not a revolution like the French's bloody violent uproar. It was a good week over all... I lead history again this week in co-op and I learned a ton.... Chris too. *Ü*

Christian and I both really enjoyed watching a series on American history from The teaching company.... It was High School Level—Early American History: Native Americans through the Forty-Niners. I bought them at a used curriculum sale this year for $40.00 it was a great deal! The teacher was engaging and it kept Christians attention too. It was a wise investment.I also printed her out a great ven diagram from my writing aids cd that came last week... Christan used it for her compare and contrast of the wars.... it worked wonderful for her.... ( an example of what it looked like will be in the pictures below).

Rylee and I cuddled a lot and read... she read on her own... but she pretty much flopped like a fish all week... well a dead fish, because she wasn't moving much....

The girls may have taken a break from science but I did not.... I found 3 sets of dvds from The teaching company at Goodwill a few weeks ago. The one I have been watching is called Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy, 2nd Edition part 1. Each part has 2 dvds and it is a 5 part series. I have been thrilled with it so far. They were to good a deal to pass up.... under $40.00 for all 5 parts. Did I mention I LOVE Goodwill shopping!

Next week is a new week... if we can all stay healthy... keep our fingers out of heavy doors....I think we will have a great 3rd week! I want to add more LA... and..... I am contemplating Spanish... its a week sooner than I intended to begin... we shall see what Monday brings!

I threw in a couple pictures of my stick bugs... cause I could! *Ü*


Tina in WA said...

You still did a lot of schooling, considering the circumstances...

I want to school at your casa! Ü* You guys had a blast last week. I can't wait to hear how week 3 goes for you guys!

Your mom's, or should I say Rylee's, cake looks delicious!

Oh stick bugs... I need you to email me what I need to get so we can set up for those adorable little creatures... Jessica can't wait to get her new pets. *Ü*

Any tidbits on Shawn and his World History Class or College?

Luv Ya!


maplehouse said...

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