Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lapbook Lessons for free!

I am on a lapbook blog ring. I try to visit a few blogs each week on the ring. Valarie's lapbook lesson blog has announced her new blog called lapbook lessons.It offers free visual information on lap booking and lapbooking helps and resources. The can be found here Lapbook lessons, and is a sister blog to Valaries lapbook lessons. *Ü*

She has some videos on her blog that can help someone new to lap books or anyone who has done it for a while and needs a little inspiration! Here is one of the videos from youtube. It is called Quick Triangle Books.

You can visit either one of the blogs for more ideas and inspiration or, jut go to youtube and type in Lapbook lessons. She has many uploaded for anyone to view. *Ü* Its to bad November is over, she has some cute crafts and lapbook ideas for preschool aged children. A lot of what she offers is for the younger crowd, but you can take the information and make it your own for more complex and or older children's work.

Take some time and browse around. Its a treasure of a find!

Another resource that also has video is called Little Blot spots. and Little junction

Both sites bursting with crafts and lapbook type ideas with children. Again for the younger crowd....

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Tina said...

I thought this was pretty neat too! I just love the lapbook blog ring. :o)

I really like the visuals.