Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Week 1

Well this was our first week in full swing of school, well since break. We started our year 1 TOG journey on Monday. This is Christians second tour, Rys 2nd kinda. *Ü* She did more History pockets that helped her follow TOG her first time through and used galloping the globe.

This week and next we are skipping the literature assignments. The Subjects we stuck to is History and in depth, bible/Church History, geography and vocabulary. The year 1 yahoo group had a file someone made to print out some vocabulary for all 36weeks. So I printed it out and put that in with the girls SA pages and maps. There notebooks have weekly tabs for weeks 1-36 and I placed folders with pockets for subjects not related for TOG like math, health and writing not related to TOG. Also in each week is a daily schedule.

I'm back to my classic schedule for preparing for our study. I plan on Sundays for the upcoming weeks study. Print out what I need, review the weeks themes and get myself acquainted with what we are learning for the week. It takes a couple hours but its fun getting it all together. I also have to admit I feel less pressure to keep up. We do what we do and keep moving forward. Well so far so good!

We still stick to a basic weekly procedure. Most history assignments are done by Wed. Discussions are Thursday and when we do tackle a literature assignment it will be on Fridays. I will make sure we stay on top of our weekly history schedule and be choosy in what literature assignments I give and go at their pace. I want to enjoy this with Christian.

We went ahead and watched Joseph and Pyramids this week, just to get us in the mood and interested. We read the book Pyramid before, but I found a VHS tape a year or 2 ago at our library sale. It was... interesting.

I look forward to sharing more this year!

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