Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas tree....

Thursday, we finally went and cut down our tree! We were 5 days past our traditional first Saturday of December....but weather played into that one!

The tree farm we have been going to the last few years is only about 10 minutes away and we love the folks their! Family owned and operated.... we love it!

As the kids get older, I realize we may not have everyone here each year, so I soak up all this time I get with them. (Can you tell his heart is into it? *Ü* Hes looking at his cell phone! lol anybody want to tell him we don't get cell reception out here? lol) *Ü*

Bubbie and Sissy...awe....

Well we found the perfect tree! *Ü* Dan cuts it down and RyLee catches it. *Ü*

All 3 kids take the tree to the car....

We drive up to the top of the place and they have a machine that shakes the tree for us.We also go inside a little house to get warmed by a fire and have hot cider. It was pretty cold, so this felt good.

It was a fun day. After we let the tree sit for a bit, we broke out all the decorations, and began to decorate the tree and the house. RyLee was able to place the angle on top of the tree this year.

I love the way the house looks with all the decorations. We light the lights and candles at night, and the room has such a soft warm glow. I love this time of year!

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Tina said...

Very cute family photo!

I remember last years picture and there was snow all over the ground when you went Christmas Tree hunting. :o)

Your tree/house looks lovely my friend.