Saturday, November 17, 2007

Koinonia Academy weekly Report # 13

Greetings!Can you believe it? only 23 more weeks of official school left for us! I cant believe how fast time has flown by.... I cant believe that its almost Thanksgiving! It seems like just a few weeks ago we began school!

This week... I had some devastating news!! My computer died! Yes died! At first, we thought it was just corrupted files,now its drivers gone bad! :( Sadness. No pictures to share... sniff... how boring! Post I must though... I honestly hate it when I dont.... I miss the bigger picture of our week.

So, on my sons laptop I type....

Koinonia Academy's weekly report, and maybe a few side notes too!

This weeks subjects that we stayed on task with....

Bible study

Life skills for the week

Cooking from scratch mac and cheese
Accountable kids (responsibility)

Fun activities

Turkey hunt with youth group

New season stuff

I began my first day of work for my business. ( nothing to go OOOO about, but will share more in the post)

Ok, for History because I knew I would work this week I decided a few weeks ago to continue our review of unit 1. Christian has been enjoying the review! I had her read Bob Jones Chapter 8 2 weeks ago and week 9 this week. She also wrote out all the review questions in BJ and answered them.

RyLee has been using SOTW 3 as a review, because we have used it so little this year. Good accountability and she didn't seem to mind. Although she would rather move ahead. :)

Literature: Christian is finishing up Pride and Prejudice. This has been by far her favorite for the year, and mine hands down! The more I read it, the more I love it!Although this is not my first time! :)

RyLee has finished her series (6 books) from the American girl collection for Josephina. This has always been RyLees favorite character, and now she finally read the books! Her gramma bought her the doll when she was 5 I think. So that has been out this week too!

Science: we are behind technically, but then again, not. As Long as we keep up from here on out we will still finish 2 weeks before we need to begin Zoology 1.

This week she completed earth. :( sadly No pictures of anything! Christian has been keeping up with Biology at an ever slowing pace. She focused on it this week a bit more than normal, so she is getting herself on track. I'm sick of nagging.... and she is sick of hearing.... so the threat of no Turkey hunt on Wed if she didn't bust a move motivated this child to unbelievable study habits this week! Ha! Gotta do, what a moms gotta do!


Lesson 3 for RyLee. She is truly loving this Spanish program! Its fun for her and something she can do almost all on her own. I am able to help Christian along more and practice with her. Christian has been memorizing and reviewing all her vocabulary and simple phrases to date! Writing them all out and in conversational style. Keeping up with her notebook etc. she is motivated in this subject!

For a refresher Christian is using The Easy Spanish and RyLee is using La Clasa divertida

Math... yup... getting her done.... Christian was having a mini melt down because no computer.... no computer no cds.... so my son has been gracious enough to leave his laptop home (he uses it at CC) so she can use it! What a guy. Math is math and we keep moving on... Same with Ry.

Bible study this week was great. Reading out of Romans 5 with Chris and Luke Chapter 3 with RyLee. RyLee had map work this week too and she liked that being added in.

RyLee was proud of herself. She made homemade Mac and Cheese all by her self. She used 2% milk instead of whole milk or cream, and she has decided cream next time. I chuckle at this... who is this child Betty Crocker? :)

Accountable kids
RyLee missed 2 tickets this week. She was a bit slothful in the morning. She was so disappointed. :( She keeps trying and will let you know as soon as she completes her first 10 stars.

Turkey Hunt! This is a main event of the week for Christian. Her youth group goes on a scavenger type hunt each year in search of the Turkey. Its a rubber turkey that the Associate pastor hides in down town Bremerton. The entire Sr. High youth group is broken up n teams with 2 leaders. They have a list of "things" to do and they have to take a picture to prove they did the task. As they finish each task they move on to the next clue on the list. Its a hoot! For example they had to sing under the sea by a big fountain and take video. They made up a rap about french fries... crazy goofy things like that! They find out Sunday who truly one the hunt and completed all tasks. ahh to be young and carefree hu? :)

My Health:

I walked on my treadmill 3 times this week and RyLee and I went on 2 outside walks. I even took pictures on our walk.... but I cant show you because my computer died and I dont have what I need to download on my sons pc.

