Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free Nativity Lap book

Being on yahoogroups good ideas and resources are always being shared. Last month someone posted a link to free Nativity Lap Book. I cant remember what yahoogroup it was though *Ü*

The lap book is so cute! I do not have little ones anymore, but wanted to make it anyway. So Christian and I printed it out,cut, colored and pasted it all together for my 3 year old nephew. I found it for free here ( Nativity Lap Book )

We will send it along with other Christmas goodies, but I'm sure he will love playing with the little cut outs (we laminated them so they will last).


Brittney said...

Thanks for posting these pics. I have it ready to go for my boys and I to do next week.

Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Oooh! this looks so cute. I will do it with my 5 yo, since I'm doing the christmas symbols one with my older son. Yipee! Thanks!

LisaWA said...

Great! Will we get to see pictures too then? *Ü*

I have a Grinch lap book finished. It was a free download from Live and learn in November, and the Polar Express too. I will post those when they are done.

They are also gifts for another niece and nephew. My RyLee is working on a Christmas one, but it seems more fun for her to do other peoples lap book than her own! *Ü*

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Oh and Brittney? Will we have another WW tomorrow? *Ü*

Tina said...

Wonderful Job!

And that is so thoughtful of you all do make these for someone else. What a blessing indeed!


Cynthia said...

That's SO CUTE! I think I'd like to try one for our Christmas school next year! You'll have to give us a reminder about Thanksgiving time (LOL).