Monday, December 10, 2007


We woke up late today..... and the morning moved slow, but around 9:00 we began our school for the day. The girls finally began A Christmas Carol. They are both using LL8 to go with it. Both accomplished math, grammar, writing, vocabulary and spelling!

In between the serious stuff, we decided to make some candy bags. We use the frosting bags you can purchase at Joann fabrics or any craft store.

The candy we chose this year... Christmas colored M&Ms, malted milk balls, Christmas taffy and soft candy cane mints. Yum!

We layer them however we want and the close the top with ribbon!

So we took longer with our day, but it was fun for them to break it up a bit. We will hand these out as gifts for their friends and a few peeps at church! It worked out to be about $1.50 cents a bag.... Not to shabby... and a fun craft for the girls...

RyLee also had to make Turtle temptations!

She got this as a gift from my mom a little while ago. You might think that's a strange gift for an 11 year old... but she loved it! RyLee enjoys cooking and baking and will jump at the chance.

tomorrow we get a bit more serious and begin cookies!! *Ü*

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Tina said...

Nummy, Nummy! All those sweets look gooooood!

Even though it is 9:30pm, I am getting ready to make Christmas Tree cookies with Jessica.