Monday, September 3, 2007

Homeschool in the woods Amy Pak

I have to say.... I am impressed and Blessed with Amy Pak from Homeschool in the Woods. Not only has she created useful, purposeful products... she has the integrity to back it up.

I emailed her this morning asking about the difference in the timeline figure cds she has... I have the 04 version and was sharing with a friend about the cd I have. I realized that a newer version was out and I thought I would ask the I emailed Amy and asked.

Her reply was fast and above what I expected! Truly a generous woman! Now, this is not the only reason I am so impressed.... this is just a little....Let me tell you one of the biggest reasons she blows me away.

I was blessed to participate in a wonderful event to help support Kate and her family from Hands and Hearts. You donated XYZ and then were blessed with products from ABand C. *Ü* One of the products that were part of the deal was Amys art pack When I printed it out and began reading it, I noticed through out the entire pack, she gave credit to the term Lap Book to Tobin's lab. She honored and respected the hard work and time vested in "lap books" that Tobin's lab began. It was her respect and honoring of Tobin's lab that blew me away. This meant a lot to me, as another company recently was trying to trademark the term Lap book for themselves. That was disheartening to say the least. Amy and her family however blessed me by honoring Tobin's labs work and showing respect to their fellow businessman.

Amy's products and her integrity has been a breath of fresh air in a market where greed could easily take over.... the home school market is a "hot" market and she and her family have shown me they are a family and a company with integrity. I value that.

I recently purchased her American Revolution cd and love it. I was hoping to get it in time to add a little more to our TOG study, but it did not arive in time. :( So on the shelf it sits...

However, I'm sure I will buy the other she has to date, Explorers and Colonial America. I can see from the Revolution cd we will be able to add these to our TOG study. Well, once we get back around in history!

I don't use her products exclusively. I use Tapestry of grace dominantly for our home school, but we do use her timeline figures and we will use her art pack this year at some point. My point in the post was not so much an advertisement, as it was to honor a reputable company, who just so happens to have excellent products! *Ü*


my5wolfcubs said...

I thought long & hard about getting the Homeschool in the Woods CD but just couldn't justify the cost. However, our timeline (from the 1st unit of TOG) has about 10 things on it...sigh.

I'm only using TOG this year. Konos with a co-op was the past 2 years. I thought TOG would relieve me of planning, researching, creating, etc but alas, I'm still doing all that. Still, I'm glad to be back on the 4yr history cycle.


LisaWA said...

Lee.. we are truly kindred spirits... ours has zero. *Ü*

Its a focus of today, along with president Adams card... and everything else! lol

I bought mine in 04 I think??? off of ebay.. Brand new for under 40.00 dollars.... It was a great deal and brand new... never opened.

The thing that holds me back is resizing everything. But Amy is a doll and taking care of that.... neat lady...Just can’t gush enough about her.

Tina in WA said...

try 2...

I agree, Amy is a wonderful lady with wonderful products. I am blessed to be able to use her products in my home.


Training Hearts said...

Thanks for sharing about Amy. I'm still praying over the purchase of the timeline Cd's -- our funds are tight - and it's good to know that if I can do this that it will be a reputable and moral company in the homeschool market.

I just joined the week in review.

Blessings, Tamara