Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesdays in "other" words

This week's quote is:

"We are not built for the mountains and the dawns and aesthetic affinities, those are for moments of inspiration, that is all. We are built for the valley, for the ordinary stuff we are in, and that is where we have to prove our mettle."~ Oswald Chamber~

Ugh... we are built for the valley hu? prove our mettle (vigor and strength of spirit or temperament ) This is a test, it is only a test..... *Ü*

Honestly though.... I do try to think of life situations this way.... it is a test....it is only a test.... some days I pass with flying colors....*Ü* yeah me! Other days...... not so much. OOOOO, I need to work on that........

I have not always approached life this way...... I used to be a bit more negative and beat myself up every time I messed up..... but I realized many, many years ago..... I still learn..... I need to learn.... Just like I did when I was in school! only different.... this is life lesson number.......

When I became a Christina 15 years ago.... I was a pretty messed up young lady..... I wont go into details... but I was bitter, angry and didn't trust anyone.... I could say I was justified to think so too..... but as I grew.... in my faith.... I realized.... I had so much to learn.... embarrassingly to me... it was my thought process and behavior. Things I should have learned while growing up! uh ya....

It was embarrassing sometimes.... I "failed" tests a lot.... I felt like I would be better off living under a rock! As I grew though, I began to understand what it meant to put off the old self... and put on the new..... I was made new.... but it took time for my mind and my heart to be made new. I had many things to learn.... life lessons.... love lessons.... trust lessons.... obedience lessons....it doesn't/didn't happen overnight folks!

Now that I am a little older.... and I hope a little wiser.... *Ü* I would hope that my tests would become less and less frequent( those valleys maybe?).... but ya know what? They don't. They still come daily. Could be life lesson number bazillion and 3 with one of my kids.... could be how I respond to my husband... could be how I respond to the new clerk who is slower than molasses when I am in a hurry....or how I respond to that teenager that just cut me off!!! *Ü* KWIM?

These daily tests shape... and prove who I am. Shapes my character.... my temperament. I cant say I always welcome them..... but then again... I do. I can choose to learn form them... or wilt.... I can grow.... or die.... I can make a choice.... I can decide to think and believe I am loved and fearfully and wonderfully made.... or choose not to. I can choose to see a person for who they are in Christ..... or not.... I can choose to think the worst or the best of a person..... Do I try to be a good willed person? Do I think the worst of people and circumstances? Do I try to see the test in it? I believe we can learn from everything to anything.... that comes our way if we want to. If we want to.

So, although I do not like being in a valley, I do appreciate them. I know they do not last forever, and once I am done walking through it..... I know I am stepping into a season of growth or maybe even renewal. Its like having daily, weekly or when ever AHA moments.

Be Blessed today! No matter if you are in a valley, or on a mountain top! Remember.... this life... is a test... it is only a test.... *Ü*


Heather Cox said...

Testing is all about character development. Sometimes I fail those tests too, but thank God He gives retakes! Love your smiley too!

LisaWA said...

It is... truly...also...when I pay attention to the fact life is a test... it keeps me focused on the Person of Christ and how I can respond in those situations that arise.... valleys and mountain tops... wanting to keep my eyes on Jesus. I fall short sometimes.

I loved reading your blog today! You have wonderful insight!!


Angie said...

I loved that!!! TRULY!!!
*Ü* You blessed me with your honesty....I actually felt like "there must me a hidden camera" ---your thoughts--words---attitude got the "me" in it!
You have opened my eyes a little wider! The Lord is good to bless us through the words of others...This is a place (your blog) I will visit often!
Thanks for sharing your heart to day!

lori said...

I LOVED your...'this is a test.'
WOW, isn't life, huh!!:)
I had not thought of this quote that way and you got me thinking!
This is my first visit here!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Georgia is in the valley of drought!!:)

Denise said...

Bless you for such a wonderful post.

Cynthia said...

Your last line reminds me of the beeping that comes across the radio or tv when they are doing a an emergency notification practice.. this is only a test... bleep bleep bleep.. this is only a test! Thanks for the reminders today!

Lana G! said...

Great application! Love the its only a test word picture! Oh the joys of our learning while living journey here on earth!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this post was wonderful. I have been in a little valley just recently, but am steadily climbing up that hill! :) Now to get back to school.... :)

Pam said...

Wonderful thoughts Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing. You encouraged me today.

Pam in SE MI (from TOG)