Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lewis and Clark Lap Book TOG year 3

We are enjoying our second day of week 7 year 3 Tapestry of grace This week we are covering The Jefferson Presidency and Lewis and Clark.

This summer I bought Lewis and Clark lap book cd from Live and Learn Press . I knew we would be covering this in TOG year 3 and I wanted to place a huge emphasis on this particular study....

My main reason was part of the Lewis and Clark journey is close to us.... Oregon is right next door.... and I wanted to take a long weekend to travel their and have a fun hands on field trip!

We have used Unite Streaming twice already this week. (its only Tuesday!)Yesterday we watched America under Thomas Jefferson 1800-1808. It was only 15minutes but was great!

Westward strategy: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark. It was 26
minutes long.


The Lewis and Clark expedition. 20 minutes and also American history:
East meets West. 55 minutes. The age recommendation or grade level recommendation was 6-8th grade.

Both girls also practiced and brushed up on note taking skills during the videos. Then they moved on to their reading for the day. They both did a great job too because they were able to answer the questions for the first 5 folds in the lap book with out help from mom! How cool is that? We completed (they) the first 5 books yesterday and today they will make the next 5.

I was surprised at how well this lapbook flowed with TOG... but I guess its not about TOG so much as it is just learning about the Journey and the people. It is proving itself as a great reosurce for this week. To bad it wont last longer! Pictures will be posted when we put up or weekly report at the end of the week. *Ü* Along with week 6! oooops....

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