Saturday, November 10, 2007

Koinoia Academy Tri Weekly Report

Hello Weekly reporters! *Ü* This is a bit long this week. The last few weeks of October were fun. We traveled to Oregon and toured Fort Clatsop, went to Seaside and Astoria. It was just a weekend trip, but good. You can read about that in a post further down below.

The girls had Harvest Parties. Christian went to the Jr/Sr. High school party the Friday before Halloween at church and RyLee went to a local church Carnival on the 31st. Christian and her dad made her costume and her friend’s costume. They turned out cute.

Even Snickers helped out

The finished product

RyLee made a lemon pumpkin cake. The cake was lemon and shaped like a pumpkin. We were so busy the day she made the cake. I helped her out with making frosting,but we made it to thick, so I asked good ol dad to help thin it out, because I needed to get dinner going. Well, they made it to thin and Ry jumped the gun so the frosting didnt turn out well, but the cake still looked and tasted great....... even though the frosting wasnt stiff...

*Ü* When we traveled South to visit Fort Clatsop.... we picked up and continued our study of Lewis and Clark for week 10 and a little of 11. Week 11 we began a review of Unit 1 for TOG year 3 while continuing regularly scheduled subjects. We will be finished with our review next week, complete week 10 (of TOG)after that and finally move into unit 2! Yeah Koinonia Academy team!

This week Christian and I both began Pride and Prejudice!! My all time favorite book and author! Did I mention I love this book? I also love the BBC version of the movie! The one with Colin Firth! They stay true to the book... sometimes word for word. No other version can compare... anyway... did I mention we love this book and movie? *Ü*

RyLee reviewed both weeks 1 and 2 for Spanish this week. She reviewed the beginning of a vowel song in week 1 continued and completed the song in week 2 and began colors. Along with some vocabulary, and a recipe to make plantains!

*Ü* She loves her Spanish now! Here are a few pictures of her cooking Plantains! ( I tried to post a video of Rylee singing her Spanish vowel song, but it wont load or something....) :( It was so cute too...

Slicing them medium thickness

Getting ready to fry on Med-Hi.

After frying, mash them with a cup or a mug.

Time to fry them for a second time.

Place on paper towel to cool.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

whala! Yum!

Last week we went to our second play in Seattle.

It was called the BFG. The big friendly giant. It was terrific! As always. *Ü* We wont go back to Seattle now till Feb 08. :( I love these plays! They are always well done!

RyLee began her accountable kids program this week! Finally, since I bought it back in June at the WHO convention. *Ü* She has been so motivated to accomplish her daily work and tasks all week. I have not nagged, nor reminded! Gasp! Here reward after 10 days of completing all 3 sections every day was a date with either mom or dad. She chose me! Yeah mom! *Ü* So we will take in dinner and a movie when she gets her stars all filled in. Its been a good week. We have been really busy around the house, and schooling a bit in the evenings to get it all finished. One of the distractions for me this week has been quilting. I have only made one quilt top ever.... and this week I attempted my own thing....

I cut my points off on the side because I didn't watch my 1/4 inch seem allowance... but didn't notice or pay attention till I was all done. Live and learn! It has been a while since I have quilted.....I'm still green. *Ü*

Health wise... I am doing good in my diet, but not so well with the exercise. I have lost 4 and 1/2 pounds so far. *Ü* I a pleased.... but need to be more consistent with the walking! Remember now... I want to be a runner like my friend Jennifer! *Ü* I will keep it up, and keep moving forward.... It is my goal and desire!

My scripture memory selection to help with this task all week has been

Hebrews 12:11

" No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."

Christian chuckled when I read it to her. It was perfect! *Ü*

Well If you stayed with me, thanks.... I won’t post anymore... lol I could add a few things but I want you to come back sometime! *Ü* So I will leave it at here for now.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you all next week!


Robin said...

Hey Lisa

Such an information post! What cute costumes. They did a great job.

I am writing away and up to 22k words today. My story takes place in Oregon so its interesting to hear you went there. If I ever have hopes of publishing the story, which not sure at this point if will or not, I can't post the whole thing on my blog. I may email it to those who are interested. So, if you want to read it. I may just email it when it is done,done,done.

