Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Im late, Im late, Im late for an important update!

Our week 5 was light... wonderfully light!We had a great week in review and basics.*Ü*

I realized in my last few posts I keep forgetting to mention our daily bible study. We are using Explorers bible study again this year. It has something scheduled out daily.....it gives us our passage to read through, we find our answers in that passage.... memory verses to memorize for the week, cultural notes and maps too. It reminds me a lot of BSF ( bible study fellowship) minus the fellowship with others. We are in a season right now that allows us zero time for it... so this is a great sub.

Christian is moving through Faith at Work: Romans, Galatians, & James RyLee is moving through Promises Fulfilled: Luke & Acts. I was only going through it with RyLee, but Christian asked if I would go through hers with her too... so she agreed to wake up 30 minutes earlier and we are spending that time together. I LOVE it!

I was touched she wanted to have that time with mom..... and it has blessed me every morning to hear her say, "I'm ready when you are mom". I cant tell you how cool this time has been and some of the wonderful conversations we have had. It has brought us closer and I'm thankful. The last few years have been a bit of a struggle for her and I'm just overjoyed with her heart turn around! ( a mother has no greater joy than to see her child walk in truth ... paraphrase)

Math and history were daily... along with literature. Christian finished up Oliver Twist and we all studied the Industrial revolution! RyLee has not finished her lit... so we are working on that in the evenings now as a read aloud and she has moved on.

Science we completed lesson 2 (we were just a tad behind in an activity *Ü*) and completed lesson 3. no pictures.... but will take them for next week of her live and learn folds. May I add... on a side note, that these live and learn folds have been great review for both girls. The reading is broken up into bite size pieces that is manageable. They are a perfect fit!

Spanish is a hit! RyLee is struggling a bit, but she is hanging on for the ride. I realy love The Easy Spanish. Im thinking it is too much for Ry though and have been considering the Jr book... but it seems to young.... so we will stick to what we have and work extra hard with her.

I began Latin Last week... do not ask why... cause I do not have a real answer... but my KS Lee inspired me. Im still on lesson 1 and 2... but making progress. I wish I would have done it "with " Christian last year. Im sure she would have kept going.

Timeline was neglected this week as well as geography! Not to broken up about it. *Ü* The timeline will be easy to fit in as a unit review and add them in then.... and the map will not be missed. We did look at our atless... just no actual map work.

Analytical grammar and JAG are huge hits with me! We began our first week and I am sorry I didn't know about this sooner! It truly is a multi sensory approach. It is at this moment, my favorite purchase so far... and in light of its cost... was worth it. *Ü* Big thumbs up here.

Lest see.. what else.... oh yes... Tuesday we took the entire day off! We traveled to Seattle for the day. Rode the monorail, saw High School musical the play at the Seattle Children's theater and went to the Seattle science center.... twice! *Ü*
We love our days in Seattle. Its a great break and gets us out of the woods!

This week, the girls are finishing up their reports on Chopin and Beethoven. We will begin our lap book from Homeschool in the woods on Thursday and take as long as we need to to complete. We are reviewing the Constitution and the beginnings of the Supreme court (and gearing up early for Lewis and Clark using live and Learn press folds.)

The girls have been good about getting up... ok well not RyLee *Ü* I think she would sleep all day if I let her.... and she has done school in her jammie's so far this week (Monday and Tuesday) and Chris is relaxing in her comfy close too today.

That's about all I can remember.... so until we finish this week... this is Koinonia Academy signing off....


Trivium Academy said...

I'm so glad for your time together in the mornings, that time between mother and daughter is so precious.

I loved reading your very late update! If you had known about Analytical Grammar or JAG sooner, when would have you started using it?

What a nice week!


Tina said...

I am going to have to take a look into your Bible study. Sounds like it would be nice for our household too.


my5wolfcubs said...

I'm glad AG & JAG are going so well! I'm thinking AG for next year. We're using Journey Through Grammar Land this year but 12yo doesn't like it AT ALL. She said it is worse than Math & Latin (two previously despised subjects that have moved up in the world, apparently!) for her. She doesn't like having to search through the countless pages to find the answers. And I'm not really impressed either. My 10yo says its okay...which is a very low rating for her, usually she likes everything!

Glad you posted your report...maybe I'll make an effort to do last weeks -- tomorrow!


LisaWA said...

Hi Friends... well I hit reply to answer your posts.. and 2 bounced back....

Jessica... about JAG and AG. I would have used JAG last year instead of GWG, I bought her 4th grade for 5th because 5th wasn’t out yet. It’s a fine program, but this would have been a better fit I think... now using both.

Tina... you are welcome to come have some tea anytime and look at our study!

Lee... I really like AG. It has nice short lessons, but they make you think and it really sticks. I like the multi sensory style it has. I can’t wait to see more writing! Your kids do such a great job.