Friday, October 5, 2007

Weekly Report week 7

First I would like to thank the Academy for such a great week... couldn't have done this with out you.... sob... wipe tear... the wtm board... w/o you, I wouldn't do this..... lol Just kidding! *Ü*

Strap your seat belt on ! This is along post! *Ü*

Its been 2 weeks and I am finally posting about school! I put a few things aside school wise, so we could focus on a specific area this week in our homeschooling and last week was more personal goals for the girls..... Actually the last 2 weeks have been like that.

Last week, week 6 of school is a bit of a blur.... although we accomplished our TOG requirements, grammar and spelling..... we did not do Science and The Easy Spanish (not much anyway) my girls still accomplished a lot! including....

Re doing their bedroom. They moved furniture, organized, and cleaned! It looks great! It took some team work too.... always good to encourage girls in this! If you know what I mean.....



They also enjoyed making homemade pizza for lunch one day last week. It smelled so good! They also added cheese to the crust. That's why it looks so thick. I was given the recipe from a Friend... and she got it from Jessica at Trivium Academy on the general board over a year or so ago. Its a Papa Murphy crust..... very, very good and easy to make!

RyLee pulled out a kit I bought her a year or 2 ago to make pot holders. We bought it at Joann's for something fun.... but she never did anything with it. Here are 3 pot holders she made for Christmas gifts this year.

She really enjoyed herself and has been begging to go back to Joann's to get another bag of scraps to make a few more. *Ü*

The girls also made peanut butter cookies... and guess what? It only has peanut butter, egg and sugar in it. No white flour!!! How cool is that? They are wonderful! They used Adams peanut butter and they turned out great!

I made another starter bag for my friendship bread. Another?? Hmmm you must be asking.... "why another starter bag?" Let me tell you.... remember Gidget? my lovely yellow lab.... Mary Poppins of dogs at one point....she decided she like fermented milk, sugar and flour and ate it! I must say... we are all surprised she is still living... because she eats the darnedest things.... sigh.... I still love her though.

So with that... on to a new week... skipping Friday and Saturday.... we were a little consumed with our son and his staff infection...... but not any longer.....Thank you all who prayed! What a Blessing to know you were all praying for him... us!


Besides church and Dr.s visits, I made up 2 loves of Texas bread in to french toast. Its big, think egg bread and works great! I place them 2 at a time in a zip lock baggie after they cooled and place them in the freezer for easy reach. The kids pop them into the toaster and whala! Insta breakfast! Have a little fruit and milk and they are good to go! I also made 2 batches of pancakes as well. Also placing 2 in a zip lock bag and throwing them in the freezer.

It takes the place of cereal every morning..... and there is nothing wrong with that... but I really want the kids to eat a little better. Now, this is not the only thing we had all week, but it just saves time and it lasts for a coupe of weeks. We also made breakfast burritos, sausage, yogurt, yogurt smoothies just to name a few others.

Monday: we began with bible study. Explorers bible study for both girls. I love this morning time with them! Then.... I changed things up a bit! We began with our Tapestry of Grace study first thing! We had a meeting....went over what was in week 7 of their notebooks.... it included SAPs for history and literature, maps, and time line figures from Home school in the woods. I think that's all! *Ü*

First thing they wanted to do was watch a few videos on United Streaming. They were called America under Thomas Jefferson 1800-1808 it was only 15minutes but was great and Westward strategy: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark. It was 26minutes long. Both girls took notes. Christian read 2 Chapters from a Thomas Jefferson book, 3 chapters from Lewis and Clark and 4 chapters from Louisiana Purchase book. RyLee read a short biography on Thomas Jefferson and the Cornerstones of freedom book on Lewis and Clark. She completed both books!

Literature for the week... Christian is finishing her book from last week and RyLee began Savage Sam. She will complete it over 2 weeks.

They also created 5 folds from a Lewis and Clark lap book from Live and learn press. They did plenty of writing in the folds too!

We went over Week ones Easy Spanish. We should be moving on.... but RyLee is having a bit of trouble.... so Christian is continuing with the Spanish/English dictionary and making up sentences..... listening to the cd for practice and we also used United Streaming this week for a boost! my goal is not to rush.... but master.... so this worked out fine. Guilt be gone! *Ü*

We began another lesson in Jag and Analytical grammar! Can I just say.... I love how this program makes my daughter think! Things are finally clicking for her! Love it!

Spelling took all a whopping 10 minutes .... using Spelling Power.

