Saturday, January 5, 2008

Project 2008

Ok, I can do this one! *Ü* 1 project a month... yeah... that's my speed! All I need to do is take a picture of a project I want to get done each month, get it done and then at the end of the month post what I have accomplished including a new picture..... I can do that!

Its not to late to join, but hurry... today is the last day to sign in I think.... It said 1-5-08. I have not done one of these before.... but you can read all about it here... New Mercies Every Day

Ok... here is my project! lol Im laughing because, when I went out to the garage to take the picture... My husband asked what I took a picture of and why when I came back in... I told him... then he said..." Its just like you... always having to jump from the tallest diving board first!" *Ü* Hmmm what did he mean by that? lol

Here is the project... clean out this corner of the garage.... some organizing, some getting rid of.... Its been their for over a year and its time I did something... so this is it! My project....


Tina said...

Way to go, Lisa! I can't wait to see the finished project. :o)

That is a great idea. I went to the blog to check it out and might join in a few days.

I have to "think" about which project to get started on. And I have been sick for a week (finally feeling a little better today), so my mind is still fuzzy.


LisaWA said...

I think today is the last day! Think fast! It will be interesting for sure!


Rhonda said...

I wish I'd known about this. We have tons of projects planned for this year! Oh, well. They're hopefully going to be done anyway. :)

Good luck with your garage corner!


J's mum said...

Way to go! What a great motivational project, I have just spring cleaned my whole house so haven't really got much to do but I did take photo's of before and after so perhaps I can do a blog entry on it lol.

LisaWA said...

Yes! Please do... it will keep me motivated seeing the fruit of someone else labor! *Ü*


Kelli in TN said...

Whoa! Way to go, you have picked an ambitious project!

Don't feel bad, at some point this year I will be photographing my dreaded storage room and committing to make it tidy and organized!

But not in January. I am not woman enough to do it in January!

my5wolfcubs said...

Now that is a project--might as well dive right in! ;) I should have taken a picture of my space...which I haven't worked on since...Jan 1st!

Renae said...

We have to clean out our garage, too. :( Yours looks much more orderly than ours though. We have random stuff strewn throughout. Yours appears to be in a nice pile. :)

Jenny in Ca said...

Wow Lisa, that is some project! Wow! Can't wait to see how it looks when you are done!