Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Jessica at Trivium Academy tagged me for this. It was fun!

8 Things I'm passionate about

Discovering truths about my faith and God!

Sharing the discoveries!!!

My husband

My children

Books and reading! Oh yes!

Sunday School with the K-2 crowd *Ü* I love those little people!

Helping my children discover Gods truths!

Tapestry of Grace!!! *Ü*

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

To see gran babies!!!!!! Many, many years down the road... *Ü*

Go back to Ethiopia Africa

Travel all over Europe

Learn to speak, read and write Spanish and Latin. Maybe Greek too.

have a trim, lean, "don't worry about how I look" body (OK so I copied Jessica here) *Ü*

To be the best wife and mom I can be and to hear them say so. OK lets throw grandma in too.

To run a marathon.... any, and complete it. *Ü*

Surf in Hawaii

8 Things I say Often

Good grief!

Make it so number 2 ( number 2 is my husband)

I told you never ask me when I'm on the phone......*Ü* (you can relate cant you? lol)

Not unless your school work is done.

Didn't you read the instruction first?

How was youth group?

The dog ate what?!

I'm on the computer.

8 Books I've read recently

Pride and Prejudice (2 times *Ü* its like spending time w/ an old friend)

A Christmas Carol

Tales of the 4th grade nothing (those kids need a talking too!)

Pocket full of pine cones

Lewis and Clark for dummies *Ü*

Streams to the river, river to the sea

Seaman the dog

My bible *Ü*

8 Songs I could listen to over and over (OK not songs... sorry)

Anything by Jack Johnson

Anything by James Taylor

Casting crowns (any)

Barlow Girls

Jeremy Camp (one of my faves)

This is to hard... to many songs or groups to like.... sorry..

8 Things I've learned this year

That I am stronger than I thought.

I have learned that when placing boundaries in relationships , it is vital to stick to it.

I will not be bullied or belittled.

I am a better/stronger parent than I thought (honest...)

That my mom IS really my best friend.

That I can choose how to respond to people. Yes, I can.

How truly different men and woman were created and that this world is constantly trying to change who God created us to be..... (Love and Respect seminar by Dr. Eggerichs is a must for any marriage or pre marriage... ! It will change your life towards each other!! No lie.... woman are pink, men are blue....) *Ü* Can you tell I learned something and liked it?

8 people to tag

Tina in WA *Ü*

Rhonda at Imagine

Jennifer at Home is where you start form

If Jess didn't already Tag Darcy and Jennifer..... I would be at 5 now. *Ü* I'm laughing here...

Lee and her 5 wolf cubs! I hope you can play! *Ü*

Robin at my2blessings



Tiff said...

Nope he is a pure bred English Mastiff. At 8 months old he weighs 150 lbs!!!

Robin said...

I'm it. Really! Wow, take a quick break and see what happens. Okay, I promise to blog answers within the next week or so. I'm typing my little fingers to the bone, trying to finish my story. We'll see if I make it. I have a major paper due in my class next week and won't be able to work on the story at all. So goal - finish it by tonight. Wish me luck.


Jennefer said...

Loved getting to know you better this way! :) And glad to know that we are both JT fans!!!!


Tina said...

Wow! Can't believe I got tagged. :o) Now time think... and I will get something up ASAP.

~Tina in WA

Rhonda said...

Thanks for tagging me, Lisa. I'll get to it soon. I promise. :)