Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wild Cats in the House! Woooh! Take 2

Tuesday was a great day for Koinonia Academy! We woke at o stupid early to catch an early ferry boat ride over to Seattle.

Why did we travel to Seattle on Tuesday morning at o stupid early you ask? To go to our first play of the season at the Seattle Children's Theater!!!

You will never guess in a bazillion years what the first play was!? ok... maybe you will. I think my title gave it away. *Ü* It was High School musical!!! (gasp!)

We LOVE SCT!! We have yet to be disappointed with a play. Well, ok..I take that back. We were disappointed with one.... it was Susical the Musical. It had way to many innuendos in it, and since it was supposed to geared towards children.... I was a little bent, but other than that... we have been going for 3 or 4 years now and we just love them!

Favorites to date: The red badge of courage, The devil and Danile Webster and The secret Garden. Thats only a few! A few we look forward to this season: The BFG ( Big Friendly Giant), Hamlet and The never ending story.

We were not allowed to take photos at all in the play, so we have nothing to show you. We did however go to the Seattle Science center after the play. We went inside the science center and watched an IMAX movie on whales. I'm hoping we can get back next month and see the Lewis and Clark Imax film before its gone! I love these films! They are so large and exciting to watch.

The girls had a good time running around the Science Center. Mostly just goofing to kill time. We already went to the dinosaur exhibit over the summer.... so there really wasn't a lot that was new to see.

The girls made giant bubbles, looked at different cells through microscopes, pretended to be a weather forecaster for Channel 5 news and goofed around with the shadow wall.

Its time and money well spent. We spend the day in Seattle, taking a break from all routines. Enjoyable entertainment and West lake Center Mall!!! We have fun window shopping. The girls love to take the monorail from the City Center to the Mall. Then we either walk down or catch a city bus to the ferry. Oh and the Seattle bus system is an adventure all its own!


Tina said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL day! I so wanted to join you for some of those plays. Next year my friend!


Cynthia said...

We love taking the ferry! We've only been to Seattle 3 or 4 times, but each time we've gone we've tried to take a ferry ride!