Friday, August 31, 2007

Dr. Raymond Moore

I was reading My copy of The Old Schoolhouse summer edition last night and on
page 16 has a little tribute to Raymond Moore. He passed away on July
13th. He was 91 years old.

Raymond and Dorthy Moores book the successful home school family hand
book changed my perspective towards home education about 10 years ago. It changed my perspective...because I really didn't have one.. other than just "do" school at home. I had already been homeschooling for 3 years at this point in my life and was about to give up...... My husband and I went away for the weekend.... a drive to the Oregon Coast... and as we were driving I happened to turn the radio to Focus on the family.... and guess who was on? Dr. Raymond Moore....

As soon as I got home I checked his book out form the library....It changed my outlook and perspective of what education was and what it looked like... and it didn't just come from books and sitting and reading all day..... The 3 rs for the Moores were study, work and service. Each week these 3 things needed to be worked on and cultivated in our children.... It was truly a life style....

I followed "the Moore formula" for a few years and it is what began my
journey with unit studies. *Ü* and my relaxing on myself if everything didn't get done.... when I originally planned to get it done. It allowed me freedom to explore my options and what best fit us as a family.... It began my development of why we do what we do now.... I do not follow on way of education.... except my way....and what works I didn't agree with everything he taught.... I did it my way... *Ü* yes.. I sang that last line. *Ü*

Here is a link to the formula in a nut shell:

The books that I read and re read the most were the one already mentioned and
Better late than early.

I don't necessarily "follow" the formula.... but I do expect study,
work and service from my kids.... daily for the first 2.

Ahhh... the Home school community lost another wonderful man, but he
did leave a wonderful legacy.... his writing and care for the
education of our kids...I felt a little sad when I read he had passed away..... just wondered if anyone else knew. He was a wonderful advocate for us homeschoolers here in Washington State.


Trivium Academy said...

Inspiring Lisa. I tried to read about Rylee below but I have a very visual imagination and when I read about gross stuff, it flips my stomach. I slammed my finger in the door on my 15th birthday- it wasn't fun at all.

Hope she's recovering well. It was interesting to read a little more about the path you've taken in your homeschool journey. The Do not grow weary was a great post too. I've had that on my heart lately as I've been tempted to hang my sweet dd7 from the ceiling by her toes until she is willing to have a joyful attitude. *smile*

:) Have a great Friday!

LisaWA said...

RyLee is on the mend... fake nail and all. Poor girl. We are going today and see if the stitches can be removed.

My home schooling path is still in the process.... I change and grow and move forward every year. The Moores helped open my eyes to a new beginning of educating my kids and it truly jumped started my real passion for educating my kids…. And not just academically…. But spiritually…. I look at our school like my life…. Seasons…. And with those seasons, things come… and things go.

I’m supper eclectic... using Charlotte Mason and the WTM as guides.... but in my own way.

13 years later…. We are all still a work in progress…. I have tried to instill the idea in my kids… they will never stop learning… unless they choose too. Everything is an opportunity for us to learn… books, people, circumstances…. just life….

The way I see it, by the time the last one graduates, I will be perfect! Well maybe not perfect... but you know. *Ü* lol

We keep on, keepin on!


Lina said...

Non so leggere i tuoi scritti ...PEccato!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your dd's finger. :-/

Yes, Mr. Moore certainly left a legacy! :-)

my5wolfcubs said...

I book marked the Moore article for reading later. I read several of his books when I was just starting out...but it has been a long time.

Did RyLee get her stitches removed? Hope she continues to heal!


Trivium Academy said...

Lisa, I just read Lee's blog and I wanted to let you know that you are "hooked up"- you just don't know it yet. And no, it's not me. I quit doing that for others after I moved to blogger. But I know who...*grin*

LisaWA said...

RyLees finger is mending....but it is real moist... uh yuck... so the stitches stay for now. We will re check in a week.

Poor girl was so relived.... she had tears streaming down her face anticipating pain.... she was so quiet, we didn’t even know she was crying till the Dr. and I looked up from her finger....

Precious girl...

Thanks gals for asking....

and Jessica.... you are a tease! lol


Kathy in WA said...

Wow! I didn't realize Dr. Moore had passed away. I also had no idea he was in his early 90's. What an amazing gift he was to the homeschooling community.

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