I followed my menu I posted earlier in the week. The only day that changed was Wed dinner and Friday Dinner. Wed I had clam chowder again. Youth group always makes for a later night and both older kids are gone... so we eat light. I forgot about that when I made up my menu. Friday hubby and I went on a date to Silver City. Our favorite yuppie place to go! I splurged and we split an order of Fish and chips! Ohhh it was so good... even the coleslaw!

I have not weighed myself yet this week. I don ot own a scale and do not want to buy one. So I have to Wait till I visit my mom. :) i am feeling good, I have had great energy all week. Other than Friday night I have stuck to my plan and my calorie goals for each day! 2 weeks down! 4 more to go before I add bread back!

Now my new job! Thursday was the first day of my new business. Koinonia Kleaning. :) Hows that for corny? LOL I clean homes.... but only after remodels or new construction. I bid by the square foot not the hour and I am able to only work 1-2 days a month if I want! it took me 8 hours to clean the entire house and 3 more to clean all 21 windows! Inside only thank goodness.... but I was home by 4:30 and the girls did great! Christian really stepped up to the plate and even helped and did Rylees bible study with her amongst other things!

Its a new season in my life... I dont like that I have to work, but grateful that I can... and make my own hours... and a few full days a month is nothing....compared to having to be gone for 3 days a week and those are mostly nights. Oh, I hated that. My heart was wanting to be home. I can handle 2 days a month.... so can the girls. They are old enough to have a light day of school and a full day of required tasks to keep them busy! :)

Well, that's about as much as I can remember w/o visuals! :) Maybe next week I will have my pc back.... although we are seriously considering going MAC. What do you think? Maybe I will let my business buy it. :) Hows that for a perk!?

Till next week, my weekly reporter friends! Have a wonderful weekend and new week ahead!


Kristiana said...

Looks like a great week, even without pictures! I depend on my pictures too--What did we read again? Where's the photo of the books I took?

I love Pride and Prejudice too, it's just so perfectly written.

Have a great Thanksgiving week :)

susie said...

What another great week! I have a mac and love it. In fact, I love it so much, I have two - one is a laptop. My girls have a Windoze machine and so does hubby.

I love my mac.

LisaWA said...

Kristina! Thanks for stopping by! Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book and Jane Austin is one of my all time authors!!! :) I agree P&P is well written!

You have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving too! Till next time! :)


LisaWA said...

Susie! I love hearing from you! Thanks for all your encouragement last week!
MAC is looking better and better. I’m just so tired of all the problems we have had with our PCs over the years. So tired.... We are looking into a laptop... any suggestions or help for a newbie?! I’m all ears. :)

Have a great week and Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your loss ;) We have a Mac and we love it.

It looks like you had a great week.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...


Not to sound echoic, we're on a new decked-out Vista just purchased a few months ago, and we're moving over to Mac, too. Too much unreliability with PCs. MY hubby just lots of blueprint drawings (which is what he does) and he is ready to pull his hair out at the loss. Our second computer (a Pent IV) died last week. I totally get your sense of loss! *hugs*

But you had a great week, and I'm happy for you that your new job will allow you to be home and work when you want. I work from home, so I understand the juggling.

Tina said...

Boy that is a lot for 1 week. :o)

The kids love to see what is happening at Koinonia Academy. Thanks so much for the recap of your week. :o)


my5wolfcubs said...

Mac all the way! We have Macs...only Macs. We used to have PCs so my dh could play computer games. Those online games tend to be PC only, but he found an excellent game (if you're into such things, lol) that runs on both. So the PCs went and he replaced them with Macs. :)
Dh recommends the MacBook Pro if you want a laptop or an iMac if you want a desktop...he is very happy w/ his. I'll have you know though, that I'm *still* using my ancient eMac (which they don't even make anymore, I don't think) because, even though it is slower, it is so a favorite pair of slippers!

I'm excited about your business! I think it sounds perfect!! So how about sharing some trade secrets -- like what you use to clean the bathroom?!

Your week sounds like it went very well, despite the pc loss & the 2% milk.


LisaWA said...

ok.... we will look into MAC... not saying anything yet... but man... this is my 3 computer ever and we "always" have problems... always!

Lee thanks for the tips! I may be emailing you with questions. :)

Happy Thanksgiving my blog friends! :)

Zelda said...

Busy week! And the sad. I switched to Mac reluctantly about a year ago...maybe more. Love. Never tell my husband though b/c I complained so bitterly about it in the beginning.

Have a great week.

Audrey said...

Sounds like a neat job!