Friday, January 21, 2011

Active 2 for Wii

OH My Goodness!! I just finished my first work out using Active 2 for wii. I think I'm dying! lol I used the easiest settings for cardio too. Just goes to show how out of shape I am.

I am turning 40 in a few months and I am bound and determined to loose 40 pounds by then. I refuse to start my 40s out of shape! I don't need to be a super model. I just want to be at a healthy weight and not die doing a basic work out! KWIM?

If I were to reflect back to when I gained weight its when I had my youngest of 3. I was 120 pounds 14 years ago. Today not so much! I came to the ugly conclusion yesterday that I do not consume food for nutrition but everything else. I use food to comfort,for joy, to relieve boredom. I even stress graze!! Oh! Whats stress grazing you ask? Its when I'm having one of those days and every time I walk by the fridge or pantry I snack on something. If my kids are snacking on something I take a little. That's snack grazing. Its not large amounts at a time but it adds up! Combine that with no exercise and I have a problem. *Ü*

Now I'm trying my darnedest to do something about it! I just began a diet program this week with my nature path and now adding in exercise I might make my goal. I wont be 120 pounds when I'm done, but I will be at a healthy weight for my age.

Here is to changing physically and mentally! *Ü* I'm not even sure what is harder the mental or physical? The mental has been brutal!

Here's to change and all for the good.

PS: I got this Active 2 for Wii on sale and I must admit it was an expensive purchase, but so much cheaper than a gym membership. I am using it in my home. I dont have to go anywhere and the kids can do it too. Maybe not little ones, but your tweens and teens can. I think it was a good investment.


heidi said...

I agree this is the best!! I have Active the first one that came out. I yearn to make Active 2 my next purchase. This really makes you sweat and it takes about a week to 2 weeks to get used to the rigorous activity. You will be sore tomorrow but keep going!! The pain eases up after the first week. :D

Hi! My name is Lisa, said...

Heidi, I could see it taking me a bit to get used to it! lol I was sweating like a pig!

Thanks for reminding me about being sore. I think I will keep up on the ibuprofen for a bit. *Ü*

Thank you for stopping in!