Math is going great! They are really pretty independent in this area.... just do the next chapter. I do sit and explain things to Ry before each lesson, but she does the work and corrects it herself. Christian loves Teaching Textbooks and I don't have to do anything with that math it works out great!

is taking a back seat :( That's so bad.... and I do have guilt.... but I just don't have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want them too. Christian will review this weekend and we will begin a fresh on Monday. Same with Ry. She could have been doing it on her own.... but I like to do it with her....

Tuesday was a lot like Monday. *Ü* Although the videos watched on United Streaming were The Lewis and Clark expedition. 20 minutes and also American history:East meets West. 55 minutes We are loving United streaming. Its been wonderful resource!

History Rylee read our Discover magazine on Thomas Jefferson and began a Cornerstone of freedom book on Monticello. Christian has continued in her reading, same books, same number of chapters.

Wednesday and Thursday again... like the rest of the week... math, spelling, no science.... Spanish ( just a little formally) They have been making the lap book folds all week and taking notes when watching videos. The videos were Lewis and Clark: A scientific Journey. 52 minutes. Opening of the American west. 18 minutes. Sacajawea. 18 minutes.

Today, Friday we will finish up the lap book, have history and literature discussion in co-op, do our map work and timeline today. We will also continue our study next week, even though we are moving on in History. My traveling trunk came for Lewis and Clark finally this week. So I want to go through that and have a little one on one time and go through the contents systematically. They seem to have a teachers guide to use it.... so the traveling trunk will be extra work. It has a few dvds in it as well and a cd. So we will find out more about that next week.

I forgot to mention.... Rylee has been doing her proverbs writing from Happy scribe too. She does 1 a day. Christian has been drawing random things in her journal. She is a lot like her dad.... a budding artist. I will have to show you some of his water colors sometime!

Well that's our weekly report.... hope I didn't loose ya mid stream! *Ü* I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Here are a few pictures of RyLees notebook/lap book pages. She is not done gluing, or we would have more. Also her President and Vice President cards. This is a 2 year project.... but she is making cards for each president and vice presdient. She is to memorize them... Pres and vice along with year sin office. enjoy!


Here is one of Christians drawings.... she is a bit sensative to sharing.... but she gave me the thums up on this one.


genie said...

We have one of those potholder kits that has never been completed. It was actually given to us without directions, so we don't know how to finish it off. I'm sure it would be simple enough to find directions online. :-)

I like your president cards. Are those on construction paper?

And that is a great drawing of the eye! Eyes can be the hardest things to draw, and they can make or break a portrait. Very nice!

Homegrown said...

Great job!

LisaWA said...

Thanks! The president pockets are made from library card pockets. I bought them at a local school supply store. The template inside is from TOG. It has all the stats and a few famous quotes from each president and vice.

I'll tell Chris about your compliment on her eye drawing. She will be thrilled!

Thanks homegrown for the encouragement!


Cynthia said...

Looks like a FUN WEEK! We made some potholders like that last year for one of our TOG projects.

WOW.. the bedroom looks great! We've been on a roll here this summer redoing several rooms.

The lap books look great!

Cynthia from SHS

Barb said...

Great report! I love your daughter's drawing of the eye...please tell her that it is very well done.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, what a productive week you had! I really liked the lapbooks, and the drawing.

Amanda said...

Looks like you had a great week. Your daughter is a great artist. i love the potholders for Christmas idea....hmmm...

Have a great weekend.


diane said...

Fantastic week!

I really need to get on the ball and post next week. :)

have a terrific weekend.

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Wow, school at your house looks fun, I think I'll enroll three little wild boybarians and one boybarians mommy. I can't vouge for the boys, but I'd make an excellent student! Ha!

What a budding little artist you have. :)

J's mum said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and all your lovely comments, we create our lapbooks ourselves, I am on a tight budget been a single parent. Your kids did a great job on cleaning up the bedrooms we are having a spring clean here at the moment, roll on Summer [New Zealand Weather] Will visit your blog again,

Anonymous said...

Love the eye... very artsy. Think I may "borrow" the library pres. idea. We tried our hand at lapbooks and it's just not a good fit for our crew. But they do look so nice!

Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked why we are assessing ds. I put a new entry up to answer your question... cuz I tend to get long winded. haha


Nitascool @ homeschoolblogger

Tina said...

LOVE all you did this week my friend! And AWESOME job on the lapbook! I can't wait to see it 1st hand. The girls are doing a super job!


my5wolfcubs said...

Love the bedroom before and after pictures! What a wonderful, full week!
Thumbs up on the eye drawing! I drew a lot of eyes growing up. :)