Saturday, September 15, 2007

Seaside Oregon Weekend getaway!

Last Friday we were able to sneak away for the weekend to Seaside Oregon. What a wonderful time! I wish we could have more weekends like this! *Ü*

We left early on Friday and took our time traveling down ( South on ) hwy 101. I love 101! It is such a beautiful drive!

On our way down,we stopped at antique shops and had a nice lunch. We took our time.... I wanted to stop at Ft. Stevens State park while we were traveling South.... across the road from the park they have a wonderful KOA camp site with cabins you can rent.

My reason for stopping is because we are coming up to Lewis and Clark in history.... Fort Clatsop is very close to Seaside and Fort Stevens. I want to take the kids back to the fort and some of the Oregon trail then.

Now Seaside is only about 8 miles from Ft. Stevens.... so we were their in minutes..... Its a small little town.... if you drive straight through and blink.... you might just miss it! lol

Our hotel was right on the beach.... 3rd floor ocean side!

This is to the left....

While we were their, Seaside hosts an annual classic car show! So my husband was in heaven! We have an old... rusty, beat up... 54 Mercury woody wagon. It is my husbands hope to restore it some day. Me too. Its a fun looking old car, and even though it looks scary.... our family loves to drive around in it!

In fact.. here is picture of my girls hanging out with mom and dad about a month ago.

ok.. whats up with the lips?? I noticed since we had the basque student and over that month... not one girl took a normal picture.... you know... smile for the camera. Now its poochy lips and peace signs..... sigh... goofy kids...

ok.. back to the weekend....

One of my all time favorite cars is a 55 Chevy nomad wagon. I prefer the 4 door, but hard to find. If I could have a dream car.... this would be it! I love it.... The show did have a few. My favorite one was yellow.

*Ü* I think we only saw 3.... but the one I really enjoyed seeing was the actual nomad that was used in the sitcom Home improvement with Tim Allen. I love that show!

In earlier seasons, Jill his wife had a 55 nomad, red and pretty... until that is Tim got a hold of it, took it to the job site and a huge beam fell on it crushing it. Well come to find out this weekend, it wasn't a real nomad at all. In fact, it was just a plain car that they spent a ton of $$ on making it look like a nomad!

Here is the actual car used for many seasons in the show.... and come to find out... these folks are from Eastern Washington... who knew?

Seaside also had a kite contest. I have never in my life seen such large kites up close! My favorite was Nemo.

This is not trick photography! It was really that big! I instantly thought of my kids the first time all weekend when I saw the kites. They would have enjoyed it.

We had a wonderful time and we decided to make this a new annual event. The only difference for next year.... we bring the kids. *Ü*


Tina said...

What a wonderful weeked!

Did you see any pig kites?


my5wolfcubs said...

A new annual event -- that sounds great! I laughed when you said you didn't think of your kids until you saw the kites... :)
My dad & younger brother restored a '68 Mustang. It was supposed to be a Jr/Sr year project for the two of them...I think they finished the year my bro graduated from college! They loved every minute of it though. I guess you either have cars in your veins or you don't... :)

LisaWA said...

Cars are not in my veins... but I really enjoyed the cars show. It was very family friendly. *Ü*

I normally think of my kids 24/7 most days... so this was unusual for me! lol I was a bit surprised myself! Cant wait till next year!


Tami said...

Ok--so I love reading your blog--I am thrilled that you were in (what I consider) my area! I lived at Cannon Beach (just south of Seaside) one summer and worked at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center.
What do you mean blink and you'll miss it? Besides Astoria and a handful of other cities south, Seaside is one of Oregon's larger beach cities, I always thought--well, at least medium!:)
We actually live in the valley near Portland--out in the country though, I like to say, since we have a few acres.
We were just at Ft. Stevens for 'Fish camp' where a bunch of our family come and catch and vacuum pack and seal salmon for like ten days ending Labor Day. We saw the Civil War reenactment at Fort Stevens that weekend--totally neat with all the camps set up in Civil War style and everyone playing along in character and costume. We also went to Fort Clatsop where Lewis & Clark spent their first winter. Then, there is the Peter Iredale shipwreck on the beach there within Ft. Stevens and awesome, extensive pave biking trails to get around everywhere--such pretty trails with creeks, bridges, forest, Coffenbury Lake that our kids like to swim at, the beach, the old army batteries to tour, the museum at Battery Clark etc. We've been doing this trip for 4 years now, I think! It is becoming quite a tradition. I love that we are close to fun shopping, too, for a girls' get-away. Did you stop at the Gearhart shops--if not, you blinked! Oh, and we've stayed at the new large, Seaside hotel that is part of that Worldmark time share, with friends who have one--we had a corner suite and it was so fun! I was wondering if that is where you stayed--I couldn't see your pics.
Thanks for sharing!

LisaWA said...

Oh! I love Ft Stevens! That is my favorite State Park to date and my favorite on the Oregon Coast!

LOL, well traveling on 101 through Seaside.... you blink and miss it. (wink)

We also love Cannon beach.... we went their and walked around on Saturday afternoon. I love all the shops.... the beaches.... Oregon is my favorite State to camp in. The weather is nicer than Washington.... but it’s just as beautiful! The coast line has more to “so” as you travel too.

We will travel back to Oregon in October... to see and do all the things you did! Well, not the Civil war reenactment but we will tour the bunkers! It’s not that bad of a drive!

Thanks for reading! I enjoy your blog too!


Cynthia said...

Cute kite and FUN car show! We did some Oregon Trail and L&C things around here as well. Some day I would like to take the kids to Oregon! That's one state that we've never been to.