Will probably help to have a test read to see what folks think of it.

Take Care


susie said...

Great job on the weight loss! What a busy weekly report. :)

Jennefer said...


Wow! It was great to hear how well things are going at Koinonia Academy! :) I love the costumes, the pumpking cake, the all looks so *fun*!

Thank you especially for the link to the Accountable Kids program. I am leaving to go check it out now. It was a rough week for us and maybe this can help! :)

You are such an encouragement to me. Keep on, keepin' on with the diet and exercise. I haven't been able to run for two weeks due to an injury (non-running related) but I am starting back Monday morning at 5am! :)


my5wolfcubs said...

Awesome costumes! And the pumpkin cake and plantains look delicious.

I love the Hebrews verse, definitely one of my favorites. The version I memorized says "All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness." Love that last phrase!

I'd like to hear more about Accountable Kids -- I just saw it for the first time in TOS magazine.

LisaWA said...

Robin.. I am interested in your writing! How cool is that...would love to read it!
I will tell Dan and Christian you said good job on the costumes. *Ü*

Susie! Thanks for the encouragement!! *Ü* Its been a busy few weeks I tell you... but good busy! Not bad or stressed busy.

Jennifer, I emailed you off blog. *Ü* Hope to talk soon!

Lee! Good to hear from you! Thanks... I will tell Dan and Chris about the costumes... and ry about the cake. They love to hear if someone posts... isn’t that funny...?? Oh, want to hear something funny.... my husband wants to post on my blog! I have no idea what, but he asked... should I let him??? How can I make a scary/shocked looking face... I only know smiley ones! LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by! Everyone! Its been a few weeks and I felt out of the loop! Thanks for making me feel welcome in the loop! lol


Tina said...

Loved the Update!

Was that the same cake Rylee was making the day Holly was baking cupcakes and they were on the phone together while baking? :o) LOL That was too cute. :o) Tell Ms. Ry she did a wonderful job.

Take care my friend!


LisaWA said...

Hi Tina *Ü* yes it was the same day. She was just begining to bake it. We didnt frost till evening.

I will tell her thanks!


Kerri said...


What a great week. Do your kids ask to cook or is that something you try to have them do? My boys love to help out in the kitchen with the baking as long as there is taste testing involved :)

Your excercise and eating right is an encouragement to me as lately things have been stressful here and those two things seem to be the first go go :0.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Way Out in the Desert

LisaWA said...

Kerri... the cooking is a little of both. The plantains were part of the Spanish program, but the cake she asked to do.

My mom loves to cook and bake.... so did my grandmother.... and it has rubbed off on me and RyLee too!

I hear you on the eating and exercising.... Im just tired of being tired.... I am very motivated at this point! Im hoping it lasts! Im so glad you are encouraged! I will look for some type of routine for you in weeks to come. If I can do it... anyone can do it! I will cheer you on! *Ü* Baby steps…


Jenny in Ca said...

wow, there is so many neat things in this post! First, most important...we love Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth here at our house, even hubby watches it, it's a great fall-time flick. And plantains! I always wanted to try these, how did they taste? And so, you are loving 'easy spanish'? Accountable kids...hmm, going to have to go check that out... and last, I was inspired by Jennifer, too- last week I went walking 3 days, a big improvement, but I don't know if I will ever be able to advance to running!

enjoyed the peak at your week!

LisaWA said...

The Plantains actually tasted a little like bananas! Go figure hu? They look like them. *Ü* I think we were expecting something different for our taste buds. I guess the other way to eat them is with salt. Uhh we skipped that taste test. *Ü*

I do love the Easy Spanish, so does Christian, but Rylee... not so much. I pulled out her La Clase Divertida. That is what you herd in the video. *Ü* She still does all the memory work, but that’s about it.

Good for you! I will walk outside today... yesterday was a horrible, horrible wet, windy day! Keep up the good work! Ill be over at your casa blog here in a bit! *Ü*


Cynthia said...

Next time I'm in the Seattle area I'll have to give you some advance notice and maybe we can meet IRL!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the 'getting healthy'!