Friday, December 14, 2007

A little about my RyLee Kay

This is RyLee Kay. She is the youngest of 3 children. 7 years younger than her brother and 4 years younger than her sister. She loves to cook and bake,she tries to knit and sew too. She loves to work right along side her dad when working around the house. It could be working on carpentry skills, or the old 54 mercury wagon we have. She is my little shadow as well.She enjoys doing everything I do, or tries to get me to do something with her... making cookies or whatever....

She is thoughtful, caring and yet can be bossy and a know it all. She has always been an "I can do it" child. For instance, at 2 we caught her in the kitchen on the floor with a screwdriver and batteries around her taking the back off of her new toy to put the batteries in. Her reaction to us at that moment was "I can do it!" So saying she has initiative is seriously an understatement! She has always been an over achiever.... beginning with walking at 8 1/2 months! Although she is bossy and a know it all at times,she is a delight and blessing. Those are just 2 things we work really hard with her on.

You might be wondering why I'm posting about my RyLee Kay? Today, she went out of town with my mom for a day or 2, and I realized this morning how much I miss her when she is not here. The other reason I am posting about Ry is because the other day... my dog, Gidget ate a bunch of almond rocca, minus chocolate and almonds. *Ü* We had to take her to the emergency vet hospital for treatment because her condition became serious. Gidgets not RyLee *Ü*

Now to give a little background, for the past 3 years this will be year 4 I think. At Christmas we began a tradition of 3 gifts each. 1 of the gifts is a "gold" gift. The gold gift typically is expensive to some degree or its the one "want" gift they have been looking forward to hopefully getting. Well when Gidget was sick and just before my husband took Gidget to the vet, RyLee offered her Gold gift to be taken back to help pay for the vet bill.

Her little heart was crushed that Gidget might have to be put down and she wanted to do and give all she had to help pay the vet so we could keep her. I just thought that was so precious of her, and reminded me how tender hearted and giving this child really is.

We are very proud of her and her siblings, but I just wanted to make known what a special little girl she is.

I am very proud of my RyLee Kay


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Awww man. This is like those Hallmark commercials. *sniffle sniffle* What a precious soul little RyLee is! That was a very tender and selfless thought.

What a very grown-up way to be.

Skeller said...

Ahh. This post made me get all teary. What a precious daughter. So, how is Gidget doing?

Amy said...

Hi Lisa. I can't find your email address on your blog. Can you please email me at I have something to ask you.


Jennefer said...

What a precious tribute. And what a sweet heart for RyLee to give up her special gift to help Gidget (btw, I am sooo glad to hear she is going to be okay!).

Lisa, your kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom. You learn a lot about a person from what they have to say and how they say it. I can say with are amazing!

Blessings friend,

LisaWA said...

Good morning! *Ü*

Gidget is better! PTL! That dog has caused more stress in the last year than anything I can remember.... She has some meds we have to give her every 8 hours, and her food and water is still limited, but we are thinking she will make a full recovery. *Ü*

I was so upset about Gidget, that I didn’t take the time to stop and realize what RyLee had said until the next day! :( I just had to share her heart....

Thank you for checking in on us!

Jennifer... you are an amazing mom yourself! Don’t forget that....*Ü*

Be Blessed today ladies...

With love, Lisa~

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your DD my friend.

For someone that knows Ms. Ry personally I too can say you have an amazing little girl! We are blessed to have her as our dd's special friend!

One thing I can think of right off the top of my head (as Greg(dh)and I were talking about this yesterday), is she is indeed a thoughtful little girl. Greg is saving up those My Coke Rewards points and Ms. Ry is always passing hers onto him. It is great that she "just chipped in" w/o even being asked. She saw a need and knew she could help and the rest is history. *Ü*

He was able to get our kids a special Christmas surprise with those points. I can’t wait to tell her what she helped Greg to get for the kids. *Ü*


Brittney said...

What a sweetheart. Doesn't it just warm your heart and make this parenting stuff seem worth it when your precious children make comments like that?!?

Glad to hear your pup is going to be alright.

Here's to RyLee and here's to you!

Zelda said...

What a gal! I bet she didn't get to be that way *entirely* without someone to look up to.

Sheryl said...

It's so nice to read about the good things kids are doing. It seems we are bombarded with the "bad" things. Thanks for sharing and I'm happy for you that your dog is doing better.

Sheryl in GA

Kerri said...


What a great post! I think its great to tell other people why we like our kiddos :)

Have a great week.


silly me said...

good to meet you! i dropped to say hi and that i can't wait to get to work with you soon!
-suzanne @ JoyfulChaos

Trivium Academy said...

Poor Gidget, she just wanted a treat and got more than she bargained for. A beautiful post about Rylee, she is blessed to have a mother than loves her so much.

When you have time (lol!) do you mind emailing me about what projects/activities you bought for Year 3, things outside of TOG, if you did.

Love ya!

Amanda said...

What an amazing girl you have. So sweet!!! I am glad that Gidget is okay. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday


my5wolfcubs said...

Hey, is that Gidget's picture on RyLee's tee-shirt? What a precious story! One to tell the grandkids for sure! :)