Monday, March 21, 2011

I love Seattle

I love visiting Seattle! In years past during school months my girls and I would try to get over there at least once or twice a month. The last 2 years however we might have made it over a half dozen times. Where is the joy in that?

My youngest loves to watch a tv show called New Day NW. Its a late morning local tv talk show. She does not watch daily but she does watch it enough that she decided she wanted to be part of the studio audience. I never would have initiated this at all. Not because its bad or anything, its just something I would not have done or put thought into.

My girl corresponded with the producer lady who sets up the audience, reserved us tickets and looked up the Seattle Ferry schedule. *Ü* What a fun day!!

We woke up at O stupid early to catch a 7 something boat. I live a good 30/40 minutes from the ferry, so we were up EXTRA early!

Once on the Seattle side we walked ok hiked up to the Seattle Space Needle across the street was the King 5 studio. We went through security and waited in a large upstairs lobby. Then at about 10:00ish we were ushered into the studio.


After everyone was situated and seated they had to teach us how to applaud! Not kidding.

We were also taught how to look and not look into the camera. How to view and look at the host and how to avoid looking at the monitors. Again, NOT kidding *Ü* I personally think I needed a longer session for instructions. We sat in the front row and every time the camera guy came by I got embarrassed and couldn't remember my instructions so I never looked at him or the camera! lol OR when the camera was on me, I would look up at the monitor! The thing they said not to do.

They begin the show 30 minutes before its actual air time. They began taping at 10:30 but the show doesn't "actually" air till 11. This is just in case they experience technical difficulties. *Ü*

The show has 6 segments per show. They break down and set up the stage for each one. The day we went they had a Seattle based clothing store and fashion show. We all received a $20.00 gift card for that store. Bonus! PCC grocery ( Natural food store )was there cooking.... some musicians I had never heard of and I cant remember the others.

Margaret is the host and is on the far right. She was a tiny thing.

Like I said PCC cooked up some good eats so after the show we were all starving and drooling a little. We decided to take a detour to Fremont where we said high to the troll under the Fremont bridge. It might be hard to see but under his left hand is an actual VW bug. *Ü*

Then we went to PCC Natural Market for lunch! YUM! Wish we had that here where we live!

After that we went back into downtown Seattle and hit Urban Outfitters to shop a bit. Its a fun store and I love the clearance rack! That's how we roll.

The last stop of the day? Pike Place Market. Bought fresh mini donuts before hitting the ferry. We ate a healthy lunch so that should cancel out the fried doughnuts right? *Ü* It was a long good/fun day! *Ü* We love day trips to Seattle.

If you live in WA check out the show. Link is below.

The link to New Day is here: New Day North West

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