Monday, January 7, 2008

First day back after a long break

Today was our first day of school after a 3 + week break! Break was so nice! It was a bit hard to get in gear this morning....

The "plan" was to wake up about 6:30, I woke up at 7:00. The girls 7:30. The "plan" was to start at 8:00. Reality... we started at 9:00. The plan was to have Bible, Math, grammar, Spelling and science done by lunch. Reality, bible, math and science were done by lunch. The "plan" was to be finished with Spanish, History, world view, and literature by 2:00. Reality, we still need to finish spanish and Rylees history reading. It is now 7:30 pm. *Ü*

The day went nothing like I invisioned... but then, most days do not.... Nothing was accomplished as planed.... it will and is getting done. *Ü* Was not stressful in anyway, but... it would have been nice to stick to the plan.


A little excitment for the week.... we will get to spend the day in Seattle enjoying our first play of the New year at The Seattle Childrens theater. We will see the Never Ending Story

After that we will go and re-visit The Seattle Science Center.

Hope your first day back was a good one... our was... just not how I planned it! *Ü*


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Sounds like a great day to ease back in. We technically started back last week, but still haven't gone a "full day" with all subjects.

I think tomorrow's the day. ;)

Welcome back - hoping 2008 is your best one yet.

Tina said...

Happy first day back after your break! :o)


Mama Peep said...

We have been lucky to start school by 10am. No kidding! We just drag our feet all morning. I love homeschooling.

When are you going to the Science Center? I will be there tomorrow. Can you email me please? Tina and I have been talking about meeting up and we would like to include you as well.


susie said...

We're on our third week back and still not completely in the swing of things. Would you email me, Lisa? I have some TOG questions I'd like to ask.


susie in tx
suseyb @