Monday, January 24, 2011

The week ahead! Week 19 and 3 *Ü*

This week will be a busy week, but a good one. I ran over whats ahead with the girls and we worked out this weeks schedule. I now have it all typed up and ready for binders.

I bounce between the Dialect and Rhetoric level threads each week. Its not so much what we use to learn but what we learn. I don't have a lot of the R level History books nor finances to get them so we are using what we have, the Internet and netflix!

The threads we are focusing on this week will consist of  reviewing Egyptian religious beliefs and compare to Christian beliefs. Egyptian works to Christs Grace. How God humbled the pride of the  Egyptians Gods and freed His people and how He proved His own ascendancy to the Egyptian worshipers. Re familiarizing ourselves with bible stories of related and the exodus. Reading about Jewish Holidays specifically the Passover.

RyLees literature this week is the first "part" of Tales of Ancient Egypt. Geography is catching up on last 2 weeks of work. We need to make sure its done and caught up. other LA: we will be writing about what we are learning, following lessons for grammar and vocabulary.

Math daily lesson. TT

World View Both girls will follow the syllabus from their class.

Total health we are in week 2 because we didn't schedule it last week due to time.

PE will be Wii active and the treadmill.

RyLee also has 4H assignments. Mostly learning all she can from Rabbits 101

This Friday we will not only discuss this weeks History, but also cover literature, bible, world view and geography. I'm not sure how we will cram that all in because I work mornings and sis works afternoons/eve Fridays. I might do history and bible together and the rest separate.

One last thing! We will be watching Moses and the Ten commandments at some point before the week is completely over. We enjoyed Joseph and Pyramid a few weeks ago.

We have and always do have a full schedule, not just with school. It is so much easier if I am purposeful and intentional every morning to spend quiet time alone and with the girls to read talk and share. Sometimes we all get so caught up in what we are doing we forget about being. Being is more important to me right now. Remembering who is in perfect control and relying on His strength and grace. When I do that the day and week always goes smoother.

Here is to a wonderful Monday and rest of the week!

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