Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week 8 Weekly Report

Week 8 down! 28 more to go! Can you believe it? I love seeing the weeks tick down like that!

This week was in all honestly, one of my harder weeks. Although we got a lot done, outside home school life pressures were rearing their ugly head..... so I felt pulled in different directions all week. Finding it hard to focus. So with saying that... here is my week in review.

Tapestry of Grace. Week 8: James Madison’s Presidency and the War of 1812. Christian read a book called the great little Madison. She also read a Cornerstones of Freedom book called the war of 1812 and for literature she is reading The Bounty Mutiny by William Bligh.

RyLee has also read the war of 1812. She did not read books on Madison and Dolly Madison, but has read online about them. Learning and refining some research skills.She is still reading Savage Sam,( she isn't liking it :( ) and watched a few videos with her sister on united Streaming. They were.... America Under James Madison: 1809-1816: The War of 1812 and The Star Spangled Banner.

We still have co-op today for literature and History discussions. We have map work from last week today too. Timeline information will be added also.

People we focused on this week. James Madison, Dolly Madison and Francis Scott Key.

Christian is still working on her display for early 1800s fashion. Here are a few photos she has done so far.

Christian has been working on a graphic organizer this week to write a few paragraphs about fashion. We decided not to make a display.... we never keep them long term, so we will just place it in her notebook next week when its all finished. Keeping all of her hard work in one spot! *Ü*

Spanish: We made some changes this week. RyLee is not doing the Easy Spanish. Christian is, and we finally moved to week 2! RyLee is doing a few workbooks I bought at our favorite Teacher supply/curriculum store in Silverdale called The Learning Tree.. We also pulled out La Clase Divertida (The Fun Class!) Level 1 Kit with DVD. So Spanish this week has gone fine! RyLee is more relaxed and we are including her in memory work only. Trying to speak simple sentences and phrases we are learning.


We have finally finished lesson 4 in RyLees Astronomy! Yeah Ry!

Writing and grammar are moving along great! JAG and Analytical grammar are my best finds this year still! Writing this week is using WA. RyLee is constructing a paragraph on James and Dolly Madison (one each) and Christian is writing about early 1800 fashion.... a work in progress as we didn't stat till Wednesday.

Math: RyLee moved into Saxon 65. She only does even numbers in the book. If she misses more than 3 she does the odd after we correct it. This has never happened yet. Not even with 54... Christian is still plugging away with TT. Still my favorite math program! No matter what folks say! It works great! It fits her much better than Saxon.

Moms Latin in the Christian Trivium has been slow this week. I am making my way through lesson 3 (Chapter 3) like i said... life has been happening and I just have not had a lot of quality time in my study... but did manage 2 hours this week! Woohoo!

We went walking this week.... walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes on non outside walking days. Made cookies and friendship bread this week... (Saturday) *Ü*. RyLee has continued making pot holders and both girls have been scrap booking pictures of the Jonas brothers (my eyes are rolling in my head)They are gaga for the Jonas Brothers... homeschooled Christian boys who have promise rings. (This is what my 15 year old says) They are pretty big on the Disney Channel and commercial jingles... ever herd the baby bottle pop commercial jingle? Its a baby bottle that is like a ring pop..... sigh... again rolling my eyes. Im rolling them in love though. *Ü*

Big news for this week! Christian is being baptised this Sunday! We had a parent/child meeting at church Sunday (last week)and Christian had a meeting with our associate pastor yesterday at 3:00. We are very happy folks!

3 John 1:4:

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.

This is us this week... This is Koinonia Academy.... week 8, weekly report!

PS. I will post a few more pictures today.... after we school *Ü*


I forgot to add bible study in again! Christian and I completed Romans 2 this week. RyLee completed Luke chapter 2.

The picture slide below is of Rylee and her science activity and a few extras!


LH said...

Came by to see your weekly report. Everything seems to be falling in place for you
Glad you like the AG
I still haven't ordered it.
Maybe this time next week I will have.. . . I'm dropping the ball with that. (loved JAG in 4th gr though)
I enjoyed reading about your history and spanish!
The students look so scholarly there! :-)

Riverfront Headmistress said...

Wow! The dresses are lovely! It looks like a great week. Enjoy your weekend.

Jennefer said...


Your week looks wonderful and I am *absolutely* thrilled to hear about Christian's upcoming baptism! What a special day for all of you I know that will be!!!!!

Oh, and I love your Wordless Wednesday post too. I cracked up!


Tina said...

Inspiring as always my dear friend!

Christian is so talented! Please let her know for us. :o)


Cynthia said...

Sounds like a GREAT week even with outside difficulties.

Anonymous said...

urgh, it ate my comment! sigh

Ok I was saying...good for you, learning Latin, that is one of my goals too. :) Enjoy that baptism, my older 3 were all baptized together a year ago and what a special day!

thanks for your prayers, I covet them. Also, I would love to have the weekly reporter drop down thing in my side bar like you all do...but don't know 'how'? ; )

TrainingHearts said...

Thanks for sharing your Homeschool Weekly Report! I love reading all of these and gleaning information and ideas from others.

My Weekly Report is up:

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Diane said...

Awesome week!

Wonderful news on the Baptism. My Son was baptized a few weeks ago- a movie of it is on my blog.

Have a fantastic weekend.

my5wolfcubs said...

Christian's fashion illustrations are lovely! And I think Francis Scott Key is my 2nd favorite American patriot, after Nathan Hale. :)

Yay for keeping up with your Latin, which reminds me...I haven't done my page for the day yet. Or made a Weekly Report!


Amanda said...

Christian is a wonderful artist. Have a great week.


Michelle said...

Those dresses are beautiful! Looks like you had a great week!

Jenny in Ca said...

wow sounds like a great week, I am really impressed with the period dress drawings.

congratulations on the baptism, how wonderful!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

The costumes are divine! The notebooks look great. What a fun week of school at your house.

So, um... what is RyLee making? :) Inquiring minds want to know!