Sunday, January 9, 2011

Already Gone

A few summers ago I was able to hear Ken Ham speak at a Home school Convention called WATCH. He was the key note speaker that year. I had never heard him speak before. He was articulate, intelligent and amusing. He was passionate about homeschooling, the Creation museum and speaking to the hearts of homeschooling parents.

A book he recently wrote was called "Already Gone" . It discusses a scientific study showing how young adults from 20-29 have stopped attending church or who have turned away from there faith completely. Even more staggering that there hearts actually turned while still in Jr High or High school.

Homeschooling our children has not resulted in trouble free seasons. Kids have questions and doubts, they make mistakes. How do we answer? Do we really listen? When they doubt what do we say? when they make mistakes do we hold it against them the rest of there life or do we exemplify grace, love and concern while disciplining? Yet are we also holding wrong actions and motives accountable? In love also mind you. Matt 18

Its a factual book, but not boring. In fact just realizing that this is an issue makes my heart hurt. I wanted to read more. Its a resource to help encourage us to hold on to our children's hearts or at least till they give them over to Jesus. *Ü*

I linked the title if the book to a page where it gives an overview of the book. So I wont re review the book any more. The "Beemer Report" that was used was scientific and dependable. Worth looking into.

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