Friday, January 18, 2008

My first post at HOTM online magazine!

Well, I did it! I didnt know if I could do it... but I did! My first post is up on The Heart of the Matter! My post is called...... January Brings Reflection Please come by and visit! Make sure to let me know you stopped by!


Tina said...

Wonderful post my dear friend! I was blessed by your words/insight.

Yes, we all need "our" or "mom" time. Thanks for the reminder.


Angela said...

That was a great post Lisa (I commented over there too!). I'll let the boys know what you said about their video. If you want a laugh check back at my blog this afternoon, my 4 yo will be explaining about how we made our volcano erupt! Have a great day.

Rhonda said...

I just love planning posts! Your notebooks look great. I need to copy everything at the beginning, too. I'm always rushing around at the last minute - "Wait! We need that map. Let me go copy it real quick!" Or I completely forget about the map.

I like your way better. :)


Jackie in AR said...

For some reason your article body isn't showing up for me, just the title.

I subscribed to The Heart of the Matter, and it still won't work for me.

I'll try again later.

Angela said...

This is awesome- I have been a lurker for ages (from the WTM Board). I love your blog and thanks for inspiring me in 2007- Good job on the big post at the Heart of the Matter- I was just there 2 seconds ago!

Angela (Classic Mom- WTM Board)

counter cultural mom said...

I tried to link to your article and couldn' I did a search and found The Heart of the Matter...but couldn't find any articles with the title you mentioned. Can you just send me a link?? Or post it on the Tapestry Loose Threads board, if you would! I'd love to read your article!

Jackie in AR said...


I'm still having trouble reading your article. Only the article title shows up for me when I go to the site.

Any ideas?

LisaWA said...

Hi... Im so sorry! Here cut and paste this... let me know if it works!

Rose said...

Your Child's Astronomy notebook looks so nice. My children are also using Fulbright's Astronomy book and I also purchased the Astronomy Kit to go with it. I really like the way you supplemented with Happy Scribe Astronomy and Live and Learn Folds. I think I will also purchase the Happy Scribe and Live and Learn Folds~the notebook looks so much more "fun". Thank you for sharing your photo's, Blessings, Rose(Classical Homeschooling mom)

Jenny in Ca said...

I saw it, I saw it! er, I read it! Great post Lisa!