Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 3 and 4 combined! Finally!

An update from weekly reporter Koinonia Academy..... this just in...

lol... Just kidding....

We are combining a few weeks.... I have few pictures do to time issues.... it was enough just to get the work done..... So I will begin by saying.....

hola, amiga mias! (Hello my friends!)

We began Spanish in week 4. (Last week) The girls had a good time! They kept the Spanish/English dictionary with them all week, making up sentences and writing them out. It was all them....non me.... they were just "playing" and having a good time with it.

They would wheel this thing all over the house to show us all ( mom, dad and brother) things they wrote. I love that my 15 year old is still willing to "play' and just have a good time with learning.... it comes so much easier for them when a passion or enjoyment comes from it.... doesn't it?

The girls have a memory verse and will practice it over 2 weeks. It is

Ecclesiastes 3:11 Todo lo hizo hermoso

So basically it is; He has made all things beautiful. They will practice this for 2 weeks along with many other things to memorize. I just like that they add scripture!

I am enjoying The Esy Spanish. I think this will be a perfect fit for us.... going over things almost every day, repeatedly will be a big bonus in the long run. Big thumbs up for The Easy Spanish!

(Oh Jessica.... in 2 years Christian wants to add French!!! I kept everything.... so here is to getting that in too! )

Tapestry of grace:

We have been enjoying the pace of year 3 so far! We have also enjoyed learning about Napoleon Bonaparte 1 these last 2 weeks.... We have read many books and watched a great film done by A&E. It was called Napoleon and it was 480 minutes! Yikes! It was great though... right up there with Pride and Prejudice.

Some of the books read were

1. The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier, by Jakob Walter. This was an excellent book and an amazing account from a soldiers perspective of the battles and wars. This is an actual diary of a foot soldier and it is rare to have such accountability and retelling from an average person.... normally we only here form the Generals or admirals right? Thumbs up!

2. Whats the deal? Jefferson, Napoleon and the Louisiana purchase, by Rhoda Blumberg
This was also an enjoyable read, not to dry and loaded with facts and great pictures.

3. The gift of music by Jane Smith and Betty Carlson. WE read a little about Beethove, Chopin, and Vivaldi.

4. Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo, by Frances Winwar. I love Lanmark books! This was one form my personal collection and copyrighted in 1954. I love the older books..... it was a great story and also helped us make a few more connections in other readings online. It tied things in well I guess you could say!


Christian has been reading ( Listening too) Oliver Twist. This is to be read over 3 weeks. Next week it will be done. We borrowed this from the library on cd and she has been listening to it. We also downloaded the movie from 1986 and we have been watching it "after" she listens to the book. It has been very accurate so far! Sometimes word for word! I love that netflix allows you to download a movie each month.... so I don't have to wait for ever for it to arrive if others have the movie out! Great home school plus!

RyLee read Benjamin West and his cat Grimalkin for week 3 and 5 little peppers and how they grew for week 4. 5 little peppers will be done next week. It was to be covered in 2 weeks.

Fine arts:

We enjoyed learning about Vivaldi in week 3. Christian loved it! She even downloaded the cd I had onto her Ipod. Gasp! *Ü* WE also covered Baroque music and artists from the Romantic era. Including Beethoven and Chopin.

Week 4 we learned about dress and what people did during the Napoleonic era. Entertainment etc. We used the TOG website for most of this information, and the girls are working on a little project right now about this. We will post pictures when it is finished.


The girls labeled wars/battles for Napoleon, and also labeled maps for artists of the Romantic era. Here is Rylees map of Napoleons battles... I'm not sure what happened to the pictures of Christians maps and Rylees other one... but here is one of them *Ü*

The girls also filled in their timeline books. We will take pictures of that next week. *Ü*

is this getting long or what?

Biology! Module 1 finished! Yeah Christian! She is taking the test as I type.... but she is done! It was a bit hard on her at first.... over 28 vocabulary words.... so we took a little more time than we should have....

RyLee has finished her week 2 lesson 2 in Science. I have no pictures this week... but we learned about the Sun. She also watched a few videos. Moody Science video we have called Journeys to the Edge of Creation: Includes: Our Solar System and The Milky Way and Beyond. I know its not about the sun.... but it did talk about it some. *Ü* Thy were great! She also used her Happy Scribe for Astronomy.....

Math both girls are doing well. RyLee is moving along... she might get 1 wrong and its normally a silly mistake. We are picking up her pace a bit and doing 7 lessons a week. I think she can do it. If she begins to struggle, I will slow it down. Christian is moving along too in TT. This is still by far the best math program for her! She is thriving with it. I love that!

Writing will be done next week. They are both writing a report on an artist form the Romantic era. Christian Chopin and RyLee Beethoven.

I'm forgetting something and I cant remember.... what it is... but that's our weekly ( 2 weeks) report!

So this is Koinonia Academy signing off... till next week *Ü*


The chart stand was bought from discount school supply store online. I found it form who else... our Jessica at Trivium Academys blog! She is such a resourceful gal! We love our chart stand and has been a great tool for our writing, grammar and Spanish lessons. Big thumbs up!!


LH said...

Sounds great!
love that cute opening "...this just in..." :-)

nice pictures!

Tina said...

What a wonderful 2 weeks!

I love your hanging write on board thingy? Wish I had room for something like that in my casa...

It is neat to hear that Christian was right with Rylee in coming up with words/phrases to say. She is a wonderful young woman! And a funny one at that... little basket stealer... LOL


Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Hi Lisa!

If a 15 yo is loving learning ANYTHING, you SO rock!!! I also am envious of the giant hanging tablet thing-ey - my dd would love writing on that. Where did you get it?

My dd loved "Benjamin West and His cat Grimalkin" - it is a really cute story.

Everytime I see "Beethoven" I hear in my head "Beethoven's Wig....IS very BIG...." (you know, from the Beethoven's Wig CD?!) LOL!

Have a great week-end,

Kerri said...

I like the chart stand too :) You all had a great week of school. I like seeing what others are doing with TOG :) It is neat to hear what you study in different years. We are in TOG 2 but only in LG right now.

Have a great week.

Way Out in the Desert

LisaWA said...

LOL... I was feeling goofy when I began my post... I was hoping my opening would bring a few giggles! *Ü*

The stand has been a huge hit at our house! It was all Jessica at TA who sent links to the WTM board.... it wasn’t to bad a of a price... and i found a few other things I just couldn’t live w/o on the site.... making it worth my while!

I’m sure enjoying the weekly reports! Keeps me accountable! *Ü*


Tina said...

Do tell... What site?

And what other things couldn't you live with out?

I need to know if "I" can't live with out the either. *Ü*


Southern Belle said...

I fixed the link on my blog on my favorite things Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

Beth in GA (SHS)

Cynthia said...

We did many of those same things last year when we were in year 3.. now we're in unit 4 of year 3 and just about ready to move into year 4. HAVE a great year!