Friday, January 25, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter Online Meme

Today, our meme will be based on what our thoughts are on the following quote:

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
- William Butler Yeats

The first time I heard this quote, was about 10 years ago.... I love it! Let me tell ya about it! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and lets talk!

When I first began homeschooling I really had no idea what I was doing. I had not read about it, wasn't inspired by anything or anyone. I just jumped in and did it. Scary huh? Its what I did.

The first few years were ok, but by the end of 2nd or 3rd grade, I was seriously considering putting my son in school. We were both crying by the end of our days, and we both hated school! What was I doing wrong?

I began to question my ability as a mom/homeschooler, and seriously was considering public school.... but the idea killed me! We were not in a good school district, in fact one of the teachers at the school actually told me if I could put my son in another school, it would be wise. That wasn't very comforting.... I was a bit distressed over the matter and I had no idea what to do! I just didn't know if I could take one more year of tears!!! Not only that but his sister was beginning kindergarten! Now I was facing 2 children crying!

That summer my husband and I took a road trip. We went camping in Oregon. Just the 3 of us! *Ü* RyLee my youngest was still nursing so she had to come, but the other 2 stayed with grama. Sea Side Oregon here we come! I needed the mental break!

The ride down is always a nice one. We were listening to focus on the family on the radio and I wasn't really paying to much attention, till I finally heard it... they were talking about homeschooling! Ha! are you kidding me? This was the last thing I wanted to think about! I was on my way to a relaxing weekend, and not think about anything, but as it turned out we turned the radio up and decided to listen. I was after all, desperate for direction, I thought I should try to be open. I needed something, anything to help us decide what we should do..... maybe this will help...

Well, Dr. Dobson's guest that day was a man named Dr. Raymond Moore. They were discussing one of his books. Get this... it was called " The Successful Home school Family Handbook." Uh... really? Well, I was homeschooling like the few home schoolers I knew and we all felt anything but successful! I found myself hanging on this mans every word. He was talking of things like burn out... ya... I know all about that! He shared about education and how it should be low stress, relaxing (did he just say that?) and enjoyable!

I scrambled for a piece of paper to write down the name of his book..... Guess what I did when we got back from our trip? I went and checked out his book! lol This my friends, was the true beginning of our home school journey. I joined the Moore Formula yahoo group where I found more encouragement! It was this yahoo group and a wonderful lady on their who shared this quote with us.

When I first began homeschooling, it was all about textbooks, work books and facts and tests. What I discovered is that education is much more, and homeschooling gave me the freedom to pursue those things. This quote above gave me a desire to be the best mommy teacher I could be.

I did not continue in the path of the Moore Formula, but it was what lit my fire and helped me to pursue education and how to educate my children best not just what Dr Moore thought, but others too.

My kids do not always like what we do, especially since they are older.... but that's life. They have been able to pursue those things that light their fire and I have been blessed with an opportunity to watch them and encourage them. We can fill our kids heads all day with facts and answers, but what do we teach them about passion and excitement?

The rest of my sons elementary school ages and even Jr High were good years for him. Not with out struggles in some things, but I can happily say he had a loving child hood and had enough time each day for study, work, service and his interests. He is now 18, almost ready to graduate High School just 25 credits short of his general AA and enjoying his new sense of Independence with a knowledge he still has a lot to learn. *Ü*

Educating our children should not just be academically, but spiritually too. Life is not just dates and facts and numbers, because life is more than that. Also, the quote above is not just for children, or for us to pursue this desire for our children, but for all of us. If we are open to learning and we set an example for our kids, I don't think this above quote will be hard to accomplish.... ever.
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Daisy said...

I really enjoyed your thoughts on that quote. I love how you personalized it with your own experience. Thanks for sharing.

EEEEMommy said...

Thanks for sharing your story!

Celly B said...

Great post! I really appreciated the recommendation for Dr. Moore's book. I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that story. Sounds like you had a devine appt. with God during that road trip! Glad you stuck with it and are able to share you wisdom with us all!

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Moore Formumla. I like the idea of more child labor! : ))

Tina said...

I think it is GREAT how we learn to adapt/change/relax over the years.

That road trip definately lite your fire! :o)


Jenny in Ca said...

Lisa, great post! I love that quote too. Wow, one graduating...just wow, good job, mom!

hey, I tagged you for a meme over at my place, I hope you can play...

Mama Peep said...

Thank you for sharing, but I refuse to believe you are mother to an 18 year old. You look way too young! No way. :-)


PS I tagged you for a book meme. Check my blog for details. :-)

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...


Your header looks good from here. Does it look right from your screen?


LisaWA said...

Yes! Thank you... I changed the old one with the one you sent me.... :) Its all good!! Thanks so much!!


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lisa said...

Wonderful post. That quote is one of my favorites too and has been my guiding light through our homeschool journey. I also have the Moore's book and have finally struck a balance between the pressure I feel to achieve the lofty goals set forth in TWTM and the laid-back, child centered learning of the Moore's.

I have one in college and one who is a junior and our approach didn't ruin them ;-)

(...and, I agree, you do look way too young to have an 18 yo!)


Nora said...

I feel like I know you so much better now, Lisa! I had no idea you had an 18 yr. old (and yes, you do look too young).

I read a lot of Moore and Holt in our early days, so we started out more 'unit-studyish/interest-driven' and gradually made our way to something resembling a textbook approach/TWTM/CM mix, which suits me best.

Isn't it humbling and amazing to look back on how far we've come in our homeschooling journey?

Thanks for sharing yours.