Sunday, January 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week is going to be a bit crazy for me. I work Monday and Tuesday, all day. Thankfully I have a mom who is the best and will home school the girls and has offered to cook us dinner on both nights! She plans on having a home economics type afternoon with the girls and have them make dinner. *Ü* Gramma Rocks!

Breakfast for the girls will be at grammas, so we know that will be good *Ü* For the rest of us, yogurt, oatmeal, fresh fruit, toast and PB. All week. Maybe a smoothie too, but I wont guarantee it! *Ü*

Dinner for Monday and Tuesday are to be announced, since I'm not cooking.

Wednesday: Fish Tacos, and regular meat tacos with all the fixings. Corn and black beans.

Thursday: Lemon Chicken with Risotto and mixed veggies and salad. Some type of bread.

Friday: Dad and I are on a date! Its been 2 weeks. The kids will have lasagna and salad and french bread.

What a boring week! Sorry... last week was no better, I worked 3 days... and that is why I didn't play. If you would like a better shot at more recipes, go to Organizing She will hook you up! *Ü*

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Brittney said...

Ooooo have fun on your date! And what a great mom you have! How helpful.

:o) Brittney

PS I totally love your Koinonia Academy thing on your sidebar in the sand. I watch it over and over appear...get washed away...and then appear. Very cool!